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A confession....

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Ok well I hate rap.. always have. It is just not my "thang dog" Anyway I saw this song on my friends page and... omg I am going to say it.. Elliot likes it. He moves all around in my tummy when the bass is up. Lord save me, I am going to birth a gansta.

It is the LAST song on this playlist.....

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Isn't if funny, how thier little personalities show so early?

My bug liked (in utero) any heavy beat, rap and metal/rock being his fave. And now, at 2 still does (I have the only 2 year old who can sing Hair Metal and Queen word for word, while rocking out all over the room, then switch to some new annoying rap song lol)
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i listened to a lot of mattisyahu during my last pregnancy. he's kind of reggae/rap. when my babe was a week old i was sitting in a parking lot w/ him in my lap and i promise you he was bobbing his head in time to the music.
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