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Please help us find a sling!

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I have a 10 month old and have tried a few different slings and none of them are very comfortable for me. Does anyone have any recommendations?
Stephenie & Ella
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Which ones have you tried?

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Tell me what you have tried and I will let you know what I think. I have tried numerous slings, both uncomfortable and comfortable. Also, what size is your baby?
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I have the New Native and that worked well when she was little but she doesn't like it much anymore and she hangs in it really strange. I also have the OTSBH and that one is ok but she doesn't like it at all and it is really hot for the summer. I also tried the Ultimate Baby Carrier and I liked the style but the fabric was too stretchy so within about 10 minutes she would be hanging at my knees. And last we have a Baby Bjorn that is so uncomfortable for me but she loves it. She is 19 pounds or at least she was a week ago and I am not sure how long she is but I know that she is short for her age. So if you have any information I would greatly appreciate it.
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I have a 24 lb 10 mos old who used to love the Baby Bjorn until she got too heavy. I now have an Ergo and LOVE it. It has a similar design to Bjorn but with an added waistbelt which is where most of the support lies. You can wear it in the front or in the back, but the child has to 'face in' either way. It has saved my neck and shoulders completely. I also have a Maya Wrap Sling which I really like for short distances or if I want to wear her down.
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Where did you get your Ergo from? And do you remember about what the price was? Thanks for the information.
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There are slings and baby carriers of all sorts at this site:


Also, check this one out, moms on one of the lists I'm on keep raving about it and I'm planning on getting one:

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My favorite is the Adjustable fleece pouch.
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I have a very simple sling from http://www.hotslings.com It works great and my son loves it. I also love my fleece pouch from KK, but it is too hot to use in the summer.
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www.peppermint.com was where I got my Ergo
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DD is almost 10 months and the ones I use the most now are the Ultimate Baby Wrap and the Hip Hammock.

UBW is indeed stretchy but that's what makes it so comfortable. It's not a problem for me as long as you wrap it around yourself tight when you're putting it on before adding the baby. This one is great as long as you don't have to take baby in and out a lot (because it's a little cumbersome to get baby in/out and get on/off yourself). But it distributes weight really, really well and I've found it very comfortable for long periods. It's also very versatile, with lots of positions.

The one I use more often is the Hip Hammock. It's really easy and quick to get on and is perfect for quick trips down to the car, into the store, and any time you need to get baby in and out quick. I wouldn't want to wear it for a long time because it kind of hurts my shoulder. But I'm totally willing to trade that for how easy it is to use.

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Thanks everyone for all the help but i think i have found what i have been looking for from the start it is a baby scarf. Take a look they are absolutely wonderful. www.carrymeclose.com
Thanks again,
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I was going to recommend a long, wrap sling like the didymos, but the carry me close looks the same. They also have some at peppermint.com and other places, but the one you chose is the one I'd recommend!!
Good job!
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If you are looking for a baby wearing scarf I wanted to say that I bought an extra long rebozo from e-bay. You use it exactly the same as the ones on the website you linked to, but it is alot cheaper. Here is one similar to the one I have:

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I was also going to recommend peppermint.com. I love my EllaRoo! Vesta is a wonderful person and lovely to do business with. Plus, she ships f ast!

The Carry Me Close site is new to me. I love their photos! Is that the Girasol, like peppermint sells?

There are a couple of pictures that show a newborn wrapped on the back. Anyone familiar with that tying method?

ox pam
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Yup, they carry the Girasol at Carry Me Close. I'm pretty sure they were the first ones in the states to carry it.

The back wrap they show with the newborn (though I think that you are supposed to wait until baby is 8 weeks old) is called the "Tibetan back carry". I haven't tried it w/ my youngest, but plan on trying it when baby is born (soon, soon, soon!)

Here are the instructions someone posted on an e-mail loop:

usually put your baby in the middle of the fabric so the fabric is
even on both sides hanging down. In this carry, the baby is placed
so that 1/3 of the fabric is on one side & 2/3 of the fabric is on
the other side. You put your baby on your back like usual, pull
both the longer & shorter sides of the fabric taut over your
shoulders - the longer side goes over your shoulder, under your
armpit & around to your back, behind the baby's legs/knees & under
your other armpit to the front again - put it across the top of the
shorter piece that is hanging down in front. It crosses your chest
above the breasts & you loop it through the fabric that is on that
shoulder. At this point, the shorter piece of fabric is still
hanging down from your shoulder. You take this piece & loop it
through the piece that crosses above your breasts. This is very
hard to describe & easier if you see it done or see pictures...
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With the scarf wraps from carry me close they say that you can put your baby in it on your back at 6 weeks. The instructions are:
1)Lay the scarf on the ground and lay you baby in the middle
2)Gather the fabric right above your baby's body with your left hand and make sure their head if pointing to the left.
3)Now this is hard to visualize but you lean over toward the ground and swing the baby over your right shoulder so they land on their belly.
4)Now you bring the extra fabric to you sides and twist it then you bring it around to your back and cross it under your baby's bottom so they have a little seat.
5)Then you bring it back around to your front and make a knot at your waist(You can wrap it around your waist for more support).

Ok i know that sound really complicated but it only takes a minutes or so to do once you get the hang of it. Hope these instructions don't confuse you too much.
Good Luck,
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Brusselsprout, I think I got yours.

Stephenie, ya lost me! Does it go over the shoulders at any point? Are you describing the carry in the photo; it looks like it twists up very high on the chest. ??

Thanks mamas!
I'll be a carrier guru one of these days.

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The carry Stephanie is describing sounds to me like the rucksack carry (they do show pictures of babies in two carries on that site....)

Here is a link to a "how-to" with pictures for the rucksack carry:


There is also a third back carry called the "wrap cross back carry" or something like that (I think this one is harder to do....I tried it w/ my toddler but think I need someone around to help me get the fabric spread right!):

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Sorry I forgot to add after you flip the baby to your back you bring the extra fabric up and over you shoulder on each side then you twist it and bring it around the back and under the baby's bottom. I don't know if that helps but I hope it does.
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