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pro-vax propaganda is always in the news...

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I saw this on the Yahoo/Associated Press Health news page today. It is a lovely little propoganda peice, I think from the CDC about the importance of vaxing. They blame an unvaxed tot for spreading whooping cough to a pregnant woman and her new baby. If vaxes are so effective, shouldn't the pregnant woman have been protected anyway??? They say right out that unvaxed kids are a threat to people around them! Huh? Nothing about all the vax injured kids. So annoying, I wish there were someone to complain to. I hope the link works, scroll down the page and click on the story about unvaccinated toddlers.
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yeah, I saw it some place else and here too.

the drum beat is louder and louder and louder. And then there is that hideous Bill Frist and his ties to pharms...I just can't help wondering if there is some serious movement to get louder and louder while 'their' team is up to bat.
If you know what i mean.
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yeah I saw this too and was quite disgusted. We had a discussion about it on another board I'm on and it was a nice surprise to find that even though those mommas are into vaxing even they thought this was crud!
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I just wanted to post this thought so that it is out there....sort of...

this is not about beating up the current administration. especially since there may be some anti-vaxers who voted for GWB and I'm sensitive to those on this forum. But this is more about the ties to Eli Lily and other pharms and the current administration.

We just can't escape it and frankly, I think this drum beat and noise we are hearing more and more about vaxes and the story by the cdc that is circulating... well, I just think we will see more and more....

and frankly we just have to....


The nasty side of politics showed itself clearly last fall when in the dead of night the Eli Lilly rider was attached to the Homeland Security Bill. This rider basically gave Eli Lilly a free ride from nasty lawsuits over vaccine reactions. By attaching it to The Homeland security bill, this rider was guaranteed approval since a vote against the bill would virtually label any senator as a heinous traitor.

One of the few senators to openly reject the homeland security bill because of this special favors rider was Sen. John McCain. He knew he could say no because not one citizen, not one member of the media and certainly not one radio talk show host could ever suggest with any kind of credibility that John McCain was unpatriotic. So, McCain was one of the only senators who could vote with his conscious. And he was adamantly opposed to the rider. However, the bill passed the senate.

For months no one took credit for attaching this rider to the bill. In fact, Washington DC which is teeming with hubris, could find no one taking credit for the much talked about rider. It was the great mystery.

Then a few weeks after the bill was passed with the Eli Lily “free-ride” rider, the President sent a note to Attorney General John Ashcroft to seal the lawsuits against Eli Lilly by parents who had cases against Eli Lilly over vaccines given to their children. In particular, children who developed autism after shots with thimersole. The president sent this note on Monday of Thanksgiving week, a week notoriously dead in Washington so it go very little press.

Taken on its own, this might not seem like much. Maybe simply garden variety politics. But when you take into account that Eli Lilly donated eighteen million dollars to GOP campaigns this November, well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that they certainly got their money’s worth. Also it needs to be noted that Mitch Daniels, the White House budget director, is a former Eli Lilly big shot. And last June President Bush appointed Eli Lilly's chairman, president and C.E.O., Sidney Taurel, to a coveted seat on the president's Homeland Security Advisory Council.

It should be noted that all of this was done under the guise of protecting the security of the US homeland. This was all a way to get the small pox vaccine into the market at least for US soldiers for their war with Iraq and the first layer of medical workers. By the way, doctors and other health care workers have unceremoniously rejected the small pox vaccines. For the most part it has been considered a monumental failure.

Here is what we know. We have suppressed most of the childhood diseases but we now have epidemic proportion of autism, aspargers disease, allergies, asthma and ADD and ADD-HD. The average child who follows the current pediatric approve regiment of shots will receive twenty two shots by the time he or she is two!

These shots are completely filled with chemicals that on their own are considered poisonous but somehow in a vaccine their danger is deemed acceptable. In particular the more onerous ingredients are Aluminum and formaldehyde along with mercury or thimerosal as it is known. Thimerosal is made by Eli-Lilly and has been slowly removed from vaccines. But there has not been an out and out recall of the product because as some have suggested it will open a flood gates of lawsuits.

One story which is very painful is that of Joe and Theresa Counter who are in the middle of their own lawsuit. Given that Joe was GOP fundraiser you can imagine how that played out for him when his president basically protected Eli Lilly and not injured children.

Congressman Dan Burton of Indiana has been a very vocal opponent of the use of mercury in vaccines and has also been a major voice against the MMR shot. He began lobbying on behalf of children who developed autism when his own grandson became autistic after receiving his MMR shot.

