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First Timer--is this normal??

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Hi. After 2 years of fertility treatments--still very much in shock/denial--but VERY happy to be here. However, what makes me think this must be for real is my VERY LARGE and DISTENDED abdomen. Is this normal? None of my jeans fit. I look 4-5 months pregnant but I am only 5 weeks pregnant.

Is anyone else "crampy"?

Congrats to everyone!
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It might be normal for some people - random strangers can tell I am pregnant at 6-7 weeks. My abdominal area is also already huge, even though it is only day 21.
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Hi there. I'm not in your DDC, but with your fertility treatments did you have several eggs? It could be fluid from all of the follicles. I also had fertility treatments and I was so sore after I ovulated because of all of the extra fluid from the follicles. I wasn't bad enough to warrant being hospitalized, but I was advised bed rest and lots of liquids.
I would suggest calling your doctor though.
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I'd say I was feeling crampy, but really to the dismay of my dh it's more like gassy.

I'm guessing that because of the fertility treatments, you'll probably see a doctor pretty soon anyways. You can mention it too him/her.

Congradulations!!! Two years, what a wait.
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One of the common first pg symptoms is bloating--you might just be retaining a lot of water. (I can hardly button some of my pants--but in my first pregnancy I had the same experience and I "deflated" again before actually starting to show.)
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Thank you for all your advice. This month I did have 6 good size follicles and 7 smaller follicles. I never thought about the extra "fluid" released into my abdomen--I am sure that is part of this. The rest of my huge tummy sounds like normal preggo bloat. I am crossing my fingers that i "deflate" or this is going to be a long 9 months.
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I have been crampy....but not bloated...but I do remember with dd1 I was already having to leave my pants unbuttoned at about 4 weeks or so......I am with the other about discussing it with your dr. though just to put your mind at ease.
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I am only 5 weeks preggo with my 2nd and you can tell! I started showing really early with my first too, I couldn't button my pants by week 9!!! I went to the dr. today and have already gained 2 lbs. My theory is that I always get really bloated before my period and when you are preggo, it just doesn't go away... Maybe I am just wishful thinking....
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Thanks for all the encouragement to call my doctor with my abdominal pains and distension. Turns out I have ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome and a very enlarged ovary that is out of my pelvis. This sometimes happens when you take fertility drugs and the syndrome if fed by pregnancy hormones of you do conceive so it gets much worse. Has anyone heard of this or had any experience?
I am off work for at least a week to try to prevent ovarian torsion or rupture. I feel like I want to die.
I hope everything is okay.
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I hope that everything is okay, too--best of luck to you and please keep us posted.
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wow, I hope it shrinks down quick for you. Feel better soon.
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