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lets get this baby out!

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I went in for another NST today, the midwife was great (I love all of them) she stripped my membranes and tomorrow I'll get acupuncture and on Thursday I'll go back and have a foley catheter inserted to see if we can stretch my cervix anymore. I am supposed to DTD tonight as well.

Because of my previous CS that's it for induction so I need this to work! I'm 42 weeks on Friday. As always the baby looks great and I have an obscene amount of amniotic fluid.

I tried EPO but it gave me cramps that made my CS scar hurt, which made me uneasy.

Maybe she's just waiting for the full moon?
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Ok, let's shoot for Friday! Altho i wouldn't mind having him a bit sooner....
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You're on. Babies in our arms by Friday. Doesn't the moon go full the day before really? So we could do Thursday!
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Sending happy and glorious birthing vibes both your ways!!!
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Good luck with it all...
the moon is pulling on me too, I hope I go before thursday, all this stop/start labor is frustrating.
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sending good labor starting thoughts your way
i am 42 weeks on friday as well and wondering if this baby is waiting for the full moon. going to ask to have my membrane stripped tomorrow.
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