In mid May Dan Burton held a press conference and symposium in Chicago where doctors who are researching this information announced their own findings and have made conclusive cases the part vaccines play in the onslaught of these issues.
One thread of reason, which is especially disheartening, is that many babies and toddlers developed ear infections, their doctors gave them antibiotics to treat the ear infections. The antibiotics ripped out the good flora in the intestines and then the next month the children received their MMR shot. Many of those children ended up autistic. The suggested culprit is the live measles which imbeds itself into the intestines and has no good flora to fight it. Just one link in the very deadly business of vaccines.

With Eli Lilly manipulating Washington politico in a manner that suggests there is a smoking gun, well, if it looks like a smoking gun and acts like a smoking gun…it is a smoking gun.

So the stage is set, we have parents who have seen their children fall apart literally in front of them after they received shots. We have researchers out there trying to explain the pitfalls of vaccines and we have Eli-Lilly donating mounds of cold hard cash for their policial interest.

And now we have a strike of good luck for the pharmaceutical companies. We have Trent Lott shooting off his mouth, losing his position and young, heart surgeon, and pharmaceutical champion, Sen. Bill Frist was made House Majority Leader. It should be noted that the Frist bill which he tried to get into the house and senate at the beginning of 2002 is the very rider that was rewritten and attached to the homeland security bill in the fall. .

In January, moderate republican senators in particular both senators from Maine along with California Sen. Boxer and other democrat leader were able to remove the Eli Lilly Rider however, in his best Arnold Schwartznegger voice Frist has said, “I’ll be baaack.” He has indicated he will return with a new draft of the Eli-Lilly rider later this year. And it should be noted that sometime in December Dick Armey took credit for attaching the rider but Congressman Burton indicated that Dick told him someone in the White House asked him to attach it.

anyway, my personal feeling is we will see more and more and more press releases, studies released from cdc, other NIH other places.... I bet about once a month... indicating how non vaxers are posing a threat to our society, etc..... be prepared.
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Thanks for typing all that up trabot.

I've also noticed that right around the time school or preschool is starting up again, there's almost always an increase in news stories on how dangerous it is not to be vaxed or up to date on your vaxes.
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so I posted all the above this morning.

then I went to nytimes online and found this!


Study Says Insurers Should Pay for Vaccinations

Filed at 11:20 a.m. ET

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The government should require all insurance plans to cover vaccinations, and offer vouchers so people without insurance can get their shots, a panel of medical experts recommended Monday.

While the government has been the major buyer of vaccines, the proposal would change its role to assuring that everyone receives them, including a subsidy for health plans and providers.

``We offer a plan that both ensures access to vaccines for those in need and creates incentives for private investment in the vaccine industry that would sustain the development and manufacture of these products in the future,'' said Frank Sloan, professor of health policy at Duke University and chairman of the Institute of Medicine panel that issued the report.

(it goes on)

anyway.... more and more and more.....

what did my friend use to say... 'gird up thy loins. we have a battle coming."
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WASHINGTON (AP) -- The government should require all insurance plans to cover vaccinations, and offer vouchers so people without insurance can get their shots, a panel of medical experts recommended Monday.
Aren't there already free clinics or other places who offer free vaccinations to people who can't afford them? I guess maybe they're trying to do away with the 'free' places if insurance can cover them...It is all about money, isn't it.

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I also agree, that we're in for a fight.

I've noticed that New York, New Jersey, Illinois and some other states still have the religious exemptions, but they've all recently passed legislation that changes things a little so that each individual school district gets to decide whether or not the exemption is 'religious' enough or not.

That's gonna be fun. :

Here's a link about Illinois' recent movement on it:


Here's another link to a nice piece about how the CDC feels that people hired to be school nurses should be very pro vax. And when hiring these people, to make sure they are.

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So much info, so little time...

...here's more on the money trail:


...the focus on Thimerosal, heroic work on the part of the New Physician:


and the Smallpox drumbeat, the supreme irony of which is that it would be useless against a weapons-grade smallpox virus:


An important note is that right before the smallpox vaccination plan went into effect, William Foege, former head of CDC in the 70's came out in the Washington Post against mass vaccination saying that ring vaccination was the only effective method and would be needed ONLY in the event of an actual outbreak.

Then they started using smallpox vaccine for the little monkeypox/pet prarie dog event in the mid-west--- an admittedly most dangerous vaccine for an illness that had no recorded deaths in the U.S. Of course, they trotted out African deaths--- ironically, to the inquiring mind, pointing out that IT IS sanitation and nutrition that quell infectious disease.

I have sent 6 emails to op-ed writers about
the embryonic lung cells used in Varivax,

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and the drumbeat continues.... I saw your last reuters posting Raven. arghhhh, they just have to scare everyone or try to don't they.
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It's always heavy right before school starts because August is "National Immunization Awareness Month"
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