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cold remedies

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ok mamas, I have been intermittently tending to my ds and searching for old threads about natural remedies for colds while pregs for hours now!! I have serious pregnancy mush brain, and can't navigate very well on the computer as it isanyways!: Can someone please direct me to a good thread on this?
I called the herbalist where I work, and she is getting back to me some time this afternoon, so I will post again with some good advice in case any of you are also suffering from a nasty cold right now.
I am laughing at myself because I feel like I should know this stuff already! I HAVE been pregs before, I believe I had a cold too, AND I work at a health food store! Maybe I am just feverish Could be the fact I was up with ds(cough cough, siffle sniffle, mom, my ears hurt etc, etc) until 3am!
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I don't know what's safe and what's not, except ginger and homeopathic remedies. My naturopath sells us homeopathic tinctures and tablets made by a company called Pflueger (German) and named with the letter "P" and a number. So P36, for example, is the nausea formula. I've been taking my share of that one over the last few days!! There are dozens, including many for colds/sinuses, inflammation, etc

If it's an alcohol-based tincture, you just have to drop your dose into a tiny bit of very hot water in order to evaporate the alcohol. It burns off in 15 seconds or less.

I would LOVE to hear what you find out, as I have little faith that I'll get through the next 8 months without a cold, and while the P formulas help, I like to attack from multiple angles (herbs, etc).
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I don't know, but I feel awful. I picked up dh's and ds's cold. Sore throat, runny nose, cough. I've been using cloraseptic cough drops for the throat/cough because it's all we had. Normally, I'd be taking dayquil or something! Instead, I'm suffering through it and drinking a lot of tea.
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ok stuffy mamas and those in fear of pending colds(hey, tis the season!)
Spoke with the herbalist and my midwife yesterday. And I feel so much better today!!!!

First trimester rule: when in doubt, leave it out. First tri is when all the forming and important intricate development stuff is going on, so being a mininalist is good, however there are a few safe remedies....

of course, homeopathics are safe and gentle. I use them with my son, but I like the herbs better.

It IS safe to take elderberry(try Sambucol). This is a great antiviral, and most colds are viral.
Echinacea in small doses, like a cup of tea here and there(with some local raw honey!)
Emergen-C once a day, sipped throughout the day.
Lemon water

So yesterday afternoon I took an emergen-C(made by Alacer, you can get @ health food store), and a bit of the Sambucol. Then I made a miso soup with LOTS of garlic(like six big cloves minced), a hunk of minced fresh ginger, carrots, onion, and lots of kale. Ate that for dinner and after putting ds to bed, I got into a very warm shower, stopped up the drain and put in some immune enhancing essential oils. After I got out I used my NETTI POT, which I added some Varcho Veda Aromatic zinc-free Netti wash plus to the saline water. I was still feeling stuffy afterwards, but a little better at least. I went to bed a little disappointed that I didn't clear up my sinuses more. BUT!....a miracle happened around 1am....my sinuses cleared and I could breathe! It was wierd, I woke up coughing insanely, and when I put my head back on the pillow, I felt my head totally clear up! I actually slept! It felt euphoric!

I am still a bit stuffy this am, but feeling sooo much better. My advice, get a netti pot if you don't have one. What was I thinking not using it??!! My midwife reminded me of it, and that you actually help physically move all that stuff through. I am going to netti again this morning. It was a bit difficult to get the solution through at first, b/c I was so stuffed, but I just tried to breathe and relax myself and it got easier. Anyone let me know if you need help with netti pot use. I am way better at physically showing people, but I will do my best to describe in words.And if you are going to go buy one, I reccomend the caramic one, not the plastic one. And be sure to use NON-iodized salt!

Be well!
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forgot to add for coughs....Boiron makes a good cough syrup...homepathic in a honey base. Good for that cough that keeps you up at night.
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Thank you, sunmamma! This information is great! I was at the co-op today and bought a lot of vitamin C stuff - gotta love emergen-c. Also just finished making a wonderful turkey soup from my leftover (early) Thanksgiving dinner I craved and made on Sunday. Can't wait to have it for lunch, for snack, for dinner, for breakfast! LOL!

I've never heard of elderberry - I'm going to check it out.
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Kylahroo....elderberry is the best! We use it all the time in cold season and I am soooo glad to find out it is safe during pregnancy!! Sambucol(a good brand) is made in two formulas...original and I think the other one is called immune defense?? can't remember right now, but I got the original because the other has zinc, vitamin C and echinacea, and well, I figure keep it simple.
PS I have a Jonah!!!! and Kylah was one of our girl's names when I was pregs.....funny!
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If you're looking for a readily-available tincture, Wishgarden Herbs makes a Cold Remedy tincture for pregnancy. I have used it w/ DD's pregnancy and am currently using it and I find it pretty effective. I also use ravensara EO on a little tissue in my nostril to help clear my breathing and drop some on the shower floor.
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