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Selective vaxing....what exactly does this mean?

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Please, please, forgive my stupidity. What exactly does it mean to selectively vax? Does it mean that you only do the ones required for entry to school? Or does it mean you pick and choose regardless of requirements?

If it's the latter, how do you go about school when the time comes? Say you only do a couple of the required ones, do you end up getting an exemption when the time comes for entry to school? I live in Pennsylvania, so I know that they only have a medical and religious exemption.

I don't know, I don't even know if I'm asking this question right. : I have quite a few years left to worry about school, so I am just wondering what everyone does now; I'm just trying to understand.

Say, for example, I tell the dr I don't want to give dd her chicken pox and I decide that I no longer want to give dd the prevnar and Hib vaccine (these are not required in my state for Kindergarten). Would I just get an exemption at that time? Wouldn't the govt wonder what was up?

I hope I'm making some sense, b/c I'm starting to confuse myself.

Thanks for any explanation you can give!!
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selective vax does mean that you pick and choose. most parents that take this route have decided that the risks associated with the vax are outweighed by the risks of getting the disease.

not sure how the exemptions are handled in this case.
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by the time I found out I was pregnant I was already tipped off aout vaxes..meaning there was more to the story. However, when I first started to research I still thought there would be some I would want to vax for... I mean Polio for gawdsake!!! who wants that for their child!!! So, it was in my head that we might selectively vax. Well, then I started to read and read and read and I had friends who had not vaxed and I asked questions and bit by bit by bit...

we ended up not vaxing for anything. It was truly the best choice for us.

I wish you luck and if you need more research sources, maybe my thread will help


good luck
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