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Product/Service name:
Gee Art by Gee Guides.

Brief description of product/service:

This is an online art program with a years worth of lessons that has a broad age appeal. My son is getting a lot out of it at six years old, and I am learning tons as an adult as well. (I imagine it would be great for around 8-14 years old. ) It is so much fun! This is not a dry art "curriculum". This is an engaging modern way to teach kids of this generation in a way that will really stick. The children are exposed to lots of famous artists, ideas, meanings in art through adorable animated characters that talk to each other and joke around.

This program also comes with a copy of Corel Painter Essentials to do the doArt challenges that come at the end of every lesson. The children also have the option to complete the doArt challenges with traditional media.

Store/Site of purchase:


How long have you used this product/service?
Three months
Great program, management of account and downloading Corel Painter a little cumbersome.

Solid A. Not A+ Because initial set-up not very intuitive.

Customer Service/Communication:

Have not used yet, but due to the management of the account and initial set up procedures I think some people who aren't tech savvy might need some help at first.

Would you purchase this product/service again?

Have you made a complaint to the company about the product/service? If yes, please provide details of any resolution or lack thereof.
No, but I almost did, because I had to figure out some account and set up procedures that were a little difficult.

Additional Comments:

Don't let the downloading/set-up/management issues scare you. This program is fun and educational and entertaining. One note that might help a newbie: The account manager can access and even complete the lessons, but it won't save to the student. You have to set-up a student account under the account manager and log in to lessons with that information.

I give it (How many thumbs up out of five?):