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How do you sleep?

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When are we supposed to start sleeping on our side? Last night was the first night that it felt even a little uncomfortable to sleep on my stomach. I usually alternate between my stomach and left side, but am now finding myself waking up on my back often. I think that, even though I'm not really showing much yet, my stomach is getting heavier. Maybe I need to try putting a pillow under my side when I sleep.

Anyway, how do you sleep? When are we supposed to start sleeping on our left side?
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I just sleep in whatever position I feel the most comfortable. Usually on my side or back with pillows supporting me between my knees and behind me.
I haven't gotten my body pillow out yet but will be getting that out of storage soon.
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like hell. that's how i sleep lmao. jk, kind of.
I tend to sleep on my left anyways, or my back. i sleep on the left enough that when i wake up after a couple of hours, my uterus is all hard and feels like a canteloupe laying on the left side of my body. then if i roll to my back the baby seems to get mad and must feel like she's in a listing ship, cause then she kicks me and stomps on the bladder LOL.
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I sleep however my night-nursing DD lets me sleep, but preferably on my right side. If she has her way, I'm on my back, though. Not sure how that's going to work when I'm further along and prolonged periods of back sleep are a no-no.
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mama2aboo! That's JUST what I was thinking! LOL!

Okay, my meaures are gonna sound ABSURD. Normally, I'm not much of a pillow person, since they yarnk your spine so far out of alignment, if you are lieing on your back. My DH doesn't use one at all- but then, he sleeps like a corpse-flat on his back-arms folded across his chest-hilarious! I typically like to sleep either on my stomach (sans pillow) or on my side with a pillow to keep my neck aligned. but NOW? it's insane.

I broke down this weekend and instituted pregancy pillowing. I'm not sleeping well and couldn't get comfortable. I place a body pillow behind me, and thread the end between my knees. This provides some support, as I lie on my side, slightly tilted backwards against the pillow. THEN I put a travel sized pillow (the flatter the better) under my stomach. There's so much pillow in that damn bed that I can hardly even reach my DH! UGH! but it works. I've found that while I my side, my belly really screws up my center of balance. I either find myself suffocating as I tilt backward on it, or squished as I lean forward on it. don't get me wrong, it's only JUST barely starting to be a problem-but I get really sore shoulder muscles later without it.

Crimeny-this turned into a treatise on sleep positions!
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we're supposed to sleep on our left side?!? Since WHEN?!
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I have been sleeping with a big pillow next to me (between legs and to support belly) for 3-4 weeks now. I switch back and forth between sides, but sometimes rest on my back or belly as well.
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I've tried getting myself used to sleeping on my left side. But I've always preferred my right side. And now I'm having shoulder pains in BOTH shoulders, so I am switching about 20x per night to avoid pain. :/

For the most part, even with a belly, I'm sleeping halfway in between on my belly and my side. It doesn't hurt in the least and I know I won't be able to do it much longer.
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ubermama-now that you mention it- I think that shoulder pain is what really prompted me to come up with my kooky pillow tactics during the last pregnancy. something to support you from behind will really help!
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I thought we are only supposed to sleep on our left side really late when baby is squishing veins and crap.

I'm a side sleeper, I sleep (alone, DH sleeps on the floor for now) on my side with a body pillow on each side, the fan right on me, pillows everywhere. I toss and turn all night, very rarely I end up on my back...
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My preferred sleeping position is on my back (as Alpaca Wacka said, like a corpse, except my DH calls it the royal position ), but I'm already getting the vagus nerve dizziness/nausea when I spend more than 5 minutes on my back.

So I've started alternating from side to side, with my bottom leg straight and my top leg bent -- it helps avoid the horribly sore hips that come from sleeping on your sides with both legs bent all night. As my belly grows, I'll add a pillow in front of me to rest my belly and top knee on.
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to shed some light on why they say side sleeping is better, check here


i've seen that theory echoed all over the place, that's just one link
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Who says I sleep?

I have one of these and it rocks! I got it when prego with ds. I can lay with it between my knees and hug up to it with my arm around it kinda laying on top o fit, and my belly kinda hanging under me... can you picture that? I can't sleep with out this thing anymore.
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We splurged and bought a tempur-pedic mattress pad. It is an egg crate style and 3 inches thick. (I got it off overstock.com so it was 1/4 the msrp.)
I CAN'T BELIEVE THE DIFFERENCE! It just cradles my awkward body. I haven't slept this good in a LONG time.
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And to shed some light on your shoulder pains, it's probably rotator cuff related. Most pg moms get it and it tends to get worse as the baby grows and tends to stay worse on the side you carry your baby on most (without a sling of course). The only things that helps me is when dh does active muscle release on the rotator cuff muscles (especially the one under my shoulder blade... ooo that one burns!!!!). Then I follow up with stretches to keep my range of motion fluid. I know so many moms who have this problem and it is so easy to take care of. But then again, not all chiros are created equal and may not know how to treat it

Anyway, I'm surrounded by pillows when I attempt to sleep. One behind me giving me support, one in front of me to drape my arm over, one between my legs to keep my pelvis aligned, and one little squishy one under my belly. that leaves dh and I about 6 inches of mattress to share. I prefer sleeping on my left but will switch to my right if I feel it is stressing my shoulder. I remember only being comfortable on my belly and sorta propped on my side with ds#2. Even when I was big pg. I couldn't sleep any other way. talk about bad for my pelvis alignment!!! IMO sleep is more important than alignment because you can always get adjusted but you can't go back and make up for lost sleep (don't I know it!!!).
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Sleep? As in through the night? You can still do that? If I'm not up peeing, I'm up to eat...if I'm not up to eat, I've had some crazy dream...or it's just 4am, so I'm awake for no reason with not enough sleep and unable to fall back to sleep!

When I nap through the night, I'm usually on a side, hugging a pillow. I used to sleep on my belly, but that's been uncomfortable for a couple of weeks now.
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I try to sleep on my side and I have a pillow I like to lean on but I keep waking up on my stomach. Its still comfortable so far on my stomach even though I can feel my little softball in there so I know in the next couple of weeks there will be no way to sleep like that.
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very little these days. i start out on my side, and then usually end up on my back. i'm also sharing a full size bed with dh, and my giant 2 year old, who flails around and either kicks me in the stomach or back all night. :
i know they'll be no sleeping after the new baby gets here. i sure wish i could get some shut eye these last few months...
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I can feel the bump when I'm lying on my belly, but it's REALLY hard for me to get comfy in any other position.

When I just can't get comfortable, I move over to the twin (we have a twin and a queen next to each other, from when DS was co-sleeping... we got him another twin for his room so he could migrate slowly, since we knew we'd be doing the co-sleeping thing again), where I have:

* A bed wedge (one of these)
* My pillow (very flat down-filled conventional bed pillow) on top of it
* A body pillow along the wall next to me
* A Snoogle curled up under my legs.

On there, I sleep on my back or on my side, whichever lets me fall asleep. It's weird; I don't feel all *that* much more comfortable, but I sleep sooo much more soundly this way. I sometimes wake up with a stiff neck, though, so I try to only do it when I *need* it.

(There, AlpackaWacka, don't you feel better about your pillow arrangements now? ;-)
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I sleep in whatever fashion is comfy. If something is out of whack, my body is pretty good at telling me off.
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