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What are your favorite news sources?

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Since this is obviously a group that goes to alternative news sources, I would love to hear what places you peruse.

I recently found a site that has a compilation of stories that is fairly interesting. This is more of a "news as entertainment" type site.


I also check out the Drudge Report often.
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BBC World Service. I stream it or hear it on NPR at 9:00 pm.

I also like Reuters for headlines.

For commentary I like NPR and Salon.com

Joe Conason's Journal is loads of fun.

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NPR and the BBC which is on NPR
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pacifica radio

Here in Houston the radio is KPFT. Alternative media heaven. Pacifica Radio is the network of which it's a part. It's a listener sponsored network - without all the commercials plugs like NPR is giving in to. Democracy Now is an excellent program which airs on different stations throughout the country - there are many other great programs too. There is some excellent independent radio out there - you just have to find it and live in the right place.

Check out www.pacifica.org for information.
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here are my favourites:







...and any posting by Hilary...but what is up with "joining the dots" between Chinese satellites and the Mozdok suicide bomb?
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Z Magazine

Covert Action Quarterly

www.strummersite.com (well, it's not breaking news anymore, RIP)


Institute for Global Communications www.igc.org/igc

Indymedia www.indymedia.org

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In san francisco for any type of new I listen to kpfa which is part of pacifica. It is all listerner sponsered.Amy Goodman has a program call democracy now, It is on here at 9am. it is the only news worth listening to.
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