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sleep training for twins

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I am a mom to Jake & Luke, 3 month old fraternal twins. I'm wanting to get them on some kind of sleep routine but am having a hard time figuring out how to get them both down without them crying their eyes out.

if anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

also feel free to email me directly - sara@nestseattle.com as i may not be able check back here again.

thanks so much,
jake & luke's mom
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I don't think you can sleep train 3mo old twins. I have 3mo olds, and there is enough crying without trying to get them to sleep!
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As the moderator, I'd like to step in and remind everyone that MDC does not host discussions on the merit of "crying it out" or similar sleep training techniques. However, there are some methods of "sleep training" that are friendlier to babies, and discussion of them is allowed. "The No-Cry Sleep Solution," is one that I have heard of.

That said, I don't think *anyone* (not even Ferber) recommends any sort of sleep training technique be used in babies less than 4 months old.

OP: Are you breastfeeding your twins? With all new babies, but especially with twins, it is important to nurse through the night to keep up your milk supply, and ensure that your babies get enough milk.

I nursed my twins to sleep every night until they were 2 years old. It was the easiest solution I found, and was peaceful for all of us. I would nurse them in our bed (a king-sized mattress on the floor), and after they were about 4 months old, I would get up after they were asleep and then go to bed myself a couple hours later (before then, I was so tired that it made more sense to go to bed when the babies did--usually around 8:00 p.m.).

I have no idea how you would get twins to sleep at the time without any crying in the absence of nursing! Perhaps slinging them, or rocking them?

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My dh and I wore ours to sleep, then transferred them to bed. Worked great and later Dad took over the bedtime routine.

At 3 months, I still didn't know if I was coming or going. Have patience mamma!! You will figure it out in time (and try to nap if you can, until then).
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