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Boy was I off!

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I did it! I had my VBAC at home assisted by my family, a wonderful friend, and an awesome stateside MW's kind advice and encouragement over the phone! I can't believe how incredibly difficult and amazingly empowering it was.

I am 2 days in baby bliss. Clementine was born around 10:30am on Wednesday October 24th, a day before my EDD!

Check out our pictures, I will post a birth story soon! Thank you all so much for your advice and support throughout our journey!

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Yay! Hooray!! Congratulations!! Sooo happy that you got what sounds like a wonderful birth! So much for all those docs, eh? Clementine is just beautiful, like her mama! Enjoy your babymoon!
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Oh, I'm so thrilled for you!! I was hoping you'd get the birth you wanted and deserved. Clementine is gorgeous. And dang, you look good, girl! Enjoy your babymoon.
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Congrats! I'm thrilled you had a VBAC at home!
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yahoo for your HBAC, mama!!! congratulations!
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Good for you!!!! Congratulations!!
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Congratulations! Welcome baby!
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Congradulations!!! I'm happy things worked out for you, just like you wanted them to!! Clementine is beautiful!!
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You did it! Congrats!! I can't wait to hear the whole story. Enjoy your sweet baby!
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Fantastic name. So glad you got the birth you wanted!
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Congratulations! Welcome baby!
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OMG I'm so happy for you! That's fabulous that you were able to birth at home, after all the stuff that you went through! I can't wait to hear your birth story.

Clementine was the name of my first car. I love the name, I just can't shake that association. sorry.: She's beautiful, though. Congratulations!
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Wonderful!!! I've been thinking about you, after all the hospital drama you had to go through.

Yay!!! : Welcome Clementine!
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Congratulations! And welcome baby Clementine!
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Banana! I am so happy for you! Congratulations on your VBAC, braving it UC when you had little options, and on your new little Clementine of course. I have been eagerly awaiting your news.

Welcome Clementine!

I posted in announcements. Enjoy your babymoon!
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Congratulations! Sounds amazing.
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Congrats!! You did awesome and enjoy your babymoon.
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Gorgeous baby, great name and awesome job to you on the UC/VBAC!!!!!
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WOW! So beautiful! Congratulations mama and welcome beautiful Clementine (love love love that name)! :
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