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If only there were some way to take it back. Maybe I can write to the White House and say that I changed my mind, and I would like my vote back, and the results tabulated again, just in case it was my vote that made the difference.
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Well, I didn't vote in that one (there's a new confession for me, shhhhhh). By the time I got off work they knew he was winning in my state by a landslide. I was really sad, but was sicker about the fight that ensued.
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Another confession....

I too voted for George W. Bush and am PROUD of it and think his the RIGHT man for the job under present conditions.

I am for capital punishment & the second amendment.
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Greaseball, in your defense, there wasn't a really great selection to choose from!
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Leaving your baby in the car...

Last summer in the uk a Father left his baby sleeping in the car while he strolled 100 yds down to the beach, not for long he said- police where called and baby taken into care and the father faces a prison sentence.

Also recently a mother left her 2 sons in the car outside a friends house clearly within sight, for some reason a fire started in the car and both boys died as a result.

I know these are both rare and extreme cases but they do happen.

I am always more aware of what would happen If something happened to me - What would happen to the baby covered up in the car if you where run down by a truck or caught up in a robbery while collecting your dry cleaning or grabbing a quick coffee? Is it really worth it?
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Oh yeah, and I love things made with white flour.
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Laralou, they count votes BEFORE the polls are shut??? That is insane, for the very reason you didn't vote.
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Yes, they did. And I agree it is insane but seriously there was no way anyone other than GB would get Alabama. I normally would have voted anyway but I was really tired and had just had a really bad day at work.
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Here's my list....

I can't begin to tell you how excited I was to read through the postings and find I was not the only one who did some of these things.

Here's my list:
* Use dissposable diapers.
* Work full time.
* Use a stroller (though I used my sling when dd was younger.)
* Voted for Bush.
* Got dd vax.
* Own cell phone and use it.
* Drink diet coke for breakfast.
* Watch tv during the week. DD only watches Sesame Street on Sundays.
* Will not homeschool!!
* Eat meat.
* Don't buy organic stuff.
* DD and I wear coordinating outfits at least twice a week.

BUT here is my list of things I am proud of....
* DD has NEVER had a drop of formula.
* We're still bfing at 16.5 month and have no plans to stop
* Co-sleep
* TV stays off on weekends and dd, dh and I play all day long.
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Its not just me who aspires to an ideal parenting nirvana and misses not by inches but by feet!
I'm soooo glad I checked this thread (TY greaseball). I was feeling guilty that I am actually ENJOYING work after being home for 2 years......not like I need permission but how could I leave those two little angels and not want to run home the minute I got done work? Really, WTF is wrong with me?
I Love taco bell and sneak it when ever I can. I drink coffee loaded with 1/2 & 1/2 and sugar. I used to be a veggie, but when I got preg w/ DS I craved, of all things, hot dogs and sausage. Never lost the taste for it again.:
We watch LOTS of tv. I've admitted that on another thread tho....
I really enjoy all of your "company" and have always suspected you all were not perfect stepford ap mommies :LOL
You guys are the best!!!
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I never thought that the type of car you drive or the sort of diaper you put on your babies made you AP or Non AP. Same with the vaccs.....I thought that was more like a life style choice that may or may not have gone hand in hand with AP.
Isn't AP the way you treat your child? Or is it really a whole life changing thing? Must I stop vaccing my kids to be truely AP? (not that I would, since I belive they are best for my kids...no arguement or offence intended here!) Are some of us MORE ap than others...a la animal farm (some animals are more equal than others?)? I dont want to cause an arguement or stir things up....just wondering if I should hand in my ap parent card:LOL
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I understand AP to mean things like baby-wearing, co-sleeping, not letting them CIO, being a SAHM, and nursing.

While I have some pretty strong opinions about circumcision, I don't really think it has anything to do with being AP. Same for cloth diapers.

Also, on the "Militant Breastfeeding Cult" assessment of whether you can consider yourself a member, it asks things like "Do you use cloth diapers" and "Is your son uncircumcised". I don't really think either of those things have to do with bfing.
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Gosh I hate labels. i think it's possibly because the whole AP thing has got to do with treating your children with respect & love so not circumcising is an extension of that. Cloth diapering is as well coz of all the evil chemicals in disposibles & I s'pose also the whole tread lightly on the earth thing. I love my baby & I love the earth. It should be her home long after it's not mine anymore so I owe it to her to do as much as I can to make it a better place. If you get what I mean. So whilst they may not be strictly within the dictionary definition of AP, if there even is one, they are a logical extension of it.

I love this thread. I'm starting to feel like a saint & it's not often that that happens
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HMMM....so I use cloth diapers, only BF and my son is uncirced...I guess I can keep my membership :LOL
I work only 5 months a year (except the last 2 years)....Where does that leave me? DD and DS are never with anyone other than us, and DH works only PT now......
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I think you can ap even if you work. Not working just makes it easier.
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I leave the water running when I brush my teeth and wash dishes.

And I still listen to Marilyn Manson!
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I just had to jump in here too...

here is my list..
*Marilyn Manson is on my celebrity crush list and I also still listen to lots of heavy metal/hard rock
*use disposables
*eat way more junk food than I should
*have cell phone and use it frequently
*have a tv in every room, and usually at least one is on at all times
*I love the mall
*spend a lot of time doing my hair, and a lot of money on my endless search of the perfect hair care products
*will not step out of the house without at least foundation, lipstick and blush on

* I never let ds CIO
* We don't actually cosleep, but he does sleep next to us in his crib
* Ds never had formula or a bottle
* I baby wore ds
* We are doing baby led weaning
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I love these threads, I always feel much more comfortable here after reading them.

Greaseball, you crack me up, and I like the smell of gasoline too.

Should anyone care to see my confessions, they will have to go digging in the archives
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A five year old thread bump? Wow, you win some sort of prize. Last time I bumped an old thread, it got closed.
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