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What's on your to do list?

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A good idea from the December ddc (and they took it from the November ddc): http://mothering.com/discussions/sho...d.php?t=729502

I have major pregnancy brain. I come up with the best ideas and completely forget them four minutes later. Maybe if we write down what needs to be done, it won't be forgotten? And we can come back and add to our lists when we finally remember what goes on them ?

Here's my list right now:

- register at the hospitaldone
- make sure all library materials on my card are returned by December (I racked up HUGE fines when dd came along, because returning library books just didn't seem important anymore!)mostly done, just have a prenatal yoga video and book out
- declutter, declutter, declutter; organize, organize, organize whatever.....
- bring houseplants inside done
- wash the newborn and 0-3 month sized clothes (waiting for dp to bring in the changing table before I do that)done
- buy and install carseat bought, and dp will install it before we bring the baby home
- buy postpartum herbsdone
- maybe make a list of things to do for dp, for the post-partum period - things i usually do around the house that may get overlooked (water plants, for example) letting this one go... realizing that he'll figure it all out
- set up the changing table done
- knit a few soakers, weave in ends on knit babylegs and baby sweater, knit at least one more baby hat 75% done, but then i keep starting new projects!
- finish hemming cloth wipes and wash them
- pack hospital bag done, with a list of last minute items to grab attached
- buy heavy duty maxi pads for post-partumdone
- make thank-you cards in progress
- christmas presents!! (dd is done, but we don't buy her much anyway, the rest of the family gets into that - I'm trying to knit presents when I can)that was SO last week...
- submit my maternity leave paperwork to hr, and start making a plan for my mat. leave replacement (determine what I'll get done before leave and what will need to be done while I'm away)as done as it's going to be
- find back-up plan for dd while I'm in labor (I have plan A and plan B, but want a plan C (for daytime) and D (for overnight) just in case) done
- make a list of names and numbers for post-delivery phone calls; then delegate! done

: I have a feeling I could go on and on here!!!!! I'll have to come back and organize this so it's not a jumble. Maybe now that I'm writing it all out I won't have insomnia anymore ? Please tell me I'm not the only crazy person with a long list running through her head all the time!

feeling like SUCH a slacker... i've hardly made any progress on this stuff!
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my list is still mainly just "freak out". My apartment is so cluttered, we need to make room somewhere for a toddler bed I think, I guess I'll try to clear out one of my daughter's dresser drawers for the baby? Get all the newborn diapers/clothes back from storage...Yikes! Knit everyone's Christmas present because we don't have any money...
Sweet talk someone into buying me a new sling...
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I love lists
-Refinish floors (this is in process, but not totally finished yet. We are currently not living at home so they can get done)
-Paint paneling
-Organize room
-Figure out something with the dogs.
-closet doors hung
-New windows in our bedroom
-Clean wood stove
-Get ducts cleaned

That is all I can think of for now. I guess it is more like a house list then a baby list. The house has to do ready for the baby though!
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What a great idea!! I had completely forgotten about the list of names/numbers of people to call.

Mine is:

- finish going through old baby clothes - wash and figure out what else is needed
- hang some more hooks above changing table
- Register for baby shower
- Make up "how to" lists - similiar to the previously mentioned "to do" list - basically little instructions on how to do certain things so other people can do them - ie. how to work washing machine, diaper washing routine, how to feed dog/cats
- stock up on essentials - toilet paper, laundry detergent, dish detergent, etc.
- Have a cooking party - to make a bunch of meals for the freezer
- Get some new toys, books, etc. for DS1
- Get driver's license renewed
- Get pets up to date on rabies shots

I am sure there is more but that is what I have so far . . . :
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My problem isn't that I forget, it's that I procrastinate until I absolutely have to do whatever it is which means I usually do a half-assed job.

Anyways, my list...
-File name change papers
*Notify insurance co.,bank,employer, etc. of name change
-Apply for medicaid for baby (my insurance won't cover him)
-Apply for WIC
-Pack labor bag
-Buy the rest of Little Guy's gear
-Buy Little Guy's clothes
-Talk to HR about Maternity leave
-Set $ aside to pay bills during mat. leave
-Defer enrollment
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Ohhhh....my list! Let's see if I can remember it all

Take (and pass) my psychology boards Thursday.

