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cold medicine alternatives

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DD has a horrible cold : and I hate to give her cold medicine but I also hate to have her be up all night and cranky all day from feeling like poo. What are some natural things I can do go help her feel better?
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You might want to try some steam/a vaporizer, perhaps with diluted EO's of lavender and/or tea tree and/or eucalyptus in it. That and keep her well hydrated.
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Thanks, I dont have one but I should go get one!
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i don't know if it actually works or not, but i like california baby's Colds & Flu line. We use the bubble bath and massage oil. DS seems to sleep better when we use it. We also use a humidifier, and do alot of saline drops in his nose. Good luck! I always feel so bad when they have colds.
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thanks I have never heard of that I will have to check it out
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Most people, including kids, are cranky when they have a fever. So if Tylenol or acetominophen doesn't 'count' for you as a cold remedy, it will at least help reduce the fever so your child won't feel so crummy and can sleep.

The other posts are things I would have recommended as well. Don't forget the orange or apple juice too. If your child can have soup, making a vegetable and chicken soup with plenty of basil, garlic, and even a little bit of ginger should help a lot - basil helps to cough/blow out mucus, ginger/garlic help with immunity, carrots and some diced tomatoes are great for vitamin C. Throw some fun spiral or bowtie noodles in as a hearty soup.
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When I'm feeling sick I take lots of pure zinc pills and eat minestrone soup. If I'm especially clogged up I breathe in steam.
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Thanks everyone for the good tips!
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turn on the shower to get the bathroom really steamy, then put the your dd in the tub. the steam should break loose some of the congestion
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