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Mamas using wooden toys

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hi all~

I have a couple much-loved wooden rattles/toys given to me for DS, perfect for him to bt at & start grabbing holding & I really like them. Problem is that @ 2months old Ds often smacks himself in the face with his fist! It is bot bothering him, but i can imagine that if he has a had toy in his grasp, it will feel a bit differnet on his nose or cheekbone!

SO what did you do? what age was your child when you started giving them to him? also, what is your favorite place to get wooden toys online? (Spam welcomed) also, any info on wodden teethers?

TIA, Maria
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I like Nova Naturals and Magic Cabin Dolls. These are both excellent companies for natural toys. I started giving my baby wooden toys around six months.
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I also like Magic Cabin Dolls. There's also Natural Baby online. And don't forget places like Target, TJMaxx and Marshalls for wooden toys (mostly Melissa and Doug) for a lot less!
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Melissa and Doug are much cheaper but note they are made in China...if that bothers you....we try to avoid buying things made in China

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With re: to any hard toys -- I found that I couldn't give Ian any until he was able to sit up in them because he also hit himself with them. Once he was about 3 1/2 - 4 months & could sit in an exersaucer he was able to use them there. Until then I just used plush/soft toys.

It's funny you posted this, though. Ian has a wooden swan that my dh's dad carved for him when he was a baby & it's just about his favorite toy!
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i really love Haba toys....made in Germany.
i have some up "mobile" style for my 4 mth old to look at.
you can probably go to a specialty toy store in your area and either find Haba or be able to order from their catalog.
there are lots of online places too.....
a nice one is www.rosiehippo.com
they are expensive but worth it IMO, as i dont like having a ton of toys for my children, i think it just clutters them.
yep, these toys are beautiful.
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I just ordered the rings rattle from the playstore *great* quality and *great* cs! I got it as a first toy b/c it can be for teething!
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Our daughter was about 3 months when we started giving her wooden rattles and she loved them. Up until she was about 8 months they were the only toys she would really play with and even now they are still her favorites. We have gotten many wooden toys from www.toymobile.com and they only charge $3.00 for shipping on your total order.
Hope this helps,
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