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Can my friend sling and not co-sleep?

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My friend is pregnant with her second and is excited about using her new sling. (I told her about slings!) Her hubby isn't keen on the co-sleeping idea so she's worried that if she carries the baby all day, he/she won't be able to be put down in a bassinet or crib at night. (Hubby makes fun of the sling, too, but that's another post.: ) Any words of wisdom?
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for the first 5 months or so Veronica slept in a bassinet in our room, then a crib in the next room, and I slung her all day, she slept great..through the night mostly after 2 months, even though she was completely breastfed.

But after almost 6 months I couldnt stand it anymore, and we moved her in bed with us...we've been oh so happy ever since!
I dont think it was her as much as me that needed her nearer ALL the time. now I wouldnt have it any other way...convincing dh was the prob all along...what's with some guys? lol

so my point is, I never had a problem with my baby not napping or sleeping without me after being with me all day in the sling (and she was ALWAYS in the sling, her first ride in a stroller was at 5 months, and its only been about 3 times since then...MIL

but all babys temperments/personalitys are different.....I am soooo glad mine loves her sling!

just an example for you! i am sure others will have more insight.
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Sure why not. sleeping and riding in a sling are two totally differnt things. that would be like saying "if a child rides in a stroller all day can they sleep anywhere besides a crib?".

It isn't an all or nothing deal.
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Lilyka, I think my friend's concern was that if the baby falls asleep in the sling, in a curled-up position, it might be unsettling for him/her to be in an open environment (crib), w/o being all snuggled up next to mom.
Thanks for your help, Melmel!

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Of course! I used/use a sling and the baby bjorn, and Abigail has always napped and slept in her crib. I use the sling while she is awake, during outings, on walks etc. If we are out and about she sleeps in the sling, if we are home she naps or goes to bed in her crib.

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That does sound like a pretty crazy thing to worry about. I just don't get the connection. Anyways, tell her the two are not related. The more closeness a baby can get, the better. Maybe she'll come around to cosleeping when her baby is here.
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I think a baby that was going to sleep apart from his mom would need to be carried around close even more.

And even if she does have a hard time putting the baby down to sleep seperately, I wouldn't blame the sling. Most infants really do need to sleep next to thier mother and there is a good chance he will not want to lay down in his crib alone no matter what happens during the day.
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I second that

I agree with Mallory, she said exactly what I was going to say (only probably better, since I'm just not very articulate lately). I also agree that the two have nothing to do with each other. Just because a person won't be able to do one thing that's good for their baby doesn't mean they shouldn't do another thing that's good for their baby (that they *can* do).

Anyway, that's my .02. And for what it's worth, my ds *loved* his sling! He's one who needed (and still needs) a lot of closeness.

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Piglet68, it's her HUSBAND that's against the co-sleeping. I'm hoping I can persuade her to persuade her hubby otherwise when the time comes.

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Melissa, he may be convinced by circumstances when the time comes. If the baby cries a lot because s/he wants to be with mom and isn't, and if she brings the baby to bed even just once because she's so tired, he may come around (if the baby settles and he can get more sleep). Or if she ends up sleeping somewhere else with baby, that may convince him, too. You never really know how someone will react. In my experience men will often do whatever it takes to get a better night's sleep. And some will do anything for their baby (even if they were just so-so about the idea of a baby).

My dh was fine about it before, but just because I wanted it (and we have only 1 bedroom currently). After a week or two he was singing the praises of co-sleeping and telling anyone who would listen that he couldn't see why anyone would do anything else. (Aren't dh's so cute sometimes? )

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I would definitely tell her not to worry about it. Thomas loves his slings, naps on the couch/in his crib and sleeps with us at night. He's a very versatile babe!

Also, her hubby might easily be convinced after the babe is born. Once Thomas was here, Matt realized that he slept better next to me, and thus I slept better. And truly, when mama gets more sleep, the world is a better place for all
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There's NO downside to slinging, period!!!!

Well, maybe back or shoulder problems, but they're worth it.

If anything, being secure and touched and worn during the day will make him sleep better at night.
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Thanks, ladies!! I'll pass on the good advice!

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T my dh was against co-sleeping at first because he was afraid that he'd roll over and squash the baby, or that i would. I explained to him that this is very unlikely to happen since we're not on drugs or big drinkers, and after a few nights sleeping with the baby, he wouldn't have it any other way.
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My daughter was slung, but slept in bassinet until about 5 months old. Then moved into the bed.
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I carrie dhim eveywhere all the time, and it is because I was able to be onmy onw at night. we had bassinet right by the side of the bed so we could nurse on demand
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