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thrush here..

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anyone else dealing with this annoying infestation??!!
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baby has been ok, but I've been ravaged for weeks! I can't take it anymore, I want to enjoy nursing my baby and not worry about all the pain killers I've been on.
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We had it once for a few days a couple of weeks ago, and I *think* it's trying to make a comeback. I treated myself with acidophillus (lots!) and treated AJ with diluted grapefruit seed extract.

I hate thrush. It sucks!
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Use Gentian Violet, it works! If you are bf'ing, then apply to nipples b4 latching on. It will treat you and babe. (it will stain though)
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The GV isn't working for us? We are going on weeks of this now! It did disappear from his bottom for a short time, but I think it's returning. We've used GSE, vinegar wash, G.V.. I'm finally resorting to Nystatin for Wyatt and a cream for my nipples. I really want to be rid of this for many reasons obviously. But the biggest thing is that I'm trying to figure out what food sensitivities and allergies Wyatt has and it's making it harder with the thrush. That can also be giving him upset stomach and yucky poops. So I'm pryaing that if we can clear up the thrush maybe the food sensitivities aren't as bad as I thought.
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I have tried all the above too! Nothing has worked except 14 days of Diflucan which still didn't get rid of it all.....only made it tolerable.
I am now on week 7 of this yeast!! UGH!

My mom got me a tanning lamp so I can zap my nipples with UV rays for a while.
Praying that this works!

Takebirthback~ Keep your diet as simple as possible, and of course no wheat or sugar or juice which feeds the yeast. Get this cream for your baby Calendula Baby Cream by Weleda. It's fantastic for his bottom. Very healing.
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I'm still dealing with it as well but it's not bad or intolerable. I've been taking GSE, probiotics, and swabbing my nipples and his mouth with a diluated GSE and water. I put a call into my midwife today to have her refer me to someone to get a prescription for diflucan. When it first started it was in my milk ducts and horribly painful. The GSE and swabbing with vinegar and water worked but it came back. This time it's not painful. I've read that you should only use GV if it's painful. Any advice?
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