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Health professionals & HepB

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OK, sorry if this has been covered recently...

Earlier today I interviewed for a dental assistant position and they asked me if I was vaxed for HepB. I wasn't sure, so I said I probably was but could find out; they said if I wasn't and I was hired, that they would pay for it. Well, I am not at all interested in getting three doses of this vaccine, but I really, really want this job.

So my questions are: are there any health professionals here that have rejected the HepB vaccine? does the Colorado conscientious objection provision apply to my situation? if I decline the vaccine, will they think I'm a pain in the a$$? (ok, so maybe you can't answer that : )

I just don't think if I'm careful about coming into contact with bodily fluids that this would really be something to vaccinate against, and that the chances of adverse reaction are greater.

Any advice? thoughts? suggestions?

I really hope I get this job...
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can't say a lot since I don't work in medical community...

but I can tell you this.

as of today's date there have only been 49 cases of hep b in colorado reported to the cdc.


don't know where it fits into the puzzle..but seems like something you would want to know.

good luck and I hope you get the job.
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I signed a form that said I declined the Hep B vaccination.
Period-no explanations needed.
Found this -on www.nccn.net/~wwithin/hepatitisB4.htm
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I got the vacccine years and years ago...probably within the first two years it came out..because I was volunteering for a health organization and everyone "highly recommended" it and I had never heard of any such thing as vaccine reaction....Anyway, long story short..

What was explained to me at the time was that the vaccine was designed and tested on the "average" male (who is on average : twice my size) and that the third shot is a booster and that MOST people sero convert after the second shot.

However, since most insurance companies do not pay for titers to be drawn most people just get the third one. I was fortunate enough to get the titer drawn and lo and behold yes I had sero converted after the second shot and surprise surprise I'm still immune 12+ years later.

I hope this helps you.
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It's an OSHA thing. Because you're exposed to blood & body fluids on the job, they are legally required to offer it to you at their expense. It's up to you whether you take it or not.

And this is OSHA's declination verbage:
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Oh, thank you, thank you!!!
This info and the links are immensely helpful.
I knew you guys could help.

now if i just get the job...
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my dh had all 3 several years ago ( before we knew any better, lol)

when i took a job at the health dept, i declined them.
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