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and help me, small roaches taking over!

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Mamas, help me! Is there any natural way to get rid of roaches. They are the small ones. They've been infesting my kitchen for the past 3 weeks or so. I've been leaving the dishes in the sink more often..I don't know if they are just attracted to that or what?

I already got rid of any open packages of food they are drawn to (I really don't keep food much in the pantry apart from rice, legumes and nuts in glass jars, honey and maple syrup anyways...everything else is in the refrigerator/freezer).
We already also gave in and put out 12 of those roach bait things 4 days ago- hasn't done a thing.

I don't want to resort to calling and exterminator to spray harmful chemicals in my house...but I already have to call them to catch atermite problem before it gets out of hand (we just bought our house 3 months ago and the previous owner just paid $1800 this summer to get them eradicated- but they are back) so I might as well get it done in one whammy if I have to. I'm just glad I'm not pregnant (nor will be anytime soon), nursing or have small children this could harm.

I hate chemicals but I can't live in this infestation! Any other ideas?
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I've never heard of any natural way to kill roaches. You could try boric acid, that's seem very popular for getting rid of them.
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get a cat?
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I have tried every natural remedy that I've heard of. I tried the boric acid and that did nothing. I even made little boric acid cakes at one time years ago. The only thing that worked for me is MaxForce FC (got the roach stations and the gel off of eBay). The exterminator sprays, IMO, don't work... at least not the ones that I've ever had.
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watch for soem of the small wild lizards - then encourage them into your home.

we've had roaches for over 20 years, threw 8 states & many moves. The lizards got rid of them within 2months.
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The little roaches are German roaches. They are the kinds that infest apartments and cannot really be gotten rid of by natural means (like say the Palmettos, the HUGE cockroaches you find in tropical environments - they don't live very long, and they just wander in from outdoors, they don't spread much).

The German roaches lay eggs everywhere, it's really gross and they breed like crazy. They invaded my apartment after somebody new moved in from somewhere else and brought the roaches with them (they moved because of roaches, but of course all the eggs are still on their stuff - EW). I had them in a cabinet full of tupperware, it wasn't even filled with food. There was a couple of drops of water in a washed tupperware container and they found a new home.

Anyway, a professional is needed for this job.
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I try to use as few chemicals as possible. If I find a spider in the house, I try to gently move it outside instead of killing it. But if I were to find a cockroach in our house, I think it would be fully justifiable to blow the place up and start over. Good luck!

(I know the palmetto roaches are attracted to water. I don't know much about the little roaches--but you may want to try getting rid of any standing water.)
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