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tmi thread

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this thread is inspired by something 2bluefish said in a previous thread (hi 2bluefish) and is for tmi talk

so yesterday after i kept thinking about hands and how much of one would fit and if i tried sticking my whole hand in could i feel my cervix and wowsers i can get my whole hand in! i can't feel my cervix except with my finger tips (my midwifes say my cervix is in the right place now and easy for them to feel) i guess i need longer arms but wow i got so stretchy! for me i think this may seem extra amazing because for as long as i have wanted to stick things in there i have either been totally unable to or it had to be very very small due to a pretty bad case of vaginismus (where the muscles form a barrier preventing penetration) i had to have biofeedback therapy just so i could dtd with my partner and we could make this baby and even then dtd was somewhat painful for a long time and it wasn't until hormones started to make me stretchy that it was not painful. so i am extremely impressed with my yoni! i do however have pretty small hands i think a babies head is more than a little bigger than my hand but thats ok i can deal with pain in that region and it does not frighten me.
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Personally, I have no idea how you guys can reach to know what fits?? I started using EPO last night and nearly killed myself just trying to get it in there, there is no way I could actually reach for anything.

Are you guys flexible or just not as huge as me ?
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LOL, glad I inspired some exploration! I'm 5'6", long torso, long limbs, and don't poke out that much (comparitive to other women - to me I'm huge). On the toilet with on foot on the tub, I can reach pretty easily. It is totally cool to me to see how flexible everything gets down there. Gives me alot of faith that I can stretch and won't tear.
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The whole fist thing is freaking me out. lol I had sex last night and his penis hurt! lol A whole hand?? No thank you!
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That's a good point too. We dtd Sunday and I spent the next couple hours well, wishing we hadn't, I just plain hurt.

Though I might keep that position in mind next time I try to use the EPO lol, might at least help with reaching for that
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it doesn't feel good to stick anything up there! i cannot reach my cervix but it's very posterior.
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LOL, maybe my yoni is weird or something I started "expanding" about 2 months ago - the first way I knew was cause sex sucked. I felt so huge it was a total turn off. We can count how many times we've tried it on one hand since then it's just not good. But you know, I seem to be doing all the labor work before labor begins - maybe this is part of it...
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mine is to opposite, I seem to have swelling in there and it makes sex hurt for me but awesome for him. lol I find being on top is the only way I can ease it in on my own terms and enjoy the sex now a days.
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Ah, swelling make sense with pelvic pressure - homeopathic Arnica might help with that. My midwife gave me that last time for cervical swelling, and it seemed to work well.
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i wish i could feel my cervix with more than the tips of my fingers so i could see what it is doing. i have asked my partner to check a few times but he gets so nervous he says it seems more open than last time but is afraid he will break my water if he feels it enough to tell me if say it is two or more fingers big.

as far as getting my whole hand in i am short with a short torso but fairly big belly, i have to be sitting on the toilet and i feel a bit like a contortionist and in the end i can't feel enough to make it worth while. but i find the whole being super stretchy part really sorta fascinating. i guess i hadn't realized that would happen and before i got pregnant had i known i would get all stretchy things like a baby coming out would have made a lot more sense in my mind.
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That's part of the reason the whole elective c-section to preserve the vagina thing is a farse. Just by being pregnant your yoni changes forever. Of course, it doesn't stay so large and strechy forever, but it does change (I experienced multiple orgasms for the first time right after having dd, so the changes aren't neccesarily bad).
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