Organize office/nursery/messy 3rd room still full of boxes since move 3m ago.

Complete x-mas shopping and wrap everything by 12/1. Send out x-mas packages to out of towners.

Re-organize dd's closet and get all winter stuff out.

Organize food stores in the basement (now just in bags from when we got cans/boxes on sale).

Read birthing books. Look into birthing classes/register/find childcare.

Write my Mat. Leave letter for work. Finalize plans for training replacement/transfering cases and supervisees.

More immediate plans include:

Buying tablecloth I signed up to bring to dd's daycare Halloween party tomorrow.

Finish all the dishes, make dinner, clean dishes again in preparation for Halloween "company" (trick-or-treat pal for dd w/fam).

Go get dd from daycare.

Study, study, study and study some more tonight.

Try to get a good night's sleep (preferably including some stretching/yoga before bed).
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Cool thread. Maybe this will help me get organized.

1) finish renovating main floor powder room (it has been without a sink for 3 or 4 months.

2) buy a minivan

3) wash and organize baby stuff

4) figure out what else we need for the baby

5) get cradle back

6) check expiration date on infant carseat and if necessary get a new one

7) declutter house in general

8) finish Christmas shopping

9) figure out what I need for labour/post partum and get it

10) meet with doula

I am sure there is more, but I have to think about it and add.
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Oh, I hope this helps because I really need to get moving on these things!!

-Finish getting birth kit together
-Clean and organize toy room to make way for a dresser and changing table.
-Declutter and do massive, desperately needed, in depth cleaning of house
-Hook up wood burning stove (when we can come up with the money anyway )
-Find and wash all baby clothes and diapers.

......oh, and make and freeze meals for postpartum
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Aside from just trying to get the day-to-day cleaning and laundry done, these are the big things on my list:

DS's room:

*weed toy collection (there will be more stuff coming for Xmas and his birthday)

*gather up and sell outgrown clothing or store until appropriate season, THEN sell.

*Declutter his closet

*hang new elfa shelving in his closet (needs to wait until Container Store has their annual December sale)

Baby's room:

*Hang curtains
*Hang new elfa shelving in closet
*Put together dresser for the back of her closet

Our room:

*clean out master closet to make room for stuff that came out of baby's closet

Various things to sell on ebay and/or craigslist.

Oh yeah...and I was really wanting to get a stash of freezer meals going, but the surgery seems to have derailed that.
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To-do list? Whassat? :P
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Bigger list than I hoped for
-feed the freezer
-buy a carseat
-write a letter of resignation : yeah, I know, should have done that a long time ago
-PACK! maybe...If we get he house, then yes, PACK!
-ask about a doula at the hospital I using. Now that I know where I'm giving birth :
-buy baby clothes, cloth diapers, some toiletries for baby. and wash said items.
-clean apt, then house. :
-declutter, purge, sell, give away extra stuff we won't need.
-talk to doctor about birth plans
-meet the doula!
-go X-mas shopping, birthday shoppingx2
-thats all I remember for now

*whine-whimper-groan* why are we moving before I give birth....Again?
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I love lists, and more than that, I love the feeling of crossing things off lists! I have mine all on a yellow legal pad, so I won't waste your time by re-posting them here. BUT I am planning to read all your lists to get good ideas (like the library book thing and making lists for DH or my mom to check- things like houseplants).
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Kegels - 200 per day
Walk - every other day 30-45 minutes.. not necessarily consecutive
Water - 64+ oz. per day
Probiotics - daily
Vit. C - daily


Tour Backup Hospital

Haircut for Raymond DONE

Haircut for Alex DONE

Install Gate at Bottom of Stairs (where little man ripped it off lmao)

Get rest of boxes and stuff from our old house

Create a homeschool resource book so I have 1 place to find everything I need for everything homeschool related

