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how to clean bathroom tiles?

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can anyone help me learn how to clean the bathroom tiles? we have tiles from floor to ceiling, which seem prone to developing mold. what does it take to keep these clean? TIA
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Interested too. Mine is floor to ceiling on all four walls too and I absolutely hate them. The bathroom is going to be my next reno when the money tree blooms.
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Get an industrial grade sprayer (like a plant/chemical sprayer from the lawn and garden section) or from Costco.

Get some oxygen bleach. OxiClean is readily available. Mix the OxiClean with some hot water in the sprayer, but don't fill the water up all the way. The mix will cause some gas and you don't want the bottle to burst (like a coke can). I usually fill 1/2 to 3/4 full. I let the bottle air out for a few minutes and then I put the nozzle on and spray the tile and grout. It's really, really awesome.

Oxygen bleach is not real bleach and it uses a hydrogen reaction to blast away stains. Because the pH is high (like borax or things that can clean very well), wear gloves when you use the product and keep the powder away from children or pets (do not ingest).

Diluted white vinegar works to a degree, but it starts eating away at the glazing and it totally eats away at grout, so I don't really recommend using that. I switched over to OxiClean when my grout started falling out of my tile, heheheh.
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what about just scrubbing with oxiclean and water? Is that effective? A sprayer sounds complicated.
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Spray bottles are easy to use I don't mean the electric sprayers for painting houses - I just meant industrial spray bottles, sorry for the confusion. You don't want the cheapo spray bottles because they're only good for water, not anything with a high or low pH (it affects the cheap plastic). I use industrial spray bottles for vinegar too.

It just mixes better and you can target all the tiles without using too much or throwing a bucket full of the solution. It does all the work for you really. I use a big square broom to scrub my tiles afterward. I have a bad back and I'm short and there's no way that I would get into the garden tub I have and scrub the tiles from top to bottom. The long handle works nicely for that.
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We have a few areas that the grout will get moldy. The best thing we have done is to get into the habit of drying the grout lines and tiles (with a towel) after a shower and running the bathroom fan for at least 30 min.

It's a pain at times when I'm in a hurry. But I have not seen any mold since we started doing this.
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Generic Lavoris

Just yesterday my husband mentioned that his shower was icky, so I decided to give it a good cleaning. In an effort to save time/money/effort I did a quick search on the net, and found all the usual ideas, plus one I had not heard before. Listerine mouthwash! This sounded so preposterous that I of course had to try it.

I had a big bottle of the Wal-Mart generic version, and decided I'd sacrifice some in the interest of science (or maybe it was laziness.) Anyway, I wet a rag thoroughly and slopped it on, re-wetting the cloth as needed (this was a microcloth.) While each small wall was still very wet, I quickly scrubbed the whole surface down with a large cleaning brush. I didn't have to scrub hard. I could feel the surface tension releasing, and knew it was as clean as it was going to get. Well, guess what? It smelled great and was nice and clean. I used some Barkeepers Friend on the shower floor, and was happily done! YMMV, but it worked for me!
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I see, I was envisioning some sort of heavy-duty hose like thing. The cheapo sprayers from target drive me nuts too. I have some good ones from the container store that I use for vinegar/water in the kitchen. They spray really well- I'm assuming this will work.

So when I use straight up vinegar on my (old, totally not fancy) kitchen counters is that too strong?

Can't wait to try my oxo-brite on the tiles now. If it works it might actually be fun. I've only used it in laundry- never for cleaning.
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