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Colorful - that sounds really awful, and very MIDDLE school, not even high school. What kind of women are they? From your descriptions, I would stay away.

Anyone else feeling major movements? Like total body parts are just moving. I totally don't relate to that "they move less as you progress towards 40 weeks" because this baby is moving a lot.

I think I might have felt some drop/lightening because I was going up an escalator and felt really light. Sometimes I feel like the baby's not there, but then I look down, or I lie down and that's easily changed!

I'm craving total carbs and sweet, junky fruit punch.

Saw our local hospital today; very nice but I'll stick with the homebirth plan.
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Hi mums!!

gosh, I can't believe how fast this thread has been moving!! Have been busy since late last week with visitors n all dat. SO EXHAUSTED!!!

Wooby, I just can't keep on top like you do, how do you manage?! Fess up, you have some special vitamins?? or special powers??

Kaje, I hope you will work with the mw you prefer!! Keepin' fingers crossed! And sorry abt your car, we've been thr that too, it sucks!!

MamaSoleil, I bow to you!! I can barely sweep the floor n there you are MOWING!! You are going to have an awesome labour, I bet!!

uh, n who's there mentioning all those sweets?! I have been binging on ice-cream and chocolates- no good!! I have to stop!! Help!!!

oh, and who else is still fitting in their maternity clothes??!! Mine are all too tight already! Yikes! I've gained 30lbs so far.... and everyone looks at my tightly stretched clothes and tell me, "I think you are having your baby soon!" ack! I don't like that! I am 37 weeks, and I want to give birth at 40 weeks, there's still too much to be done! BUT it's really depressing not having clothes to wear, kind of embarassing you know?? Like, I am some greedy preggie, or smth like that??!!
My herbalist only gained total 12.5 lbs andher baby was almost 10 lbs!! How do pple do that?!

ok, enough abt myself...... I do hope everyone is doing as well as they cld, stay cool mums!!

Barb, I'm sorry to hear those awful comments made abt your birth pics. Just ignore them!! They are not worthy of any investment of your time or emotions. The best revenge is to stay happy, POST MORE BEAUTIFUL PICS OF YOUR FAMILY, and simply ignore their miserable existence!!

ok, I better go....
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CM~That is so juvenile, and I agree, I would fully stay away from those types of people!!!!
DreamWeaver~I've been living in dresses for the last two wks, I am so sick of wearing them, and yet I have no choice, my other mat clothes barely fit either, and are just plain not comfy!!!
I'm wearing a pad(for periods) which I can't remember last time I wore one!!! I'm trying to see just how much I am leaking, today my undies have been wet all day...so I decided to try and see how much is coming out...it's clear as clear can be, and not mucous at all, wonder if it's amniotic fluid??? I wonder if I should call my m/w and talk to her about it...
I think I will, just to ease my mind...I feel bad, cause I know she's really busy right now...just a quick call...
Um, okay, I'm going to call her, I'll be back in a bit.

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MamaSoleil, I can't wait to hear what she says!!!

DW, I only have 2 pairs of shorts that fit and a couple of shirts that actually cover my belly. I can only wear the under the belly shorts so I let everyone see my belly if those shirts aren't clean! LOL

I have only gained 1 pound (lost in the beginning) so this is my best weight loss plan, get pg. I usually come out of delivery about 20 lbs lighter than when I got pg. Don't hate me yet. I gain it all back (plus more) within the first 3-4 months after the baby is born.
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Okay, so I'm going to meet with my m/w at 730am tomorrow morning, and she's going to check whether it's my membranes or not, and if it is, then it means that they will have been ruptured for close to 24hrs....yikes...and they might have to induce to start the labour...though I really don't want that, cause I don't think I'd be able to do a homebirth if that's the scenario...so what do I do??? ARGH. why can't this pg just be smooth...I was hoping that after having such a crazy pg that the birth would be nice and smooth.....
Wish me lots of luck ladies, as much as I want to meet my boy, I want him to have a nice gentle birth at home!!!