Take pictures of kids artwork so I can toss some stuff

Clean Out Van DONE

Bring in diaper bag from van and put in Nathan's room DONE

Wash slings & mei tais and put in Nathan's room

Return library books - 11/14 DONE

Babyshower - 11/18 DONE

Exchange shower gifts that we wont use DONE

Send Thank You notes DONE

Christmas Shop DONE

Go through Raymonds clothes & weed through sizes DONE

Go through Arianna's clothes & weed through sizes DONE

Go through Alex's clothes & weed through sizes DONE

Apply for WIC

Apply for Medicaid DONE

Call Early Intervention about Raymonds auditory sensory/perception issue DONE

Call Early Steps about Alex's speech delay DONE

Weed through toys

Send list of toys to family for Christmas Wish Lists

Sterilize pump and put in Nathan's room DONE

Hang calendar in computer room

Hang calendar in Raymonds room

Move Alex's crib to Ari's room DONE

Move playpen to playroom

Bring bookcase in from garage and set up and anchor to wall in living room

Organize toys DONE

Take boxes of crap toys to garage DONE

Bring up Ari's dresser & nightstand

Hang Raymonds Shelf

Buy & Hang shelves in Ari's room

Buy & Hang shelves in Nates room

Get photo albums for pictures

Order birth supplies - 11/25 DONE

Create chore chart for Raymond

Create Daily checklists for myself DONE

Get more kids hangers and hang clothes that have been in piles for months lol DONE


Organize computer desk/room DONE

Set up baby gear DONE

Organize built in shelves in computer room

Hang pictures

Get Birth Kit together - 12/25

Finish Christmas shopping - 12/15 DONE

Rearrange Raymonds room to fit his new desk DONE

Find baby monitor receiver

Move baby monitor base to Nathans room

Babyproof Raymonds room so the littles can play in there

Babyproof Ari's room so they cant destroy it lol DONE

Babyproof Nathans room

Check baby "needs" list

Have last sonogram - 12/15 DONE

Wash baby clothes - after 12/15 just in case

Order diapers - 12/20

Make list of emergency numbers - 12/25

Make list of who to call after birth - 12/25

Make list of birth announcement addresses - 12/25

Get arts/crafts, etc.. ready for birth and postpartum so my parents can keep my littles occupied - 12/20

Get stains out of any diapers and clothes that need them out lol

Sell/Give Away crap toys

Take Belly Shot - 12/15 DONE

Take Belly Shot - 12/25

Type & Print list of NO NO's in case of hospital transfer (no vit. k, no eye ointment, no hep b, etc...) 12/20 DONE

Find place for PKU test - 12/15

Make Big Bro Shirt for Raymond - 12/20

Make Big Bro Shirt for Alex - 12/20

Make Big Sis Shirt for Ari - 12/20

Make Lil Bro Shirt for Nathan - 12/20

Deep Clean house - 12/20


Double check baby needs list - 1/10

Double check birth supply list and be sure kit is ready and accessible - 1/10

Install carseats - 1/10

Belly Shot - 1/10

Belly Shot - 1/24


Bassinet DONE
2 Blankets DONE
Receiving Blanket 4 pk.
2 Closet Organizers DONE
2 Door Organizers DONE
10 pk.'s of hangers DONE
2 Sheet Savers DONE
Hamper DONE
4 Towels DONE
6pk. of washcloths DONE
2 bottles of alcohol
2 bottles of hydrogen peroxide DONE
plastic sheet DONE
3 shower curtain liners DONE
large rubbermaid storage box DONE
small rubbermaid storage box
2 pk's of sanitary pads
20 chux pads DONE
2 cord clamps DONE
kleenprinter DONE
peri bottle DONE
tape measure DONE
footprinter DONE
birth certificate keepsake DONE
5 cold sanitary pads DONE
periclens DONE
rescue remedy DONE
24 preemie prefolds
6 nb covers
75-100 wipes (3 in diapers lol) DONE
20 small hemp inserts
diaper sprayer
3 snappis
3 wipe sprays
18 small fuzzi bunz
3 xl pail liners
4 babylegs
4 pk's of trumpette socks
robeez boots
robeez turtle shoes DONE

OKAY,,,, sorry this was really long.. im hoping that by my posting this.. it will force me to do it all lol.. AND maybe even help someone else remember something they need to do in the meantime lol..

edited to mark off what i did today... amazing what you can get done when family comes into town to stay the night.. i did a serious deep clean on my home today... i really think ive hit nesting though because I have been gung-ho on cleaning and organizing and stuff the past 3 days lol

oh and im adding my complete list i made today of things i want done and when i want them done by so Im just gonna retype the whole thing

edited to mark off stuff.. yeah so we are seriously not on track of what needs to be done but I had a stomach bug this weekend and now Im trying to rehydrate.. aghh

Went and did some shopping and ordering with baby shower money today lol.. felt great! so pretty much everything that I did today was because of shopping woohoo
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Ooh, fun. And reading this reminds me of all the stuff we still have to do...

