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August 2ww - Page 4

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Erin, thanks for the welcome. I was where you are almost 7 years ago. We had been trying since october and in June went ahead to train to be foster/adopt parents. When we started the training in September I was 3 months pregnant. We got prego in July of that year.

We never have ended up being foster parents but we hope to do it when our kids are older... although we do have an 18 yr old living with us who was kicked out of her house. I guess that counts. :

Butterfly, I know how hard it is as each 2ww goes by. Just starting to try again brings back the horrible feelings from 7 years ago with ds. It all flies back in my head, which is why I decided I had to take it easy this time. That being said, I check the board all the time, so I guess it hasn't worked after all.

: to all
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butterflymaiden- your time is SOON

Erin-I did get my copy. I am not far into it yet, but really enjoying it. Pretty heavy, I am eager to sit down with it and dive in. Been a busy week though(already!), having last minute visits with the women I am doulaing for this month. They are due two days apart! And I also was just given the new Harry Potter book, so I am absorbed with that for the moment, it will be a quick read. I would love to discuss CC! Shall we carry on in the thread you started earlier? Give me a couple days to get back into it and I will be there!

Dh is really getting used to this every day bding fest. I told him we could take a break after tonight because of my temp going up and he is like, what for? :LOL And I was worried about him being worn out working two jobs and all:

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Butterflymaiden - Hope your time comes soon!
Other Brandi - Hooray for your lil eggie finally showing up!!! Now you can properly obsess with us!
Musicalmomma - welcome!!!!!
Today I had my 15th high temp so now I am getting anxious, despite my BFN....we shall soon see. Thanks ladies, for the baby vibes....
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Katie, I looked at your chart. Boy, it looks encouraging. I'll bet I'm not the only one who can't wait to hear your test results on Friday! Hang in there!

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Katie!! Your chart looks great!!

Brandi ~ I think you should keep the BD fest going....it will certainly help the 2ww to go by faster!!! :LOL

My temp SHOT back up this morning sooooo...maybe yesterday was an implantation dip!!!??? :

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Thanks Erin and KK!
Erin, your chart is looking fantastic! It looks like maybe it was an implantation dip!

GGGRRRRRRRRRRR! No temp for me today again! Dh snored like a freakin lawn mower for the second half of the night. : I was awake all the wee hours of night/morning. I have been plagued by terrible insomnia all week long. I am soooo tired. But, alas, I have to get up all groggy, and drive my MIL to the airport. She's moving to Turkey today.
Donna, how are you? Hoping AF stays away for ya!
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My temp went up again, so I am here, I should get an o-date from ff tomorrow. Dh is all for continuing the bding fest we may go down to every other night because we have a busy couple of weeks coming up

Katie-your chart looks great! I can't wait to hear all about your BFP! When do you plan to test again? Very frustrating about your temps, but it looks like that won't matter soon, because you will be getting a BFP!

Erin!- looks like a lovely implantation dip! How long are you holding out to test? I am on the edge of my seat waiting to celebrate your BFP

I am cd18, guessing about 2 dpo, hanging out for the long wait. I have two births to attend very soon. Due dates are 17th and 19th. Thinking the first will go next week around the full moon and the second will be late, her family carries long, hopefully she will not be as late as last time though. So I have some good things to keep me busy during my wait. I also have my girls bdays to start planning for next month. They will be 4 and 2!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day. May we all be blessed with BFP SOON!

Karen-thinking of you. Peeked at your chart this morning, looks like a lovely implantation dip!

Donna-how are you? Thinking of you too this morning!

Everyone else-positive vibes to you all, have to go, dd is in tears for some reason!

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Good morning all!

Well, if I am to stay on my typical-for-the-last-20 years-cycle, then AF should start today. But as I have said many times this cycle, I am not hopeful. I am not sure if I have pre-af symptoms or not. I had a migraine yesterday and today. No cramping today...just waiting, waiting.....

Kaite, I can not wait for your BFP! Anyday now!

Brandi, it is nice you have something to keep you busy during the 2ww. And nice to get splattered with all that babydust! :LOL

Erin, hoping that was an implantation dip and oyu get a BFP soon too!

Karen, when are you testing?
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lurking the 2ww so I can celebrate all of the upcoming bfps!

Brandi~ congrats on your eggie!

Erin~ lookin like you're on the verge of a BFP

Katie~ when are you going to test? (impatient smiley here )

Karen??? are you out there?

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I am here!!! I am 8dpo, and trying not to obsess, but failing miserably LOL. I swear that my nipples are really sensitive for about half an hour or so every day. Not sure why only half an hour. You would expect them either to be, or not to be sensitive, so it might just be something I talk myself into.

Our dishwasher broke last night... So spent some quality time with dh washing a HUGE stack of dishes the old fashioned way Today I had the kids wash the dishes, they are still fighting over who has washed more and how unfair it is, because they want to wash more!!! I am sure that will subside over the next few days LOL

I had a huge dip in my chart yesterday, but that was after a restless, and hot night, with a fan blowing, so most likely it was just that. Hoping for an implantation dip though.

The Conscious Conception book sounds good, I might get it too, I would like to read it.

{{{{ Butterflymaiden }}}} I hope this was a 'too early to get a BFP' situation, I will hold out hope for you till af is here!