Going to try to get some sleep now!!!!

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Kate I am wishing you labor so you don't have to deal with those men! And my mil is bugging me too along with a few others.

I also have to say that my 2 1/2 year old has been so whiney etc....Maybe he feels the stress that we are feeling.

The non stress was perfect. And my contractions were ranging from 38-52, which I have never had bigger than an 11 in the past. So That was cool.

And better yet before my prenatal I went to my family practice doctor and guess to have her look at some skin tags, not moles, which she ended up removing and my blood pressure was 120/76 so maybe I truly have white coat hypertension. At my prenatal it was 140/90.

Can I just say I am so hot right now I think I am gonna die. Our air is at 69.

Is anyone else doing a VBAC besides LuckyMama and I? And who else is doing a home birth? Wooby would you hate adding some of those little details to the list? That would be kinda fun.

By the way I talked to the president of ICAN today in California and she recommended eating balsamic vinegar as a natural inducer so we had lots of cukes for dinner. NUMMY! We crappy fatty ribs on the grill that we could not force ourselves to eat. But our broccoli etc.. was great and then we had my infamous peanut butter pie. I had one in the freezer left over from Charlie's birthday that we took out last night. Double nummy.

Barb you gave people a choice on whether to look at the photos. I did and I loved them and cried. You are a beautiful woman who is like a goddess to me.

Stephanie I am similar to you, just up 14 pounds but I am a bigger girl and that happens.

Mamasoleil, I am sending you lotsa positive thoughts etc...right now. Keep us in touch.

Take care all.
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Mamasoleil, Oh! I can't wait to see your post tomorrow after your appointment! Maybe you just have a slow leak and so they won't really consider you ruptured. In fact, a slow leak can seal itself back up if your not ready to birth...
Your cyber hugs and encouragment for me are so sweet!

Luckymomma, I also love having a group of like-minded mamas to obsess with!

Colorfulmama, I didn't get to read your post, but from reading everyone else's, I think I can guess what happened. Let me thank you for being such a strong proud mama. Your birth pictures were very empowering to those of us still waiting... They are also beautiful.

Wooby, I just can't keep on top like you do, how do you manage?!
This is me nesting!!!

Is anyone else doing a VBAC besides LuckyMama and I? And who else is doing a home birth? Wooby would you hate adding some of those little details to the list? That would be kinda fun.
I went through this thread and added what I could. If anyone else wants their info. on, just let me know and I would be glad to add it....
I am glad your appt. went so well today! Yeah for you!

TLS, Did you go into labor at Nemo???

I am with everyone else, nothing fits anymore! My belly hangs out and my skirts/shorts hurt my "waist." I am ready to birth this babe! I have felt these strange shooting pains in my cervix/vag. area all day. I swear it feels like the baby is reaching down and pushing. I think I had these with dd, too.
Today I kept a friend's 6 month old. It was beautiful to see my sweet baby (she is really 26 month!) playing big sister. She was so loving and sweet. I am so excited to see the love develop with this new baby. I know there will be big changes/challenges, but there will be fantastic moments, too. Makes me weepy... Hope everyone gets a good night's sleep.

Here is our info. again:
User Name, Arrival Date, Other info
Seagan, Leo George 7/9, 5 lbs
Colorful Mama, Roman Thomas (Romy), vbac 7/24, 7lbs 2.2oz, 19 1/2" long
Birdwomyn, Samuel James Bird, 7/25, 6lbs 3 ozs, 19 1/4" long
Nostrow, Annika Paige, 7/30, 6 lbs 14 oz, 19"

