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Due dates?

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What is everyone's due dates? I may be pregnant and would love to have another person to support me through this.

We did the BD Friday 10/12/07, I ovulated Sunday 10/14/07. I have felt very tired, little nausous and have had headaches for about a week. I have also felt like my blood sugar drops quickly. I have also had more gas and heartburn. I have sore breast before my period and that has just began very little today. I am due for my period on Sunday( due to when I ovulated).

I do not plan to test until Monday or Tuesday if no period by then.

Any one in similiar timing as me? Please keep your baby sprinkles coming my way.
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You know, I don't believe in due dates anymore. The medical system, at least in the U.S., mis-uses due dates to manipulate women into accepting unnecessary inductions and c-sections - essentially treating the due date as an expiration date. Due dates are calculated with the assumption that women have 28 day cycles and ovulate on day 14. Since my periods returned post-partum, I have charted and find that my cycles average 30 days, and I ovulate on day 20. That can make a HUGE difference, considering that the average gestation period overall is actually 41 weeks and a day, and many providers are now hesitant to "allow" the mother to go beyond 41 weeks, let alone 42 weeks.

In my case, my due date by LMP would be June 20th. By ovulation date, it is June 26th. Given that my son was extracted at almost 42 weeks, I figure this next one will show up sometime in early July. So I am not even going to think about a due date, and certainly not tell anyone (in real life) what it is - my baby will pick his/her own "due date."
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I agree with you concerning not standing rigid with due dates. I was actually trying to get a very general idea of what month I potentially have a child in and basically when I should test if I missed my period this Sunday.

Thanks for responding,
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Oh, I am sorry I misunderstood the intent of the your post. It's just that all the due date clubs always have a due date thread with everyone's dates and I am kind of hoping that we won't do that in this DDC.

With my son and with this pregnancy, I tested and got positive results 11 DPO, so I think 11 DPO is the magic number. 11 DPO was yesterday for you, maybe you should test now! Your ovulation date would give you a due date in early July, give or take two or three weeks.
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My LMP was 9/28, I O'd on cycle day 20, Oct 17. I got a BFP on 10 dpo (yesterday). I think my due date should be July 9, but I am sure I will have to argue that with my OB, since they like to base it on LMP. My last child has born 3 wks early, so I will consider myself due anywhere between mid June to mid July.

I haven't had many symptoms yet, a little more gas, a little bit more tired, bloated, slightly tender boobs & uterus. I don't usually get to feeling symptoms until 6-8 wks.
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