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I'm out.

Second month in a row that has arrived on Friday night. Ugh.

Oh you guys...I am....I don't know what I am....I'm very sad but I'm more confused. I don't think I have any intuition at all.

I was SURE that it happened this month. Our ceremony...our timing...all the feathers...my chart looked beautiful. I swear my breasts were tender last week. I even told a few of my closest friends how SURE I was. And now I feel SO embarassed that I have to tell them....oh no....it was just me hallucinating a pregnancy AGAIN.

I'll check in on you guys and keep the first post up to date and I should be back for a couple of days at the end of the month.


PS ~ On a VERY positive note...I had my first day of doula training today and it was AMAZING!!!! I can't wait to go back tomorrow!!
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Katie! Erin! I am sorry that hag showed up, doesn't she know that she is not wanted! I have been thinking that this may not be our month either, been so grumpy. I was speaking with my midwife today, as she is delivering both of my doula clients, and she said to not get so wrapped up in the trying, a baby will come when the time is right. I cannot remember HOW exactly she worded it, but they way she said it, and is so calm and kicked back in general, and just a go with the flow sort of being, it really struck me that I must remember to know and feel what is going on in all aspects of my life, not just this ttc obsession. I guess what I am trying to share with you is that babies are ment to be, and when the time is right they will fill our arms. That said, see you next month on the pregnancy board ALL OF US!!!!!!!

I have been a little crampy and naseous and trying hard not to read into every little thing. To hold and hug my babies that I have as they are getting older and bigger each day. Breathing in all the baby dust around me and spreading it here, keeping a little for myself of course

Saying a blessing for all of us ttc that we may all get out of here soon. Blessings to all of us in all phases of our cycle, may we all find peace and love, and babies

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Awww Brandi....what a great post! Gives me a little perspective.

Erin, I am sorry the old hag found you!!!! Some people just don't get the hint that they are NOT WANTED!!!!

As far as the intuition, and what Brandi said....I started thinking about how different it is now, ttc, as opposed to when I conceived my 2nd dd. I lost a baby in December so I started charting in February. I got pg right away, but man....can you believe I could not test until my period was 2 WEEKS LATE!!!!!! And here I am now, testing 4 or 5 days before I expect it! :LOL How did I stand it?

Also, my next 4 babies were concieved without using thermometers, OPKs or anything...just used cervical observations. My last baby, I used OPKs in addition to cervical changes. I got pg the first month I tried. And now, I am obsessing before I o, after I o, and every moment in between. I have at least a weeks worth of OPKs and just got my thermometer yesterday.

I think I need to relax a litle bit, and remember that I can't let ttc control my life. I was so depressed when I thought I missed catching my egg...I just laid around all day. I have to stop. I have to tell myself that it WILL happen at the right time! I know my family is not complete, I feel another soul waiting to join us.

Okay, I am kind of rambling now...sorry.

Good luck to everyone and to all!

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{{{{{ Erin }}}}} What a disappointment!!!!!!!! So sorry for you!!! Maybe those feathers really do symbolize that a baby will join your life, it just wasn't this cycle, but it will be soon! I am sure you will be staring in disbelief at a BFP before you know it! {{{{ HUGS }}}} again! At least the doula training will keep you busy, it sounds great!

Wildthing, still no period? Did you do any more testing? I hope your next precious baby will join your family soon!

Childofthemoon, thank you for sharing that with us, yes, it is hard not to micromanage when ttc-ing, but I think we should trust that pregnancy will happen in its own right time, if there aren't any medical issues going on.

I am 11dpo, and my temp went a bit down today, although still way above cover line. Of course, in my mind this is the end of all my hopes for this cycle, talking about not micromanaging LOL. Actually, I will hold out hope till af shows, but I have to admit that it's a bit lower now.

Today is farmer's market day, always fun! We'll get fresh corn on the cob and lots of other goodies. I think I'll also get quite some beets, so I can freeze them for the winter. Yummy!

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Well, it's really not looking good for me right now. I got my thermometer the other day, my temp yesterday was 97.8, this morning was 97.1. I know I haven't been charting the whole cycle, but I can see that this is quite a drop.

Tested this morning....another BFN To add insult to injury, apparently days of nausea seems to be a pre-menstrual symptom for me. Had it last month too.

I will stick around until the old hag shows up, then jump over to pre-o.

Good luck to everyone else waiting for their BFP!!!!!

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Well, I am officially out of the 2ww. A little disappointed, yes, but not surprised. I am okay with it. The old hag is here, so at least I can start fresh.

I'll hope to NOT see any of you over in the pre-o board! :LOL

Good luck and to everyone!!!!!

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Donna, Take care of yourself. Baby will come SOON!
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{{{ Donna }}} Sorry that she showed up after all! I really hope this will be her very last visit for at least the next 9mo!!! Take care!

I am 12dpo and temp took a jump today, but of course, I did get up to pee, and now I am thinking that that might have screwed it up. My chart sure does look nice for now though! LOL http://circles2.fertilityfriend.com/home/13f56

Yesterday we went to the farmer's market, and I got lots of beets and carrots. Froze all of those in the afternoon!!! Even the beetgreens. I am proud of myself :-) I always tremendously enjoy to eat 'fresh' organic produce in the middle of winter, and think back fondly on the time of year when I harvested/got it.

