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Reassurance needed

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DS is my third baby but the first child I've chosen not to vax on schedule.

He has a horrible persistent cough and he's thrown up (rather violently) twice today and I think it's been from the coughing both times. I'm paranoid. Beside myself, to be honest. Is this pertussis? Did I make my baby sick because I didn't get his shots? What if what if what if?

How do you deal with this when baby gets sick and it seems like more than a cold? I'm worried...and ...well. That's it, I guess.
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my son has thrown up from coughing.
It was a nasty cough and then of course it went away. maybe lasted a day or two. it was not pertussis.
there is more on this thread that might be of interest:


i'm so sorry your ds is sick. I'm sending a good thought that he wakes up tomorrow feeling better.
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My kids had bad coughs for about 2-3 weeks back in december.Sure you wonder what it is,and you can have cultures done to find out(maybe),but for the most part I just dealt with the symptoms of the illness,and reminded the kids a little illness helps make your immune system stronger. There are plenty of treatment ideas over at healthy.net.I usually start off with vitC and echinacea.
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My dd had pertussis at 6 mo and i went through the guilt feeling as well. IF it is there isnt anything you can do any how so just start supporting his immune system with some VIT c it was essential in healing us and homeopathy works great as well.

Many many people get pertussis. I actually think i had it 4 yrs ago now thinking back i coughed for 8 weeks and broke 3 ribs doing it and whooped and coughed till i threw up. But lots of kids throw up from coughing. My dd sounded classic and i compair her cough to this one WWW.WHOOPINGCOUGH.ORG she sounded just like this. All kids dont hae the WHOOP sound either so i have been told.

I now hear children coughing all the time and KNOW its pertussis its a sound you never forget. But since most kids are vaxed today they tell you its something else. I was behind a women in line with a 4 yr old coughing his head off I just knew what he had you could hear the whoop I said to BOY he sounds BAD she said yeah Dr just said he had 100 day cough and gave me this Script right here. I said HMM sounds more like WHooping cough to me and turned my buggy and went to another lane.

But if it is PErtussis there is lots of support here and threads on how to treat it. Id start with Vit C (sodium ascorbate).

best of luck
speedy healing
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I know it's so hard to watch your child get sick with anything, but especially when they are small. Coughs can be scary, especially.

My daughter always throws up when she has a bad cough. It's actually the only way she gets the mucus out of her. She has a pretty sensitive stomach. It's almost a relief to me when she throws up, because I know she's turned the corner and is going to get better, as she's clearing the mucus.

I know she hasn't had whooping cough, because my son had it, and I know what it sounds like, and what it's like. Plus I had it, despite have five different shots of DTP in my life.

My son did catch his case of it in August, when he was about 18 months old and he had it till mid October. I caught mine in February and had it until the end of April. It was around for about 12 weeks total, with the worst of it the first two weeks, and then the cough just kind of hung on for about nine weeks after that.

Although the 'worst' wasn't that bad for ds. My son coughed a lot but he didn't have a whoop, and he never threw up. Nor did he have a noticeable fever. He played and did all his usual things. The cough was usually only rough at night.

I, on the other hand coughed so hard I'd be either doubled over or on the floor, and I gagged up crap every time. For months afteward every time there was an irritant around me, especially cigarette smoke, I would start to hack. Ds had a much easier time of it.

Vitamin C and echinachea really worked on ds. I took a lot of vitamin C and zinc, when I had it.

When/if the kids do catch something that there is a vax for, be gentle with yourself. The vaxed diseases are still around, despite the shots. Vaxed kids get diseases they are vaxed for just like unvaxed kids do. You are not a bad mother.

Wishing your ds health and healing...
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Ah, so if you're vaccinated, it's the 100 day cough,

if you're unvaccinated, it's whooping cough.


Good idea getting in another line.

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