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Well...I don't know how much it means, but I'm about 99.999% sure that my waters just broke. I hope so, because if that's not what it was, something is horribly wrong with me!
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I am so excited for you!

Wishing you the wonderful birth you deserve!

Can't wait to hear all about it!!!
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Gentle labor vibes! You'll be holding your baby very soon!
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Originally Posted by Storm Bride View Post
Well...I don't know how much it means, but I'm about 99.999% sure that my waters just broke. I hope so, because if that's not what it was, something is horribly wrong with me!
Wonderful news! Hoping you are holding your sweet babe right now
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So...I'm not buying the AROM approach to inducing labour. My contractions slowed way down afterwards, but they're speeding up again now.

No baby yet. I'm taking a shower and going to bed very shortly, so I'll probably update again tomorrow...unless I'm in hard labour by then, of course. I figure baby will definitely be here within a week.
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I hope you're resting, relaxing, and enjoying the process.
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Resting and relaxing as much as I can with two little ones running around...not quite as much as I'd like, but better than nothing. I'm definitely enjoying the process. I'm actually kind of glad it's all taking so long - sort of feels like I'm making up for not labouring with dd.
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What a fabulous attitude, Lisa. I hope you're holding your baby soon.
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Go Lisa!
I think about you alot! I can't wait to hear your story. You are awesome!
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This is driving me crazy! I keep checking in here looking for an update!!
Come on baby! Say hi to us now!!
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I can definitely understand your sentiments, StormBride. Yay mama!!
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No updates, but a shameless plea for a pep talk/reassurance. I don't feel as though anything is wrong, but I am starting to get frustrated at the slow rate of progress. I know we all say "nobody ever stayed pregnant forever"...but is there an equivalent saying about early labour? Has anybody stayed in early labour forever?

I don't know...this just seems to be taking a ridiculously long time to go anywhere!!! I've never been so anxious to feel more pain in my entire life. :
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Lisa: you can do this, your body can do this.

have you had a talk and a good cry with the babe in your belly about how excited you are to look into their eyes for the first time? like a good, serious, heartfelt one?

sending you strong, enveloping, get-something-done contractions...

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Yes to the good talk with baby - a couple of them now, actually. I finally had a good cry last night. It was kind of weird, because my contractions really picked up for about a half hour after that, then settled back to what they'd been before.
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I only have a minute, but...

I was in "labor" for three days, but the contractions had been happening off and on for a couple weeks before that. There was definitely a difference when they kicked into gear; a sharpness to them that wasn't there before. But they'd kept me awake and interfered with my life for weeks. I was due August 15th, started prodromal labor August 11th, and didn't have the labor really start until August 26th (finally had the baby August 29th).

I know they say that all that prodromal labor gets the cervix ready--but it didn't. I'm sure it was doing *something*, but it wasn't doing anything that we could check for. So don't feel discouraged when your cervix feels the same day after day.

So yeah, labor can seem to drag on forever. I'd been avoiding doing anything by myself, staying well rested, expecting "real" labor at any moment, etc... finally, I stayed up late one night watching a movie with DH, and the next morning had gobs of bloody show and the contractions were much more intense.

So... you're doing it!
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We need a little cheerleader smilie. But that is a bunch of labor dust for you right there.

Lisa, I have never BTDT, so I can't give you some reassurance about prodromal labor that didn't go on forever, I am sure there are many women who can. I have never labored, but from the stories of my mother and grandmother, I suspect that I will have a long, prodromal type labor when I have my VBAC. So, I pay attention to the stories. In many of the stories the women have a long, prodromal labor followed by a quick intense labor, and the baby arrives pretty quickly. Your body is doing this work for a reason.
The only other thing I can think of, is there anything emotionally that is holding you back? Maybe that is affecting it?
Rest while you can, because when it happens, it is going to be fast.
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Thanks, Danell. I've been trying to keep things as normal as possible (although I can't take the kids out by myself, because I can't drive and can't chase them on foot). It just seems...it's been a week since I lost the plug and had show, which I'm trying not to focus on...and it's been two days since my waters broke. I was dilating before that, but I won't check it again now that the membranes aren't intact. It just seems sometimes like the contractions have been ticking along the same way the whole time...

I must have an awfully cozy uterus! I'm starting to think I should have padded by due date by three weeks, instead of two...
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By the way, today is my third wedding anniversary, so I think it would be an excellent day for your baby to arrive
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