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food allergies

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who's baby is having them, and what are you eliminating?
Wyatt is having them hard core. I assumed it was dairy like ds1 and got that out of my diet in a couple of days, (but obviously sticks in the system for awhile), but anyways, he's only getting worse. WHich means there are more. So I'm starting a complete elimination diet today Hopefully we will figure it out soon cuz baby is in bad shape. Lots of pain. I hate it for him, makes me and him feel terrible.
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I think Yann is sensitive to milk. If I drink more than one cup a day then Yann has gas and gets more baby acne and is cranky. Cheese and yogurt seem to be ok.
I'm wondering about tomatoes too. I ate a bunch od tomato sauce the other day and his skin broke out really bad and he farted all night long...
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We have eliminated dairy here. She is doing so much better. I have a son that is dairy sensitive. I was so hoping that she would not have it....

I too have also stopped eating anything w/ tomatoes.

Good luck mama!
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I eliminated dairy completely, and cannot believe the difference it made in DS's acne and painful gas.

What are you doing for a complete elimination diet? I mean, what are you eating, if you eliminate everything?

I do notice DS tooting more when I eat beans, but it doesn't seem to bother him at all. Just a lot of painless toots. Which is good, because I need to eat beans.

I'm interested to hear the tomato thing, I'll have to pay attention after I eat red sauce and see if it seems to affect him.

Am I the only person eating peanut butter? I can't figure out if I'm doing a bad thing or not.
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I eat peanut butter!
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i eat peanut butter too. i eat everything. we don't have any history of allergies, though.
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I have been eating peanut butter. I also was worried about a dairy allergy as Eavan is allergic but so far Dahlia doesn't seem to be having any problems with it. She does have acne right now but all my kids got in week 8 so I think it is just normal acne. Eavan's was terrible. She does have gas on occasion but never painful so I haven't worried about it. No eczema, no serious crying fits and no red butt ring so I am holding out hope for no dairy allergy. Oh and she also sleeps, something Eavan never did. Sorry for all those that are going through it. I have a lot of empathy/sympathy.
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my babe seems ok with everything expect maybe thai and curry?? but everything else she is cool with.

my third was my only allergy baby, and her's was to soy. she is 2.5 now and STILL has bowel issues with soy anything.
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ATD- What am I eating? Good question. I don't really know myself. Just trying to figure it out each day. Essentially though, I'm eating fresh veggies and fruits and lean meats. I did some more research on elimination diets and realized I'm only doing a protein elimination diet. So For 2-3 weeks there is no dairy, soy, wheat, eggs,peanuts,fish. I'm not really worried about chicken or turkey meat so I will continue to eat those. I'm mainly worried about soy and wheat at this point and I already know both boys have a dairy allergy.
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So far can't have garlic and peppers. Possibly not allergy related, just immature digestive tract.
My dh and I are the allergy king and queen, so I am keeping a close eye on this little guy.
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No dairy here. Ezri gets fussy and gassy when I have it. The 2 times I have slipped and eaten it (last night it was 2 mini candy bars), she vomits - not just spit up, full on vomiting. I'm sensitive to it too though so luckily I already know of all the good soy ice creams.

As far as peanut butter, I'm eating it. We don't have any family history though. For those don't do peanuts, Almond butter and Sunflower Seed butter are both very good.
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Our issue seems to be soy and it is much worse if I have large quantities - like a luna bar or two a day.
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I guess we're joining the club! We're cutting out dairy to see if there is any change. E had/has really bad baby acne, a fussy time (but it's the hour before bed usually - no matter if its the same as last night), and for the past 2 days he had green poop!

Oh well...guess I can lose that 30 pounds now that I can't eat my sweets!
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Does baby acne always mean a sensitivity? All my kids have had acne and a fussy hour. My dairy allergic baby had a super bad case of acne and was fussy round the clock. I thought some baby acne is normal. Does anyone's baby not ever get acne? I am having a really bad day and second guessing everything right now.
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Originally Posted by lactivist View Post
Does baby acne always mean a sensitivity? All my kids have had acne and a fussy hour. My dairy allergic baby had a super bad case of acne and was fussy round the clock. I thought some baby acne is normal. Does anyone's baby not ever get acne? I am having a really bad day and second guessing everything right now.
I'm : too.

I have read where people think the acne does get better after cutting out dairy. Also E has it all over his head and down his to his shoulders. (FWIW...Both of my older boys had it pretty bad too from what I remember and no allergy there.)

The fussy part I thought was "colic" (whatever that means!) not allergy related since he doesn't do it round the clock.

The green poop thing just started too. Only happened a couple of times...

I'm lost!
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Boy, gluten free is time consuming and expensive. At least at first. I had to buy all these flour substitutes..almond flour being $11.00. Of course I didn't have to buy that one, but I have a feeling I'll like that one best. I've read it adds a nice flavor to gluten free baked goods. I'm hoping to try out some bread recipes this weekend. I'm nervous though cuz so many ppl online say the breads are nasty. But i've found some good sites and some places where ppl have all kinds of baked goods that are gluten free recipes. I just wouldn't mind the occasional cookie. But at least some bread for almond butter and or jelly. I dunno, just seems like that is what I am missing the most.
I can tell my body is detoxing from all the stuff I'm not eating and then sure enough I read last night that gluten has an affect on the brain and you can have "withdrawal" symptoms from it. Feels to me somewhat like a caffiene or sugar withdrawal. Maybe after a couple of weeks i'll feel really good from not having any of this stuff in my system. It will be interesting to see.
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On the sensitivity-acne-colic thing: My babe's acne started weeks before the books say it should, and was so so bad: horrid whitehead-upon-whitehead from literally his chin, over his head, down his neck and onto his shoulders. He did scream at night for an hour or two, and you could tell he was in gas pain. It was just that kind of screaming pain. He also had the red ring around his bunghole.

After cutting out the dairy, the acne now just looks like normal baby acne. Some days it's almost completely gone. And the nighttime screaming is GONE. Sometimes a bit of over-tired fussing, but feeding and walking make him get right over that. But no in-pain screaming. It's incredible!

And it is definitely the dairy. Why? Two nights ago, I ate some frozen red beans and rice, which had been cooked in a fair amount of butter. Last night, almost exactly 24 hours later, the man was in serious gut pain. The screaming was back. We hadn't heard it in weeks! It was so sad - I did this to him!

He has green poops every now and then, and we initially thought it was because of the dairy. But ours are caused by the foremilk-hindmilk problem. If he only does a five-minute nibble, two hours later he will have a bright green poop. But if he eats for 10-15 minutes, we get the regular yellow-seed poops back.
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