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August 2ww

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edited to move "the list" to the last page...
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Well, I have no idea if I am in a 2ww or not, but I am hoping I am!

I have not had PPAF, but got lots of ferns for a couple days this week. So I am hoping it was the O fairy.

So, I will be on the optimistic side and say I am officially in the 2ww!!!

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HI everyone!
Wow, July's 2ww was like 11 pages!

Here I am.....I am thinking of testing Monday morning, but I think that may still be too early...I dunno.....:
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Welcome Lisa!!
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FF has not confirmed o yet, but I know I did, so I am in! Temps are on the rise!


Baby dust to all!

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Good luck this 2WW! Looks like you got your BD bases covered!
I am 12DPO now and biding my time before I test, but temps are still up! Yay! I may break down and test Sunday if they are still up. My chart I swear I peed 12 times yesterday...coulda been I was drinking more in this August heat, but I'm not sure... :
ButterflyMaiden, Karen, Donna and Erin, how ya doin? Any new symptoms to report???
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Good Morning!

I'm 8dpo...temp still climbin' up. I think my breasts are fuller (but then again I seem to hallucinate pregnancy symptoms pretty regularly : ) BUT they definitely have been tender all week.

Last night DH walked in the door and said...Wow...I really think you are glowing! Of course it was 97% humidity yesterday so I think everyone had a bit of a dewy glow. But I'll still take it as a SIGN!!

So that's where I'm at....temps are good. Breasts are maybe a little fuller...definitely tender and DH says I'm glowing! :LOL

Katie ~ Your chart looks great!

Brandi ~ Welcome!! I think you are the official BD Queen!

Lisa, Donna ~


PS ~ I really want to try to keep the OP updated so we know who's here. I'll add Brandi and Lisa now. But please help me out...if I miss someone, PM me!!
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Good morning, Erin and all others!

Erin, your chart looks awesome, I am very hopeful for you!

Lucysmama, you haven't updated your chart yet today, and it's almost 9am here already!!! (EST :-) Now how can I properly obsess with you if you don't update early in the morning? I think you'll see a BFP on Sunday!

Brandi, welcome to your last round of obsessing before moving on to the pg board!

Wildthing, let us know when you test, can't wait to hear you post about your BFP!

Lisa, I followed your ferning posts, and it sounds to me like you could have ovulated, but I guess only time will tell. It will be interesting to see whether you get any 7dpo ferns, that would be a good confirmation of a possible ovulation.

I am 4dpo today, my chart is at http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/13f56 . I am feeling really good about this cycle, or maybe I should say that I don't allow myself to think any negative thoughts about it :-) My first deer cycle, and long enough after the myomectomy, that that shouldn't interfere anymore. I fully intend to have a baby to hold in April!!!

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Thanks for your input on the ferning. Yesterday (potentially 2dpo) I had no ferns, but today (potentially 3dpo) I had a some small ferns again. Is that normal?

I can't believe how fast I am obsessing already! Eeek!

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Brandi ~ Welcome!! I think you are the official BD Queen!
hee hee. It has been good for us, after having such a dry spell. We are learning to have fun again and be in the moment.

My temp dropped a little today, so not sure what is up, hopefully it is just because of the nursing fest dd had and lack of sleep last night!

Erin-your chart looks wonderful! This is your month!

Lucysmama-Keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for you!

Karen-we will both be holding our new babes in April! :bf

to all!!!!!!!!

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Glad to see everyone here!

I don't think I have any new symptoms to report. Actually I think my nipples are a little less sensitive than they were. It's hard to tell, because they only hurt when ds nurses. Not sure if it is a pg symptom or not though....I usually do not have soreness there until around 4 months....weird, I know. :

I was having some pelvic tenderness for a few days, but that is gone too. SInce I really am not sure when the heck I o'ed, I am not sure when to test. If I o'ed around cd14, then I think Monday would be 10 days after bd. But if I didn't o until cd18 or 19, then I should probably wait a few more days. I have like 13 tests sitting here, I just hate to use them too early.

Like I have said before, I am just not to hopeful this time, although I have clued in to body signals quite a bit more this time. I found that my face breaks out a bit during my fertilie time. Still trying to figure out that pelvic tenderness too. I am going to get a thermometer today too. Won't help with this cycle, but if I need it next cycle, at least I will have it. I check out everyone's charts, so it is making more sense to me. Thanks to all of you for posting them!

