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Any reggio schools in NJ or NY?

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Starting my research for areas to live outside on the city. Anyone have any leads of Reggio or other progressive schools?
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There are some in nyc - Tribeca Community School, Buckle My Shoe, Williamsburg Northside Preschool. Sorry, don't know any outside the city, but eager to hear from others.
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Should have added that we are also looking to move outside the city. Off topic, but what resources besides looking for Reggio schools are you using in your search? I'm a bit overwhelmed with the task of finding a community to make our new home.

Feel free to pm me if you want.
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If you're looking in Essex Cty NJ (Montclair, Maplewood, S.Orange, etc.) I don't know of any schools that are only Reggio.
There are quite a few preschools that are "inspired by", and add that to their eclectic mix. There is one in Monclair that has teachers that are very much implementing a Reggio style, Union Congregational Nursery School. There is also Zimmer Preschool, a Jewish preschool in Basking Ridge that I hear is using Reggio. I also have heard similar about A Child's Place in Lincroft.
In NY there is Rye Presbyterian Nursery School.

I've been frustrated by how few alternative schools there are in the suburban nyc area. My friend and I wrote a guide to alternative schools in northern nj. PM me if you'd like more info.
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This is actually good to know, tee hee, because my best friend and I are hoping to start an alternative school in central Jersey sometime in the next few years... nice to know the market isn't saturated but I guess that's not so great for the families looking for stuff NOW!
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Devon, where in central Jersey, over near Princeton?

Anyone know of any Reggio Schools in Monmouth County, NJ?

mom to Simon, 8/30/06
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Devin, PLEASE PLEASE PM me with more details.........
I'm a single mom and a holistic nanny. AND VERY interested in an alternative school...... I'm in Sayreville NJ,currently unschooling, and have considered sending ds to the newbrunswick charter school,montesorri inspired I believe it's "ok"......but not near as crunchy as I would like.....AND they give homework... Blech.......

I also had the wonderful opportunity to see the wellspring community school take off it's first yr, in peapack NJ.....But unfortunately, my work took me else ware and now the commute isn't feasible for us.

Great school tho, very democratic, regio, waldorf, free, and very very cool.
would LOVE something here like that would also LOVE to help :-)

blesssings, Danielle
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Also in Montclair is the Children's Center at Montclair State University. It's a Reggio-inspired preschool. Really great school but long waiting list (unless you are a professor or student).
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I saw this thread and thought I would share information about the school my son attends. It is not strickly RE but they use some of the ideas. That might make some go UGH! it is not the real deal but it is a great school.

It is call Voyagers Community School. They rent a large girl scout building at Camp Sacajawea in Farmingdale NJ this is central NJ close to the shore area.
The schools basic discription is
The school draws its inspiration from a variety of innovative education thinkers, including John Dewey, Rudolph Steiner, Maria Montessori, Caroline Pratt and the women of the Reggio Emilia Schools in Italy. Theory is put into practice each day as children, ages 5-14, spontaneously and cooperatively engage in the fundamental elements of learning. Firmly committed to providing an environment that fosters respect, collaboration and full participation of all members and strives to support students as they discover and express their unique ideas, passions and talents. Both full time and part-time admissions.
My son is 7 and in first grade. He came from Summerhill a montesorri-free choice based preschool and kindergarten.

He is really trhiving there.

they have a web site voyagerskids.com you can check it out. It is really a cool school. If you have to send your child to a school this is a great alternative to public, "ivy" leager or religious private school :
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I have heard of that school! I actually grew up in Howell, right next to Farmingdale.

I am looking into alternative schools in the NJ/NYC area to teach in for next year, unfortunately it will be another year or two before I can start thinking about starting my own...
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There is The New School of Monmouth County. It's in Middletown, and has multi-age classrooms. They aren't specifically Reggio, but here is part of their philosophy:

"We believe that real learning is an integrated process that occurs when children are allowed flexibility to follow a wide variety of interests without being subject to a rigid time frame or curriculum. We feel children are naturally curious and enjoy learning when it can be fostered through their own interests and absorbed at their own pace. Learning occurs on different levels, and when a varied and challenging atmosphere is created, children have the opportunity to develop their full potential as creative, confident and happy people. "
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I'm starting an in-home family child care center and am planning to use the Reggio Emilia approach! I'm in Passaic Park, NJ and I'm planning to open July 5, 2010.

I have a lot more work to do on my web site, but here's what I have so far:


Please let me know if you have any questions!
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Hey, if you go east, check out queens paideia in lic. Very cool place. My friend is teaching art there next year and says it's sort of like RE approach but hyper about gaps.
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I am fascinated by Reggio Emilia philosophy too.  


In Jersey City, The Scandinavian School is based on Reggio Emilia http://scandischool.com/ 

The Stevens Cooperative (they have a location in JC and one in Hoboken).  http://www.stevenscoop.org/ is a progressive based school.

Also, Lawrence Day School in Lawrence NJ is based on Reggio. 

In terms of Progressive Education, I agree with what others have said in the earlier posts.   I have heard excellent things about Voyagers in Farmingdale.  

I have heard great things about Jersey Shore Free School and Wellspring School.


I visited Buckle My Shoe in TriBeCa and it's beautiful.   


Good Luck.   


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Anyone hear of any Reggio based in Atlantic/Cape May/Gloucester county? We are just leaving a Montessori school (4 year old possible gifted was asked to leave after 3 weeks because we wasnt doing his "work" and wanting to play) and i am looking for a different approach. More play with structure/education (but child lead) for a VERY creative thinker! 

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MAMITA79 - did you ever open your school? I see your website but ther are no Contact links...

I'm very interested.




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I know this thread is from Years ago but my family is now relocating to Maplewood NJ from Park Slope and we are having to leave the fantastic Reggio preschool my 3 yearold adores.  Any suggestions which are current? 

Many thanks!

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