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I had a friend order 2 hemp prefolds from wildnwoolygoods. I recieved them after a period of time. My first impression was wow these prefolds are pretty small. They have a soaker that is maybe 3 1/2" wide. The soaker doesn't run the length of the prefold at all. The serging is wobbly in places and when the prefold is folded in half the sides don't match up at all. To explain better..when I fold my chinese prefolds they fold up and all points match. The WnW prefolds..well they don't at all. So I put them in the wash. Normal wash routine that we all have..cold soak, hot wash, cold rinse. They are now the teeny tiniest prefolds I have ever seen. They fit lovely on her vintage Cabbage Patch doll. For $6 each I would be very disappointed at what you actually get.