So, I was wondering, can we get a single post of the apporximate date everyone is thinking of testing?
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I will probably be testing at 10dpo, which would be Saturday (if I O'd). That is the day of my DS's first birthday party. So I am hoping it will bring me great luck!!!

Anyone else an impatient early tester like me?
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Let's hear it for the August 2ww!!

Hmm...Erin, even your posts seem to be glowing!
Sounds like everyone is having good post o symptoms. My breasts are sore, but it could be from being put through rigorous self-examinations every 5 minutes. Dh says he thinks they look a little fuller too.
Oh no I believe I have entered full-blown obsession. I have my first pg test on tuesday, but I'm pretty sure that it will be too early to show that I AM pregnant. Then we're going out of town for a few days on thursday. So either af will track me down while camping or I'll take another test on Sunday.

Donna, perhaps we could sweet talk Erin into updating the o.p. with test dates?

Welcome Brandi and Lisa!

, and to everyone!!!
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Oh sure!! I can put test dates up top! What about charts...do you want me to link to charts?

I'm heading out shortly to go babysit my Godsons !!!! Will update when I return tomorrow!
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Thanks Erin!
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Temps stayed the same today... up!!! I will test Monday a.m!!!
!My chart
Karen- sorry to keep ya waitin'!! I get up to temp at 9am and go back to sleep for an hour or two. Dh is a morning person and so is dd. Not me! :
Erin!!! Your chart looks great! I am looking forward to being on the pregnancy boards with you till April!
Donna- I just have to tell you, I always have to seek out your posts cause you have that sheep in your sig. My dd thinks it's a puppy! She asks me, "Puppy, mama?" when she sees me on the computer and I have to find one for her. She also loves the dancing bananas!
I will let you all know either way tomorrow so you can share in my joy/sorrow.
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Lisa, I am definitely an early tester! It is all I can do to not test tomorrow morning...once I get past FMU, I am okay though.

I felt a little crampy today, like I did when af started last month. <sigh>......but, I am hanging in there until I know for sure

Katie, I love that little sheep! Reminds me of my wildthings

Thanks Erin for adding test dates to the list. You rock!

Everyoe else....
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Hi there! I'm back!

Had such a fun night last night babysitting my Godsons. I even got to co-sleep with the almost-4 year old. We snuggled in and he said Titi (auntie) I love you and put his arm around me. Ahhhhh...so sweet...can't wait to have my own family bed!

But my friends have no a/c and it was crazy humid. I have been spoiled...sleeping with a/c most of the summer so...I could not sleep at all. My temp was 98.6 this morning but I'm just going to toss it because it was SO hot and I know I didn't have 3 consecutive hours of sleep last night. :

Okay...let me go update the first post and put in charts and test dates!

Good Luck Katie!!! (((((((( ++++++++ ))))))))

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Well, couldn't wait till tomorrow, but I got a BFN this morning. I sort of expected as much. I am not sure if I am 11dpo or only 7dpo, since I am not sure when I o'ed.

I am not disappointed really. I didn't expect much,but well, I am obsessive!

If af does not start by Friday, I will test Saturday. Erin, if you want to add my test date, that will be 8-9-03, um...I think! :LOL
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Karen~ I can't see your chart when I click on the link? But I did attempt to send sticky vibes via the blue text box.

Erin~ that chart is BEAUTIFUL! 98.6 Whoa! I wonder if you're on the way to triphasic....

Katie~ your chart looks good, steady temps. I predict that yours will be the first BFP that we celebrate in the August 2WW!

Brandi~ you better keep up the bding, it looks like you might still be oing!

Donna~ sorry about your bfn, but I'm sure it was just too early! Hang in there

Lisa~ Any news? (we need a curious looking smiley) And how was the birthday party?

I'm taking a break from gardening to obsess. If I had a pg test I would be testing today. Even though I know it's way too early. I just WANT TO KNOW. Partly because if I'm not pg, I'll be entertaining af while camping for the second time this summer. But, enough with that "-" thinking.

Mucho baby dusto por all-o
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