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s Mamas my heart goes out to all of you.

But in particular, mamamoo ~ I went through a massive (and massively *messy*) separation last year around this time of year, and... it was incredibly draining. I am so so sorry you're going through this.
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Oh mamamoo, I am so sorry to hear what a jerk your husband has become. I hate it when people do this to their spouse and children.
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Originally Posted by Belleweather View Post
Am I the only person whose toddler has just INTENSE growth spurts? DS was fine in his 2Ts and fitting into his medium diaper covers for months. Then he goes on this spurt where he'll wake up, eat everything in sight, and then nap the entire afternoon and want an early bedtime. I swear, the kid woke up two inches taller yesterday... AND, to make everything worse, now his diaper covers barely velcro around his belly and have terrible 'plumbers crack'. We need larger covers, stat, and I can't seem to find his size on the TP or diaperswappers. I'm all extra mad at ebay for their dumb CD policies now, 'cause I know I could have found them on there. :

Also, DH is now convinced he wants to go back to school. He's got a good program in mind (Physican's Assistant) and would finally qualify for instate tuition but... ugh, with all our student loans, I just don't know what to think about taking on even MORE, you know?
My oldest would do growth spurts like that. Always amazed me. Do PAs get paid well? Are they used much? Have you used Miracle Diapers. They helped me.
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thanks mamas. I just don't understand...he is a different person than I know.

everyone hang in there!!!
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I've tried the Care Credit thing before... but I have horrific credit, and I have to be honest and say that there's no way i'd be able to pay it back in the time allotted... especially since I need soooo much work that I'd be about 1/3 of the way through it before bills started coming in. I've looked into other things, but there's a huge dental crisis around here, and the waiting list even for people who need a ton of work is about two years long... I couldn't even figure out how to add myself to the list.

Our food stamps were cancelled this summer when the year-long review came up... and my case worker had been fired, but I wasn't assigned to a new one. Apparently I fell out of the system entirely, because I didn't get so much as a letter saying "Hey, your case worker has been fired, come get a new one." : Of course, when the food stamps went, so did the kids' medicaid. Then mike got fired at the beginning of August-- the *day before* Bean and BooBah had their dental appointments. Not only did we get the (fantastic) news that BeanBean had *FIVE* cavities (that they could see- his mouth wasn't big enough for the littlest x-ray films) and would need to be sedated, but we had to pay out of pocket for the kids' check-ups. If they'd managed to do the x-rays, that would have been more but it was "only" $68, and of course we couldn't afford to get the kid's teeth fixed because that was another $800 and he doesn't have dental insurance anymore. : I still haven't managed to re-apply for the food stamps; Something comes up each time I try.

So, we're getting by on unemployment and disability, WIC and the food bank. Except that I can't find the PIN to file the unemployment claim and I can't remember it... so I can't file the claim for the past two weeks. I'm so bloody scared and I can't even call mike and tell him, because he's at his parent's house and the cellphone is entirely missing. I wasn't really sure how things could get worse but they just did. It's been cold, and we ran out of oil back in August, I think... we've been putting kerosene into the tank to keep it from shutting off entirely (our hot water runs through the furnace, so we need to have it on all bloody year long) but now it's cold and I just have to be thankful that the kids are like their father and unbelievably warm blooded. We need to move, and he needs to get a job but... I have no idea what's going to happen. I feel like I'm moving through molasses and I just can't stand anything. I'll probably ask for drugs next time I see the doctor. I hate what they do to me, but... I'm totally not functional and I ran out of flax seed oil and florivital ages ago and of course we can't get more any time soon.

I just wanted to declutter and stuff... you know get rid of baby clothing because this is the last one, and clear my head and such. But the whole world started to fall to pieces when I started getting rid of things, and I still feel the need to do it and I still feel like I'm at a loss. I guess I should be glad that I have mike around, but I kind of don't want to be with him. We'll stay in the same house and raise the kids together, we're still friends and we get along well, but there's just nothing between us. I'm glad he's not a total a******, though... that would make things a lot worse, I guess.

I have to go look for that PIN again and pray i find it in the next 15 minutes, because if I don't we're kind of completely screwed on paying the electric bill... :
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eilonwy, I know how hard it is to do something about your situation when it feel like you are stuck in quicksand. Did you find the PIN yet? Maybe you can get a new PIN online? If you don't file will you lose the enemployment? Can you go on Monday to apply for FS again. It sounds like you really need them.
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Couldn't read and not respond

I lurk on this thread and am in a similar boat recently to all of you.
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Originally Posted by Thystle View Post
Do any of you need baby boy or little boy clothes?

All my friends have had girls lately, and I have boy stuff I am hanging onto for a good use.

I can mail...
What size for a little boy?
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Belleweather: My DH had looked into a PA program and the job once you graduate pays pretty well. I don't know if y'all are interested but there is a program that will pay back all you student loans if you serve in a poor area. My husband ended up not doing it because his BS degree had "expired" (according to the school he was looking at your science classes from undergrad were only valid for 7 years) so it would taken longer for him to get a degree.

Mamamoo I am so sorry about everything. How are you children doing with it all?

Things I am thankful for right now:

1. I got seven hours over time which gave me an extra hundred bucks on my paycheck.

2. It's cold but not so cold that I have to turn the heater on yet.

3. Working at WF really has helped my grocery budget.

BTW do any of y'all live in WI? I am looking at applying for a job there, but not sure how I feel moving out there.
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I live in Wisconsin, in an area that recently opened (about a year now) a whole foods.

