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August 2ww - Page 12

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I'm still here at 6dpo.

I guess before long this will be the September 2ww.

I'm dying to test and plan on doing so at 9 & 10 dpo and take it from there.


Congrats to all new bfp's!!!
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I think I am 7dpo....not sure, but might be 8. Nothing exciting to report, I am thinking about testing at 10dpo, which will be Wednesday.

Looks like we will need to start a new thread tomorrow Lucky One!
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Checking in for a few minutes to take a break from cutting and cooking :-) I made and canned 6 pints of salsa! Yummy! Had another half pint of it, which I used to go with lunch. It was nice and spicy! I will love eating this during the winter and thinking back on the summertime when things were still green instead of white :-) And when I found out that I was pregnant (See, thinking very positively :-)

Karen, with lots more canning/freezing to do
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Not really much new to report here except a cute warm-n-fuzzy story.
I was out with dd today, and we were driving along, and I was feeling queasy. I said aloud, "Hmmmmm...what if I'm pregnant? Lu, are you ready to be a big sister?"
From the backseat came a little wishful voice: "Baby..." She's 1 and a half! I felt so happy, it was sooo sweet.
How am I gonna make it another week before I POAS?
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Yeah, wildthing, what will we call our new thread? The 'used to be august now september 2ww'??? lol.

I'll be 7dpo tomorrow. I had a huge dip in my temp yest, all the way to coverline and a huge huge rise today (0.7 degrees above coverline) so I'm hoping that yesterday represented implantation and today means I'm on the way to a triphasic chart.

wildthing, I can't wait to hear about your test on Wed and Karen, I want a jar of that salsa!!! Hmmm, is that a craving??? lol

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I am still in the 2WW, I am 12 DPO and will test again Tuesday unless AF shows up!!

Good luck ladies waiting to test... I guess that is 3 of us in the Sept 2WW???

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Congratulations to the 40wwers

Well, AF showed up early Sat. morning. No May baby for me, We'll be trying for a June babe.

Goodluck to everyone still waiting, hope all of you head over to the pregnancy broard!
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Oh...Jodie. I'm sorry. Maybe your body is just needing a little more time before it's ready to nuture your sweet baby.

Have a gentle week. Be extra nice to yourself and then start getting ready for some June baby-making!!

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I am finally in the two week wait and now it is time for a new thread! Guess I better go find it!
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