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Good Morning ladies!

Karen, your chart does look good, hope it stays that way!
fresh veggies!

I am 6dpo and my temp shot up even higher. I was a bit crampy yesterday. I have been having weird vivid dreams for four nights now. Last night I was pregnant in my dream and hanging out with girls that I went to school with long ago, who I have never known as adults, but they were all adults in my dream and all were pregnant too. Pretty strange. I also dreamed I bled too, but woke up before I could figure out if it was implantation or period, I just remember wondering in my dream which it was.

Hope every one else is enjoying the full moon! It rises for three nights this month looking fat and full! Hopefully we will all be fat and full soon too

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Hi ladies, sorry to hear about af showing her ugly self to many of you.

I have been trying not to obsess, but have spent a week thinking this is my cycle for a baby. So much for staying low key. My breasts have been really tender and getting heavier since 2 days post O and the temps have been high... although i didn't get to take it yesterday and today it has gone down. ( I also had weird spotting on Friday (only in the bathroom) that was really confusing as I am at least a week away from AF if she comes. I am 10 days post O today.

I am going to try to take to heart that the baby that is meant to be will come when it is ready, not when I am. Someone else may know better than I about my readiness for a babe... right? And I don't mean my husband who talks about whether I really want this baby although he has no problem being jumped when i am ovulating. LOL

sending lots of : to all.
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musicalmomma-heres to that spotting being implantation!!!
I hope this is your month too!

Erin-I will be testing Sat. 8/16, this may be a bit early, but it would put me at 12dpo and I usually have a 10 day lp, so you can add my test date to the first page if you want to. Thank you! Did you get Hygieia yet?

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brandi- i am planning to test the same day you are- i thought that would put me at 10 days past O, but with my cycle the way it is who knows-if its neg ill wait till the following sat when AF is due!
good luck!
musicalmama- sounds like you are preggo to me!
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Thanks Brandi and Liz, here's to AF staying away this time.

I have more spotting today even if it is a bit early and whie I still have my hopes up I don't want to get them too high as i am already feeling a let down at this point. I can't believe I can put so much energy into this each month when I say I won't and it is random whether I am pregnant or not. I don't know whether the first time I got pregnant it was because dh wore boxers, or I stood on my head after sex, or we just hit the right day and all those things had nothing to do with it. LOL

I have a hard time letting go of control and I REALLY need to.

Good luck to all.
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Erin, Katie & Donna, I'm sorry this wasn't the time. I guess I'll see you all on the pre-o...

I'm still looking forward to seeing the posts about the bfPs from the rest of you 2wwers....August 2ww is desperately in need of some good news!!!!

Perhaps we should petition the pregnancy board for some baby dust!
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Well, I guess I'll anxiously join in on this thread. I'm sure I Oed over the weekend. Dh and I got lots of bding in, so we'll see! I'm not getting my hopes up too high because this is our first cycle trying. Anyway, lots of luck to everyone!
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Susan, welcome to the wait. I hope yours is a fruitfull one.

Dancing girl, Thank you for the dust!!!

I think my time here is almost over. My temps are down a bit still and i am still spotting. The temps havenot yet dropped below the cover, but they will probalby go there tomorrow.


here is hope for the rest of you.
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Ok, I think I've FINALLY O'd! I really think I did on Friday, had really bad ovary pains, but my readings have gotten a little wacky. This has been the first cycle that my chart has looked even remotely normal, so maybe that's why it's been harder to tell. We're getting ready for vacation so I'm hoping to be so busy I forget about the 2ww until it's time to test. I'm really hoping for a this time, not jsut cause I want another baby so bad, but I also do NOT want to deal w/ on vacation in the desert!!

I have totally lost track of who's over here now, but I wish you all lots of baby
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Childofthemoon, your chart looks very, very promising!!!

Doodlebugsmam, welcome to your first, and hopefully last 2ww!

{{{ Musicalmama }}} Sorry for the almost arrival of af. My chart has the same downward trend to it, I guess we will have to graduate in September's 2ww.

Rubelin, WELCOME!!!! Have af in the desert does not sound like fun, so I agree, do get that BFP!!!!

I am positive that I am out of the 2ww. Or almost out in this case, my chart doesn't look good, and I tried a hpt yesterday and got a BFN. I am disappointed, but I try to trust that it will happen soon. It just has too!!!! Next cycle marks my 2 years anniversary of seriously ttc-ing, after a few months of 'casually' ttc-ing. I still can't believe how long this is taking me :-(

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Well, I am officially out of the wait. I hit so right on this time, I was sure we would be successful. Oh well, maybe next time. Soon I will have to take a hiatus from trying as I would give birth at a time of year when dh couldn't take time off from his job.

Robin, good luck to you and

Brandi, your chart looks awesome. it looks like the way I keep imagining my chart is going to look. Here's to higher temps and

Good luck to all of you and may you get BFPs. I hope there are many graduates this month.
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