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'No Poo for 2 weeks and kinda losing it

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So, I have been doing No Poo for 2 weeks. I use 1 Tbsp of Baking Soda/ 1 cup water for my wash, and 1 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar for a rinse. I do this every 3 days (once I did it after 2 days) First week, I was a total greaseball. Then I read a tip in the sticky to leave the BC on for a few minutes. Much, much less greasy! My hair looks pretty good, at worst like I haven't shampooed in a day, and has a lot more body. Yay! My problems, though, are:

1. My hair feels like greasy straw., if this is even possible. It's dry and crunchy feeling, but coated in sticky. (I will say that I did BC/ACV last night, and right next to my scalp feels pretty good)

2. My hair becomes tangled easily now, and so I am brushing it alot. When I brush it, massive amounts of my hair come out..

I have been researching the net, but am simply overwhelmed with information. Less BC? More? White Vinegar? Tea Tree Oil? Coconut oil?
Should I just wait it out? Is this a stage that will pass or am I doing something wrong? I guess I'm need of moral support. Thanks, everyone!
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What about using a conditioner? I was using conditioner only but was too greasy so I started to alternate between bc/acv wash. I just condition from about the ears down. I Conditioner only almost every day and BC wash only when my hair gets that greasy look- which is probably after about 3-4 days. Oh I use about 1/2C vinegar diluted with a few cups of water. My hair has been really soft and lots less frizz too.
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See if my post here helps, it's a long paragraph:


Make sure the ACV is applied on the hair from ears down. As it gets less humid (like fall and winter) you'll need some sort of oil or conditioner. ACV restores pH to hair, but makes it limp and it doesn't volumize, moisturize, or get rid of static, it only seals the cuticle of the hair back to it's normal state.

Make sure you're not making a baking soda paste either, that doesn't clean too well. Dilute it in a lot of warm or hot water and apply to your scalp and clean with your fingers. Rinse well. I use a combo of conditioner and baking soda (but certain conditioners work well, not all - see my note in the sticky, URL above).
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