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Lincoln is HOME

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After 93 days in the NICU Lincoln is home on his due date!!!! Today is full of emotions, I dont really know how to feel. Overwhelmed is a good word. We roomed in the last 2 night with him and it went good but we had the nurses there. We wont have them tonight to ask questions. I am nervous and scared. I am also sad because we left Pierce there and Lincoln cant see his twin again until he is home. Its so hard! We have an apnea monitor. O2 and a pulse ox.

He isnt quite getting the concept of nursing too well. He is picky who he eats from and what bottle we give him. He will latch on but has a very poor suck and gets frustrated. Nursing is something we will work on and until he gets it we will pump!
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*hugs* Sending lots of love and prayers for Pierce and Lincoln.
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I am so glad to log on today and see this post from you Aimes!!! I have been wondering about your boys for so long and hoping everyday that things are alright! Lincoln being home is awesome! Have you been pumping milk this whole time :. Whatever you are doing keep up the good work and not to worry nursing will happen when he's ready . How is Pierce?

Welcome home Lincoln!!!!! Hang in there Aimes!
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I'm so glad to hear from you! Congrats on having Lincoln home and it won't be too long before the boys are together again!
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Oh Aimes I'm so happy to hear that he's home! I'm sure Pierce will follow when he's ready. Even with all the difficulty, you're a fabulous mother and I'm sure everything will be just fine!
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Oh, fantastic news!!! You keep at it, mama. You're doing GREAT!
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That is such a big step!! I'm really happy you updated us !! I understand your anxiety, I'd be such a wreck with all the stuff you're going through/been through! You are one great mama for your boys!!

We're to Pierce being home soon with his brother and sisters
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congratulations on Lincoln's homecoming!!! Prayers for Pierce to join him soon!
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So glad Lincoln is home with you! I hope the nights will go well and that breastfeeding will get better and better. You're doing a great job, mama!
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Great update!! Praying for you and your sweet boys!!
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Yeah Lincoln! Continued positive thoughts for you and your brother Pierce! I updated the announcements.
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I am so happy for you!!!!!
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Congratulations on Lincoln's homecoming!! I'm hoping Pierce will be following along very soon!
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Hopefully Pierce won't be too far behind.
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Woo hooo!!

Hopefully, Pierce will follow him soon, and they won't be separated for long!
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YAY! Welcome home Lincoln!
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Congratulations on this important milestone! Hopefully Pierce will join you soon. You have come so far! Good job mama.
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Oh, how wonderful Aimes!! Enjoy your belated baby moon!!

Saying prayers that Pierce joins his brother at home very soon!!
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