What would you like to know??
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The kids are doing ok...they are sooo sad, and don't understand the choices he is making. They are confused a lot about why he says he'll come and then not show up, or why he never calls them. It breaks my heart to watch them suffer because of his selfishness.

I am going to get them into counseling though, I hope that'll help.

I am trying to figure out how to get my transmission lokoed at/fixed. I can not be without a car all winter, and my husband has backed out of giving up half his overtime like he said he would, yet again. He gave me a whopping $25 of it even though he worked on one of the days he was supposed to have the kids without even letting me know in advance, just called about 3 hours into it. Grr...

I also have my two sons' birthdays to buy for this month,a nd probably no extra money. I wish I weren't so dependant on the child support. I wish he realized that his kids DESERVE to benefit when he gets overtime too...why can't he just do what's right? If I were in his shoes I would be spending every free moment with my kids, and giving them the things they need.
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I'd like to join you all..

This week has sucked! I broke my front tooth last weekend, so I had to have that fixed on monday. And today was the first snowfall and my are horrible, so there goes another big chunk of change. The only way I was able to afford these big items was on my emergency CC, and now its full and it took me a year to pay it off in the first place.

Im thankful that I went grocery shopping and we have food for the month.
Im thankful that with the change in pay periods, plus inventory that we have to do on sunday, I will not lose anything off of thise cheque for the two days I had off this week cuz of teeth and daycare issues.
Im thankful that I have teeth. and internet!
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good morning mamas

checking in.....my neighbors came in through the back gate last night and left it open, SO (i didn't notice) the dogs got out! I know where Pip goes.....7-11 for hotdogs! But Stella is about as bright as a sack of rocks and not street savvy at all. So I spent over an hour in the neighborhood yelling "STELLA"! Its really comical. Everyone should name their dog stella just for the fun of yelling it I even rented 'a streetcar......' to get it down!

I need to eek out some gratitude here
1.my neighborhood and the people in it
3. i am SO grateful that the pooches didn't get hit while on the run. i was so scared

Its november and my financial aid hasn't come in yet. its getting disheartening. but when it comes in i'm going to get my car fixed so I can save oodles of time and maybe get a little part time job. even an extra 50bucks a week would make such a huge difference, but spending so much time walking and waiting for the bus makes it impossible to budget time for a job.
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3 things I'm grateful for today:

- Time off! DH has the kids at his parents until tomorrow evening. I'm going to spend today scrapbooking, getting caught up on stuff online, & in general just being lazy. Tomorrow I'll work on a few household projects (Like digging through our mess of a garage to find the 18 mo clothes that are stored there for DD2...the poor kid doesn't have any pants or shirts left that aren't too short!).

- DH -- I feel totally blessed to have such a loving, supportive hubby. :

- My Mom, who gives us SOOOO much support. She rocks! We live on my family's property, which is why we're able to survive on DH working PT while he goes to school. He'd still be doing school, but it would take so much longer if he could only go nights. She's also so great about presents. Mom is a practical gift giver. She always asks what we *need*, which is wonderful because while we can cover the basics the extras are hard. It really, really, really helps that we can rely on her to get the kids lessons, or homeschooling stuff, or something practical we need around the house (like a new back door for our anniversary last month).
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YAY, janerose!! Enjoy your time off!

ediesmom, , that is soooo funny about your dog. I'm glad they were ok.
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Question - didn't I read in this very thread maybe a few months back that WIC cannot bug you or reject you over vaccines? DD is sort of vaccinated, but I refused the last two and they did tell me that I will have to bring a shot record.
My oldest died from a reaction to the DTaP and we almost lost his twin to it as well. Needless to say, the surviving DS and our DDs are not vaccinated. We've never had a problem with WIC and I did, in fact, tell them why we don't vaccinate. They said they didn't blame me and told me about the exemptions I can use for school I already use a religious exemption for DS but it was still nice for them to be helpful like that instead of looking at me like I'm a monster or something. All WIC offices are different though. Legally they can't refuse you but that doesn't mean they won't give you crap about it.
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If you get WIC in PA, what do they do when you take your babe in? DS is 8MO, and the last time he went and they wanted to see him was when he was about 2MO. I don't think they pricked him for anything then, or I'd remember it. Do they prick the babes at all? I've heard they do an iron stick, and I know they did one when I was pg. But I don't want them sticking DS if I can help it. We're going to have enough trouble since we're not vaxing. But I have a paper printed and will sign it, saying we object on religious grounds, and also that vax status isn't tied to WIC benefits, from the USDA. So we should be ok. But it's still a major PITA! On that note, what do you have to do to get off WIC, even if you still qualify?
Thanks for your help, mamas!
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Thystle, do you have any 9-12MO sleepers and/or onesies? Or other 9-12MO winter boy clothes? I could use some if you don't mind.
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eilonwy, doesn't your state or even your oil company have a program for low-income people? Putting keroseen (sp?) in an oil tank is... a bad idea... (We rent and would get kicked out if we did that... says so in our lease... I guess they had trouble when the last tenants did that!) Try to get oil ASAP. Not having it can open up cans of worms I don't like to think about... It seems like we "low-income" people have to be more careful about everything! If we temporarily don't have food, elec., heat, water, ANYTHING, we have to think/worry about whom we tell, b/c if you tell the wrong people, CPS will find it necessary to make a visit... As if we don't have enough problems...!
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