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I need comfort ideas!

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Long story, but my friend's two year old is staying with us for the next week plus. For the last day he has stood at the door with his hands outstretched and cried. Sometimes for mama, sometimes for daddy, sometimes just in misery, but always crying. I have taken him for walks, carried him around in the sling, tried cuddles, and offering a lovey, read books, tried to get him involved in what my boys are doing, giving him baths....nothing is working. (I can sometimes distract him for 15 minutes to half an hour, but he always goes right back to the door and starts crying). If anyone has any ideas at all I would appreciate it! I feel so badly for this little one who is so sad right now
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Is it possible to drive him to whereever mommy or daddy (or another relative) are so he could see that they are OK?
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I really wish I could, but it just isn't possible right now.
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Do you have pictures of his parents?

Maybe you could make him a little photoalbum with pictures of his mom and dad?

I know that my son loves to carry his photoalbum around whenever we are away from his father... (We are not a couple, but they have a great relathionship...)

Everytime we are visiting my family, who lives in another part of the country, he has his photoalbum. And when he miss daddy, he gives the pictures kisses. He also kiss the pics goodnight every night.

Maybe this will help this poor little guy until mom and dad gets back, too?
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Thanks for the idea I think I do have a couple pics from get togethers etc....I'm off to look!
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I'll tell you the picture idea is the best. Dh worked from home for dd first year of life mostly. We recently moved to CA and now he's going into the office. Around 5pm she'll start crying for daddy and want to walk to his office to pick him up. She found some pics of him and her together and now she'll get them and say daddy, baby and do bath sign b/c one has her in her towel after a bath. It's so cute.

Maybe you could also have him make some pictures for mommy and daddy. Yeah, I know he's 2, but this is another thing we do too. She'll scribble like 10 in 5 mins and then we leave 'em out for dad. She'll then tell him what they are. Maybe not a long activity, but letting him know they are for mom and dad could help.

It's hard to explain at this age I know. I think even if he is still hurt and crying the cuddles do help him. It might not seem that way, but keep doing it, IMO. As long as he will let you.
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