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"I love my husband when..." (add to this thread)

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Ok, add to this phrase: "I love my husband (or partner) when............."

I'll start. I love my dh when he makes me feel good about a crappy new haircut!

And when he tells other parents not to circ.
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I love my husband when he takes (high spirited) ds out to the park and gives me a FREE HOUR!!!!
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...he vacuums out my car.
...i spend any amount of $ on anything and all he does is roll his eyes. he NEVER gripes about $ and i spend it often!
...he makes my girls laugh.
...he rubs my feet. (Don't get jealous ladies, it's almost NEVER but I do it! ...well the 2 times it's happened in the last 9 years we've been together)

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I love Dh when he gets up at 4 am with PJ and changes him and comforts him so I can sleep, or he comes home from work and surprises me with flowers and dinner out, and when he lets me have the remote, so I can control the tv, then I get to watch, old movies and "chick" flixs....
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~ he cleans

~ he runs an errand for me

~ he lets me sleep in or take a nap

~ he calls me just to say hi
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I love it when my DH cooks breakfast on Saturday mornings

gets groceries and brings me home Wonderbars without me asking

BBQ's pretty much every night in summer

cleans the cat litter- even though all 6 cats are mine

doesnt yell at me for buying the millionth birthday gift for some aquaintance, family member, friend even though we cant really afford it, he knows it makes me happy

He's pretty much a saint I will admit, doing alot of the cooking, cleaning and childcare...plus putting up with my crummy moods!
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- I see him talking to other people. It reminds me of how smart he is!

- He does crazy stuff to make Noah laugh.

- He walks in the door and Noah says "daddy, daddy, daddy!" because it reminds me of how much he loves Noah and Noah loves him back.

- He looks at me like he thinks I'm the most beautiful woman in the world.

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i'll play

i love my husband when...

1. he dances funky with my 3 year old and they giggle like he's 3 too.
2. he plays pinball on the computer with our 13yo and they giggle like he's 13 too (lol)
3. when he stares at our newborn son in bed with us and tells me that i am amazing for bringing him so much joy in our children
4. he comes home after working 8-10hrs of construction and starts dinner so i can rest with the new baby
5. he takes care of the van so i don't have to think about it
6. he rubs my feet (he did it the wh ole pregnancy but since baby no foot rubs. lol)
7. he sings to me while we dance in the kitchen to no music (this drives my 13yo dd batty and she tells us we're so gross)
8. he tells complete strangers how proud he is of his family
9. he and our 3 yo dd pee on the grass on the side of the pool cuz they're too wet from swimming to come in the house.
10. when he says the prayer at dinner and thanks G-d for all of his family being healthy, happy, safe and together.
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I love my dh when
-he loves me even though I was just AWFUL to him
-He doesnt complain about his job
-he let's me sleep in
-he keeps his mouth shut instead of arguing with me, cause he knows im being impossible
-he remembers to pick up pepermint patties when we go on a hike - tradition since date no.2
-he rubs my feet, hands, neck-when I ask
-buys me floweres for no reason
-teaches our son and daughter things about chemistry and stuff I dont know.
-gets thrilled about nature
-sneaks up on a bull frog.
-gets tears in his eyes.
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I love my dh when he

is sleeping on the couch, I love to just watch him.
when the first thing he asks me after work is how I felt today.
play with mydd like she was his own
talks to his friends, he is so darn loving to them
when he eats my "natural veggie" food even though he wants meat and hates it...he also says he likes it...
gets up at 5am to let out and feed the chickens even though he works all day and I stay home with dd.
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I love my dh-2b when......................

we talk about renting a few years to save for a house; I note that we'll be moving, maybe building, at the time we've set for starting a family and je say 1) honey I will have you in a house for our baby and 2) I will take care of the whole moe; I'll pack and we'll get mover. if you are pregant I do not want you to do anything and if you have a baby I will send you and baby to a hotel for the weekend.
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i LOVE MY DH-2B WHEN...........................

he can't sleep and wakes me up to come to the living room with him. He watches TV and I sleep in his lap. He stroks my hair and face. He wants me with him; but doesn't want to take my sleep. He is so tender; and I know he is loving me while I sleep. Best sleep there is.

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I love my dh when........

1) He comes home and surprises me with a handful of picked flowers he had to get by stopping the car (possibly blocking traffic) just to get the ones he saw that were beautiful that he wanted to bring home to me.

2) He asks me about my day (even though I am home all day long) before going into how hectic his day was.

3) Will get up at 5:30am to go to work when his back is hurting him.

4) During the school year he will wake me with a fresh cup of coffee and a good morning kiss.

5) When he talks about skydiving and his entire face lights up just knowing he is going to make a jump today.

6) When he will call me and tell me he is about to make a jump. I don't skydive, so I like to know when he is about to make a jump so I can pray for his safety. He is so respectful of that.

7) I watch him walk down our driveway with the kids to take them fishing.

Oh wow, I could make a huge long list here. What a cool idea for a thread. Just typing out some of the things I love most about my dh has put me back in the right perspective of loving him....
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I love mine too!!

I really do love my husband and sometimes I don't feel people express their appreciation of their spouse enough. So I'm in on this thread.

I ask him one time for something to be repaired around the house and the next time he has a chance it is done. No pestering or asking several times.

We work side-by-side in the garden or on any other project.

He takes great care of the kids when I am working and even puts the dishes in the dish washer.
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I love my dh when:

....he plays with dd......yesterday I walked in to her room, and in trying to get her to get dressed, put her pants on himself. They were both giggling.

.....he talks man to man with my ds and cares about him like he was his own.

.....its the weekend.....he totally takes over care of dd & makes us great breakfasts!

.....he lets me sleep in! I love sleep more than anything these days, and unfortuneately dont get enough of it.

.....puts up with my family or friends visiting, never saying a word

......every mothers day.....he buys me a day at the spa....facial, pedicure, massage
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Refer to thread in TAO please...

I love my hubby!!!
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...when he gets DD to sleep
...when he notices that I look especially nice and comments on it
...when he gets up with DD and lets me sleep in
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~When he takes out one or both of the older boys out for a few hours allowing me some downtime.

~When he bakes me sugar-laden goodies at 10 at night. From scratch! He sure can bake!

~When he surprises me with flowers and a treat after I have told him I've had a bad day.

~When he calls me from work for the 10th time every day just to see how I'm doing and say "I love you!"

~When I put on something new that shows off my curves and he notices.

~When I buy another unneccessary cloth diaper for one of the kids and he won't give me grief.

~When he makes me up a cup of coffee in the morning because I've been too busy running after the kids, and makes it up better than I make my own.

~When he plays with the boys. He's the roughouser in the family. It's fun to watch them.

~When I see Dh sleeping with our youngest, both all curled up together, awwwww.

~When, like yesturday, he brought home dinner even though we couldn't afford it because I said we'd have to have cereal for dinner - the town had the water off, it was too hot to cook and we were burned out from our 800 mile trip home!
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...when he bakes his banana bread and saves me the end pieces.

...when he makes ds howl with laughter in a way that no one else in the world can.

...when I go out for the rare evening with the gals and I come home to a sleeping babe AND a tidy home!

..when he says "WOW" to the $14 haircut that I got at Supercuts.

...when I look at our beautiful darling boy and I can see my dh in our son's smile.
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