- write list what needs to go into the labor box and buy missing stuff
- pack labor box
- write list what needs to go into the hospital bag
- pack hospital bag
- wash newborn clothes and diapers
- order some Snappis
- prepare announcement cards
- build a bed for DS : and move him to said bed
- make up "how to" lists (great idea!)
- buy infant carseat
- buy a 2nd H cup nursing bra
- buy DH's Yule present
- make a list of Christmas/Yule presents to be bought
- finish the downstairs bathroom! :
- declutter, declutter, declutter
- find an acceptable boy name

I'm pretty sure I forgot about half, but wth.
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I've done exactly nothing to prepare for this birth. I have the best intentions, but I haven't gotten around to doing any of it! I've got to be more productive this month. My list:

* Clean out baby's room (it is our extra/storage room right now)
* Buy a co-sleeper, swing, bouncer, car seat, sling, breast pump, bottles, etc.
* Sew diaper stash of newborns/smalls
* Crochet/knit baby blanket, mittens, hats, and socks

I'm sure there is more but this is what I can think of right now.
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I got a bunch of stuff done this weekend. I am so excited - I love crossing stuff off.

Actually most of what I got done will lead me to *eventually* cross things off - bought new shelves for nursery (will help me organize); bought new bed setup (this will be a biggie taken care of once it gets delivered).
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so little time to go and so little done... i have a baby shower on monday, which will maybe get me a little closer to crossing off some stuff i didn't even put on my list (bottles for pumping, stuff like that...). maybe after that shower i'll be more inspired to get the thank you cards going, since i'll have some use for them.

i can register for the hospital online, so maybe i get to that this weekend - it's not hard!

i did fill out a lot of my hr paperwork, and had my midwife office fill out their part, it's just a matter of calling hr and ensuring that i have everything i need put togther and then sending it in.

i did go to the library and took a huge bag full of books/cds/etc back, but then i checked out a ton more stuff (including several novels... you know, for all that spare time i have...), but it's not december yet, so i'm still ok with that.

i'm putting off the carseat until i hear more from a family friend who said she wanted to help out with that purchase.

just wanted to update so i don't forget to do these things!
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I have a ton of stuff to do left, I have it organized into weeks. Unfortunately I've done all the fun stuff like wash and organize baby clothes, and just have the crappy stuff left, like organizing cupboards. The most important one is to come up for a name for this babe, though!
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how did i miss this thread?

ok...... here goes......

-pack hospital bag...... i know.... who wants a hospital birth? i want a new bathrobe & slippers for it though!
-find "take me home outfit" for baby
-declutter (we were supposed to do yesterday) but never did :
-clean out "baby's room" which is just for show, but right now, and for the past year has been a storage room!
-register with L&D
-get together list of names, people to call
-make a spare key, so friend can let the dog out while in labor
-get our Christmas tree up
-throw out/sell/donate useless stuff
-buy a breastpump (just in case)
-buy a sling
-wash baby car seats
-tackle the overflowing laundry
-get Thanksgiving dinner put together/organized/baked.
-I need a freezer stash...... anyone wanna help
-clean out walk in closet thats impossible to walk in
-send out Christmas cards
-buy/put together a baby book with u/s photos and belly shots
-OH WAIT..... I dont have any belly shots.... 33 weeks today, and you still wouldnt be able to tell Im even pregnant 1/2 the time (really depends on what I wear) make a point for at least 1 every week from here on out!:

I guess..... I can come back and add/check off as I think and do!
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my list is pretty small. (or so i thought, lol)

-finish christmas shopping
-finish christmas sewing
-finish off birth supplies
-buy new car
-set up amby hammock
- buy a couple bravado nursing tanks if no one buys them for me for christmas, lol.
-oh, and figure out how to take nice pictrues with the dslr
-oh! and start making freezer meals (but not until after christmas)
-yeah, find a name for this kid!
-and pick dh from deployment THIS MONTH!!!
-get our taxes pre-filled out online so that when the w-2's and bank stuff shows up online, i can just fill in the #s & e-file.

haha ... i'm going to edit this 15 times, it seems ....
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