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stop and start! update post #4, questions, help please?

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I just wish if it were going to start, it would keep on going and not stop!

On one hand, I feel like this labor is giving me everything I need, it goes when I am rested and stops when I need to/am able to sleep.

Sitting in the car on the way to get my sister so she could watch my oldest, they got to be 2-3 minutes apart and noticeably longer than they were last night. (they were about 5 minutes apart and very mild)
I though 'whoo when I get home, things are going to be getting down to business'... I got home, ate some breakfast and then...

I got a call from my grandma (someone blabbed I must be in labor to her)
her : did you have prenatal care
me: why are you asking?
her: I want to know
me: yes. (lie, I uped)
Her: oh good so you have a doctor.
me: no.
Her: well how did you have prenatal care then
me: I had a midwife.
(then my mom called, argh. So I clicked over dealt with my mom and clicked back)
Her: was that a contraction
me: no, that was my mom on the other line
Her: well I am confused I thought you were going to the hospital
me: no.
her: well why not????
me:: I REALLY dont want to talk about this right now!!!
Her: okay bye, and hung up on me.

WTF WOMAN. calling someone in labor to ask this crap is NOT appropriate. Obviously you didnt care in the 9 months preceding this sacred event to ask so STOP INTERFERING WITH MY MOJO.

So after that, my contractions got super far apart again (7-10 minutes) and mild and I slept for an hour...
woke up and havent had many since then.

I did have some mucus (my vag blew its nose!)
and now I am going for a walk to try to get things started again. (then the sex!)

stronger, longer labor vibes please!
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Crossing my fingers for ya! This start/stop stuff is for the birds!
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Sending strong vibes to you!
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Thanks you two...

It gets really really intense at times. earlier (after sex) it was every 2 minutes, and really strong. I had to really concentrate, rock and breathe through them. Then My husband convinced me to try to lie on my side to rest and it stopped. (not completely, but slowed down a lot)

is this normal??
How long will this go on? I feel like I have to keep concentrating on it to make it happen or it will stop. Does that mean its not real labor? I dont know whats going on and its very frustrating.

I cried earlier because I was so grateful that it was strong again and I didnt want it to stop.

I just want to have this baby.
I dont want my husband to go to work tomorrow... because I dont want to be alone if it starts getting hard, but I am afraid to tell him to stay home because he only gets a week.

I did loose more plug, but no blood or pink in it.
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Sounds like my labor this time! It slowed and sped up, back and forth, for a couple of days. The good thing is I got LOTS of rest! And then, it suddenly sped up and I had a baby! My MW said she has never seen a labor speed up so fast like that, so do expect that yours will continue to rock along slowly. But it IS working and baby WILL come! The stronger the ctxs, the more work is being done, even if they're not consistently close together.

Your body IS working! Get some rest and let your body do what it knows it needs to do! Keep us posted!
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hugs mama! hopefully it will kick in full force before your DH goes in to work in the morning. I'm widhing you a block of peaceful rest and then a divine labor!
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I had a lot of stopping and starting too over the course of at least a week. Then when labor was really going it was fast. Keep doing what you are doing mama. You won't be pregnant forever! That baby will come.
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Sadly, I've had this happen now 3 pregnancies in a row, so it can keep up for a while. The good part is that it's doing a lot of work you don't see, from what I've been told us mom that do this have easier and shorter labors in general, so hopefully that will.

I've felt the same about dh. We can't afford to keep him home, he works nights so I'm afraid to let him leave half the time.
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This is happening to me this time too for the first time after 5 births under my belt. Loosing a bit of plug too but no blood or color to it. We even just moved a few weeks ago and I thought for sure that would bring it on! Had pressure, and low back pressure, even loose bowels on and off that is a sure labor sign for me. Then nothing. On and off. I am not sure why but there must be a reason my body is doing this way and must be a reason for your body too. I know I am having a love/hate relationship with my DH's return to work. He has been out of a job and it has been wonderful having him home. I was so hoping he would not get a job until after the baby is born. But, reality has set in and of course the money from a job is pretty necessary, very necessary at this point. So, I am wavering between hoping he has one before I give birth and then hoping it is at least a week after. This may be my stop and start stress point. Or like I said could be something my body just knows needs to be done this way.

This is also the first time in any pregnancy I have gone past my due date which was Oct 22nd. I have to keep reminding myself there are no set rules and even though things may not make sense at the time or even ever, there are things we might not see or realize going on in our body or our baby's bodies that make things need to be like this. Really it is a more gentle birth and easier on the body I guess. Even though it may be really frustrating. I guess it is best at this point for us both to keep remembering our bodies are working and cervix is opening, stuff like that, moving us in the right direction. We certainly are moving forward with the birthing and not backward no matter how slow and stop/start it may be.
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