Wildthing, I hope af won't show up for you!

Childofthemoon, congrats on that eggie!!! I am visualizing a healthy embie traveling down to your uterus and finding a perfect spot to implant!

Lucysmama, being so tired might be a pg sign too.... Your chart looks great still, kick your dh if he keeps you awake again tonight!!!

Erin, high temps is good, I hope they will stay high for the next 8mo!

Welcome to the newbies, may this be a fruitful 2ww for you!

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well- i think i should be here because i am assuming i O'd 2 nights ago.but i could be wrong! if i dont get preggers this cycle than i am definatly buying a BBT themometer! My boobs are feeling very sore and heavy which is how they felt post-O last cycle.well we will see! im hoping to see lots of postitve tests coming from everyone this months--isee in my crystal ball lots of little taurus babies!
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OK, sorry to keep barging in on your thread, but I'm living vicariously through all of you, 'cause we're not going to start ttc until October, BUT...

I just wanted to tell you Erin how AWESOME your chart looks this month. I just have this feeling this is YOUR month!!!

And Karenpl, yours looks fantastic as well. Was that a little implantation dip around 7dpo???

Brandi, yours is looking fab, too!

to you all!
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Thanks Sherri Feel free to barge in any time!

FF gave me an o-date and my temps are going up and up and my cervix is firm again. 3dpo. Not sure when I will test. Should I test when I go past my usual lp length or wait 14 days? I guess it will depend on how anxious I get: .

BFP for all!!
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Well, no af yet this morning...although I am embarassed to say I jumped the gun and tested again today...another BFN..:

Well, I wish af would start or something. Maybe it is still too early. Anyone else test with the strips from saveontests? I think I may be around 10 or 11dpo right now. Too early? I have a headache todya, and I do feel slightly nauseous, which happened last month right before af started too.

I am planning on going out of town without dh the end of this month, but I don't want to if I may be o'ing around that time....decisions, decisions........
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17DPO and no AF...temps still way above coverline!!!! I will test for sure tomorrow. I gave dh my last test and told him he was to hide it and under no circumstances should he give it to me bfore Friday. I'm weak.
Erin, Karen and Brandi: nice charts! I'm rooting for you all!
Donna - good sign that AF is not here yet....
Good luck all you others!
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Just a side note from me.......I got my BBT this morning, so I will start taking my temp tomorrow.....at least I will be doing something.......
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Just got my period.
I was getting so psyched. 17 high temps!
She really snuck up on me.

I'm heading back to Pre-O. I will be checking in to see who gets their BFPs.... I know some of you will soon! Good luck.
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Awwwww Katie! 's to you!!!!! I am afraid I will be joining you in a few days as well. BFN this morning, feeling kind of crampy, and a headache all combine to convince me I will be starting soon too.....

Okay, Okay, I know this kind of negative thinking is no good around here!!! :LOL

Good luck next cycle Katie!

Donna <-----cd29, who knows how many dpo?
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{{{{{{{{{{{{{ Katie }}}}}}}}}}}}}
So sorry that the stupid old hag showed up! She should know where she isn't welcome! And your chart looked so perfect too!
Here's some nice freshly baked bread, and a cup of hot tea to console you.

Woohoo, wildthing, yes, temping will be great, but I hope you won't need it because of getting a BFP soon :-)

Childofthemoon, woohoo, congrats on being an 'official member' of the 2ww That sure looks like a nice temp jump!

Thanks Sarah's mama, I am hoping for sure that that dip has been implantation!! It just has to be!

Welcome Liz, I hope you will be one of those BFPs you see in your crystal ball!

9dpo for me, and not much news. Temps are still nice and high, obsessing is still going on in full strength Today was the due date of one of my spirit babies, I had so hoped to be pregnant by now, so I just have to be!!!!!!

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Oh Katie...I'm SO sorry. Hate when she's sneaky like that!!!

Welcome Liz! I'll add ya up top!

Sheri ~ You can drop in anytime to spread your positive vibes!!!!

Brandi ~ Glad you are officially in the wait now!! So exciting about your upcoming births!! I have my first scheduled for the end of August (oh yeah...I already told you that : )!

Donna ~ I hope it is just a little too early for you to get your BFP!

Karen ~ Here's a late for yesterday...it would have been nice for you to know for sure that you are pregnant right now....but you know you are (just can't prove it through conventional testing methods just yet, right?). Sooooon.

As for me....much :

My temp dropped again today. Maybe I'm having twins and our second cutie pie is burrowing in! :LOL

Ay, ye, ye...I don't know. :

I tested last night with an Aimstick and I got a BFN. (I taught last night so I had about 5 hours of pee saved up and I got a strong evap. line....so I think it was accurate even though not FMU.)

One thing I did notice is that Tuesday (after taking yoga Monday night) my temp was low. And today (after teaching yoga - I practice along with my class) my temp was low. Wondering if there is a connection. Probably not...I'm grasping at anything to explain my wacky body right now!

Anyway...I'm getting ready for my DOULA TRAINING!!! Yippppeee! I have it all day today, tomorrow and Sunday!

I'm 14dpo...my longest LP has been 14 days so I have to get through today and tomorrow (good thing I'll be SO busy).

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