Due Dates:
traixa2-Aug. 4
Lucky Momma-Aug. 6 Hospital VBAC
Juliem-Aug. 6 Home waterbirth
TLS-Aug. 6
Kaje62-Aug. 8 Hospital VBAC w/ midwives
Mavis-Aug. 9 Happy Hospital Birth
natesmommy126-Aug. 10
Willow Tree-Aug. 11
laurag-Aug. 11
Emah-Aug. 11
Sharon-Aug. 13 Birth Center Birth
maizy-Aug. 13
Annais-Aug. 15
JuicyLucy-Aug. 15
Mamasoleil-Aug. 15 Homebirth
ApMommaof5-Aug. 16
Tnrsmom-Aug. 17 Home Waterbirth
RachelMolly Aug. 17 Homebirth
Kate42-Aug. 17
Smeta-Aug. 18 Waterbirth
Lilg127- Aug. 21
Isaiah's Mama- Aug. 21
Mamabeard-Aug. 23
Pavlina-Aug. 24 Homebirth
Dreamweaver-Aug. 24
mpls_momma-Aug. 24 Home waterbirth
Chanley-Aug. 29
skye's mama-Aug. 29
Wooby- Aug. 31 Homebirth
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Mamasoleil, I know someone whose water broke and they stayed at home for 24 hours and when they got to the birth center they said that their water broke 12 hours before cuz they wanted to buy time. Well the midwives checked her and her amniotic fluid and said your water did not break. And they had used up all of their towels and then some but did not want to argue. So they decided it was like the gallon of water they drank that helped them out. So anyway drink lotsa water.

Wooby you are awesome and rock my boat.

I am going to bed, hot, nauseaus, real tired and weak and a bit crampy. Could this be something? Night all.
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August mamas,
Seems like all I listed in our due dates was "homebirths." No reason other than that is the info. I could find on our thread. If you are planning a beautiful hospital birth, please let me know so I can add it to the list! I love that we all have such diverse birth places/plans. It is so empowering for me to hear everyone's stories! Birth is beautiful and sacred where ever it takes place...
(Boy, I am so weepy and emotional! But in a good way! )
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oh weepy wooby you are so cute.

I edited my post above and added stuff.

By the way mine will be a hospital VBAC with midwives

take care all
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Hey Wooby, I'd do anything for an HBAC, but I'm stuck going to the hospital(dh is chicken). But I will b laboring at home until I feel an urge to push, never got that far the first time.

Hey KJ, my doula also recommended the balsamic vinager thing. I took a shot straight up. Whoo quite a rush. Didn't work. Only 45 minutes left on my due date. Oh well.

I'm totally out of clothes too. I have a total of 3 items I can wear in public. At home I wear rolled down boxer shorts and a too small t-shirt. Belly always hangs out the bottom. And before you get the wrong idea, it ain't all that cute. I've gained 50 lbs. Amazing how little I care about that.

CM, As a soon-to-be vbacer, I would really like to hear that your nether regions are feeling better I get a bit paranoid about it sometimes.

Mamasoleil, good luck at the visit. Hope nobody freaks out on you.

Yawn...G'night all.
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ooh mamasoleil, i can't wait to read your post tomorrow either!

man, this thread moves so fast that i always have to pee at some point and then i forget what everyone's said and i'm too lazy to go back and read throo..

wooby, i'm super weepy too.. in a good way! tonight i did prenatal yoga (which i've only done two other times this pregnancy) and it totally got the tears flowing. especially since i could feel baby responding so much. it was nice. i am soooo inflexible, tho!

whoever asked me about baby's presentation, i'm not sure. i feel lots of little stubby pokings-out at the top of my belly, so i'm holding on to the hope that those are feet and not fists. i am not going to let myself worry until i find out forsure. the ultrasound on the 11th is the earliest they can get me in, unfortunately.

surprised nobody's been birthing lately. i bet a whole bunch of us will go at once. i've been having tons of bh's and even lots of crampy ones, but no action yet!

goodnight all!
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It's 2:15am and I haven't been able to get to sleep yet. If this isn't real labor, I'm scared of what is! OUCH. I had to get up just to see if walking around was any more comfy than being in bed. If these contractions stop in the morning and I have to go through this again, I'm going to be slightly miffed! (to put it mildly)

