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My UC turned into an emergency c-section

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Hi everyone. Just wanted to say hello and let you know that our baby was born October 20th at 8:22 am. He is a healthy 8lb 7oz baby boy (William Fredrick---we are thinking of calling him Liam for a nickname).

Things were going great at home until my water broke and I suddenly had that strange mother's intuition that something was wrong. The intensity was such that I couldn't ignore it and we went straight on the 30 minute drive to the hospital. I was at 5cm and when they checked me they could feel the cord tight against the top of his head. When I would contract his heart rate would go down to the 50's and then after right back up to normal. The doc was willing to let me try every position I could to get things to change as long as we didn't have 3 contractions in a row where the heart rate stayed low. I did lots of laying on my chest with my behind in the air trying to get him to go up and then come down without obstruction but after 5 hours he was so far up that my cervix had stopped at 6-7cm and no baby head pressure to help it along. I had the worst acid reflux of my life and I should get some sort of contortionist prize for crazy positions. I agreed with a sound mind to have the c-section. I feel completely fine about it because this time I was in control. (I had a c-sec with my first and then 3 HVBACs).

My big thought with all this is how many of you have been saying to always trust your instincts. Without this board, I'm not sure I would have trusted what I was feeling on the inside. Instincts don't feel the same as fear I discovered. I was completely calm when I told my dh that we had to go.

Thank you all for your support and advice these last months. My pubic symphysis pain is improving already as well.

God Bless you all,

Lee Ann in MN
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and he was born on my dh's birthday!!!
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What an awesome testimony to Mama's Instinct and listening with an open heart. I still have chills after reading your story - you should be proud of your choice to go in - thanks so much for sharing that. I know I need the reminder too.

Congratulations on the birth of your son and welcome to the world William!
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Lee Ann, I'm so glad to hear that you trusted your deepest instincts. That's such a great gift. I'm so happy to hear you were calm and in control and did what you needed to do

Welcome to the world, sweet Liam
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Welcome baby Liam!Congratulations mama on listening to your instincts, what an inspiring birth story.
Oct 20 is a wonderful bday.
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I love that you're thinking of calling William Liam. Nice work Mama, believing in yourself, and continuing to pursue gentle birth at the hospital. My home waterbirth turned into a Cesarean birth, and I know exactly what you mean about making a calm clear-headed decision. Congratulations on giving birth to your sweet baby boy- and I hope you heal up quickly, easily and completely.
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Thank you for sharing. How wise you are.

Happy Birthday Liam!
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Wow, just wow. Very impressive. Congratulations!
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Welcome Liam! Your are a STRONG MAMA!

I am so glad to hear that you are content with your birthing outcome. You made the absolute right decision by listening to your instinct.

Also, like reducereuserecycle, your little William has my son's birthday!!!

Enjoy your babymoon!
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Welcome Liam!!! One of my favorite kids of all time is named Liam!

Thank you for sharing your story. I've been having this crazy, inexplicable need to hire a MW and even though I keep telling myself I have to listen to my instincts sometimes I just want that UC status. : You've reminded me the most important thing is listening to my deepest knowledge.
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Lee Ann! Congratulations on your little William and for doing what you had to do! I'm glad you feel ok about it. Thinking of you.
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I am so glad everything worked out well for you in the end and your baby is okay..wow! Yes, intuition is not wrong. I'm so glad you trusted yours!

Hope you are recovering well.
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Thank you so much for coming here to tell us your story. Hugs to you.

And congratulations!
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Congratulations, and welcome, Liam!
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I am so glad that you listened to your instincts! and Congrats on the baby boy!
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Thanks for sharing your story! I'm afraid an emergency will arise during my UC and that I won't be able to hear that inner voice. This kind of story inspires me.

Congrats on your sweetie!
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Congrats mama hope to see you here more!
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Welcome to the world, Little Liam!

Lee Ann you are strong & ohhhhh so wise!

Thank you for telling us your story & also explaining how instinct vs. fear feels! Wishing you an easy recovery & lots of time to snuggle your new little guy.
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