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Birth beads?

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just wondering how (or if) everyone incorporated their birth beads into their births?

I had mine around my ankle for the entire labor & birth... just seeing them there gave me strength in the difficult parts of my labor. -> Photo (my mom took the photo when I was in labor)
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Great question! I was wondering the same thing. I forgot mine on the way to the birth... but have then put in a special place as a wonderful keepsake for my little one.
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I had mine strung and ready but the birth happened so fast I never got to them. I did spend a lot of time holding them and reading the notes during my last few weeks of pregnancy. They were so helpful and I felt so supported. I wanted to make a whole birth altar and everything during early labor but there just wasn't time.
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i had mine on my birth altar which also included different things from my "mama blessing" as well as flowers, cards, shells, crystals & my god & goddess figurines.. i stood there and remembered all of the women in my life *right* before the birth because i really needed some support to draw on, i had no idea how far i was & it had become too intense... i thought i was going to end up w/an epidural! ruby was born a few minutes later!
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i was wearing mine. my labor didn't get really intense until the pushing phase, so i didn't use them until then. once i was pushing, i would touch them sometimes (when i wasn't grabbing onto dh), and they actually helped me feel better. thanks so much, mamas!!
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I wore mine all the time - when I went into labor I didn't think it was it - by the time I realized it was it it all went too fast...I didn't remember to get them out. I wore them again today though! I love them...such a nice memory!
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i packed mine in the hospital bag but never put them on! i'll start wearing them for her to look at and play with while nursing
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I wore mine for the whole month of September and was wearing them throughout the birth. Everyone who sees my birth pictures laughs because they said I looked so "dressed up" in my hospital gown wearing this gorgeous necklace!!!
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