Wooby, I'm actually planning a birth center birth.
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Good morning ladies.........hope everybody slept ok, I don't even say well, b/c that's very unlikely I think
Does anybody know if the movements of the baby change before the labor? I mean - my baby is like on fire all the time!! Kicking me andpocking me ALL night, sticking his STRONG feet under my ribs - so I am thinking myself - I really doubt I would go into labor now!! KWIM?? Does the baby go into some kind of "meditative: mode and calms down right before the labor or few days b'f the labor? Does it make sense what I am trying to say? Does the baby still move when you are in labor? Or is it nicely"fold up" in possition and ready to get out?
I ampretty confident, that until he "behaves" like he is now, I am not going into labor.
My MW called me yesterday - she is coming to visit me here on Saturday, to see where I live with her back up MW (don't know who that is) and she said she is going to wear an oxygen mask b/c she had an episode last week (she has some serious health problems with her lungs)........I hope she'll be able to make it when I go into labor!!

How come nobody is birthing yet??!!
My clothes is getting smaller too - and dirtier I said to my DH it was time to give birth b'c I have nothing to wear. I have couple of dresses, but look like an idiot in them.
Anyway, have a good day today all of you, wish you lots of good news and some babies!!
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Sharon oh my gosh I can't wait to hear. Is it the real thing?

I think a bunch of us will go this weekend. Full Moon. I want to be invited and included. Please universe, god, goddess, goddesses, baby, and all.
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Thanks for the replies about my labour woes. I'm just still trying to relax about it....this baby will come when she or he wants too...

Went to a prenatal yesterday, I lost 4 pounds and my blood pressure is good...babe is good too.

Next week <if i make it> I get to do a non-stress test...doesn't sound like a bad thing.

Wooby....Great list!
I'm having what I hope to be a happy hospital experience.

The hospital I'm going to has good policy's in my opinion...they like to avoid episiotomy's < spell check>,mother/child bonding for the first hour after birth then they weigh the babe and all that stuff in the same room, baby's room in, eat and drink and walk around through labourthere's more but i'm rambling again it all sounds good to me.

I too am almost out of clothes to wear....thank goodness for elastic waistbands!

Mamabeard...I'm guessing a lot of us will be labouring around the full moon as well...I'm hoping that i will at least!

positive ,happy thoughts for all !
enjoy your day!
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As a moderator:

Ladies please refrain from posting anything in regard to the removed post or the entire thread will have to be removed for editing. If you would all do so on your own, I would appreciate it.
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As a momma

I am planning a home waterbirth after 4 hospital births.

I can't believe that we still do not have any August babies yet. The only August babies were born in July!! It's the 7th, let's get these babies moving!! I have a feeling that this board will be very slow next Tuesday and Wednesday because of the full moon. I guess we'll see.

We are heading up to my parents cottage on the lake this weekend. It is only about 2.5 hours away so I can make it home if things start to happen. My MW just said to make sure we stop halfway there to walk around. I don't see it happening yet though. I have had NO signs of impending labor at all. No loss of mucous plug, no show, nothing. This baby must be enjoying itself in there. maybe a ride on the jet ski will help it out! Don't worry, it is a very small lake and my 4 year old goes with me and we go really slow, like we are riding a bike. It is very relaxing.

Sharon, how are you feeling? MS what did the MW say?
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No signs of labor for me yet either. I was so patient about it up until a few days ago - now I am ready to get this show on the road!

Baby is moving around like a solid gold dancer. I can hardly even drive anymore becasue she gets so active when I am sitting in the car I can't concentrate on the road.

So just playing the waiting game - looking forward to that full moon! I have a prenatal visit later today (hopefully my last).

Hang in there mamas!!
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Mavis, love how you said a happy hospital experience

and Laurag how you said a solid gold dancer, I think Pavlina will like that too.

Wooby I noticed you are editing but do tell us how you are today.

I felt like something was up before bed last night but I feel normal again today. My due date is tomorrow. Dang.
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