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Bacterial Vaginosis?

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Hi all. I was diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis. I am concerned because the medicine that they prescribed me, Flagyl, has been shown to be carcinogenic. I was wondering if any of you ladies have had BV, and if so, what were you prescribed? Also, when they did the swab, they did not lube the speculum, and they told me that they can't lube the speculum if testing for bacterial infections. Is that normal? If anyone could give me feedback, I'd highly appreciate it. Thanks!
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I am pretty sure I had it recently. I am prone to yeast infections, and this felt similar but different... after as much experience with the YIs, I should know. Basically like a YI but it just hurt, no itching or whiteness. I saw a naturopath and she perscribed certain suppositories. She said there was no need to test me since they'd treat either a bacterial or yeast infection just as well. They gave relief immediately and seem to have completely cleared it up, though I'm leaving that area alone for awhile just to make sure.
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I had BV a few weeks ago. The standard treatment is Flagyl. I don't know about it being a carcinogenic-but I do know that treating BV in pregnancy is really important, as by not treating it you risk a premature infant.
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I was treated for BV in pregnancy and have battled BV for a couple years. I have been BV free scince July with the following routine...

100+ mg of B6 a day
1000 mg Folic acid
1-4 Florajen capsules on an empty stomach, then wait
about 20-30 minutes before eating

My prenatal has everything in it but Florajen
here is florajen...

I joined a bacterial vaginosis yahoo group a while back and I learned about testemonials for 1000-1200 mg Folic acid per day helps women to get rid of BV, and keep it away. I started out with 1200, but my prenatal has 1000 in it, so I go with that. Also the B6 is good too. One lady had it for years and years and she took 100 mg b6 per day with lots of water, and was cured

I used the Metro-gel during pregnancy. I was way too scared of taking Flagyl for the same reason you were or because I was too scared. Metrogel is the same thing as Flagyl. but I read the fine print, and it says that blood levels of the medicine ARE LESS with the vaginal gel, than with the oral is more. So I took the less scarier route and went with the gel. My baby didnt have birth defects.
(besides reflux)

Just letting you know what I did and how I cured it!
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I have used hydrogen peroxide to get rid of it
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I had it a few years ago and they gave me flagyl. Antibiotics all make me sick to my stomach, but it's a heck of a lot better than the burning and itch from BV.

No thoughts on lubing the speculum, I have never had them do that for me before, BV or no.
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I was just recently diagnosed with BV. No itching, slight burning during urination and a yellowly discharge. My MW put me on Grapefruitseed Extract (4 times a day) and hefty amount of probiotics and over the last 4 days I've seen a change. Not gone yet, but definetly better. We trying this route before going with a rX.
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Dayduh, can you post the exact brand and dose of the grapefruit seed extract. I would like it in case I ever get BV again, or BV in pregnancy.

Also, Are you taking capsules of Grapefruit seed extract orally OR are you inserting it vaginally?

Thanks so much!
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