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my meal plan

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here's a meal plan i came up with to make several meals;

sunday-steaks, texas fries in oven, and spinach,tomato,black olives,onions and feta sprinkled indiv. with fresh homemade bread

monday-greek chicken and orzo with baked veggies and pita bread
tuesday-fajitas with leftover steak and salad

wednesday-whole wheat spaghetti with homemade italian bread

thursday-chicken avgolomeno soup with the leftovers from mon and pita bread

friday-homemade pizza's with whole wheat dough (use leftover salad for greek pizza)

saturday-chicken soup with dumplins from thurs leftovers
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I am coming to your house to eat this week.

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Originally Posted by momto l&a View Post
I am coming to your house to eat this week.

will you do the dishes?
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