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Laundry Challenge

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With dh off work today, I'm going to try to conquer Mt Laundry.

How many loads can you get done today?

Update us on your progress, even things like starting a new load, flipping the laundry, etc.
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Got my 1st load of clothes put away and restarted the dryer to finish drying what was in there.

What usually gets me is the putting things away. I tend to have a ton of clean, dry clothes, waiting to be put away.
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Folded and put away my 2nd load of clothes. Started filling a bag for Goodwill.
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Just wanted to cheer you on!

I don't have much laundry during the week (altho I do have a load in the dryer, a load in the wash and another load waiting.. LOL). I usually do about 8 loads on the weekend and then ignore it for the rest of the week.
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Folded laundry from the dryer, flipped next load from washer to dryer.

Thanks for the encouragement!
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Put away my 3rd load of laundry. Put clean towels away. Brought my box of kids clothes for the consignment store upstairs, will call them later.
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DH is home today, so I'm gently coaching him to get things done (he's Captain Lazy, lately). For us, the main thing is sorting through the laundry, and then putting away the clean stuff. We had a bit of an issue this past week with DD pulling all of hers and her brother's clothing out of the closet in the night, tossing it all around her room, and then urinating on it. : So instead of 2-3 loads this week, it's more like 6-7. : I think she learned her lesson when, this morning, she had to go to school in ugly old track pants and a shirt that she absolutely hates. We explained to her that the rest of her clothing was urine soaked, and she had no choice. So hopefully she won't be pulling this bizarre stunt again.

Hopefully we'll get most of it done tonight while the trick-or-treaters come and go.
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My own Mount Saint Laundry

I washed our sheets and made the bed so I could fold the 3 loads I washed and dried on it
Now the kids' sheets are dry and there's a load of whites to go into the dryer.

BUT, it's 11:20am on the east coast, I need to get it in gear.
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Oh boy.

I folded a load that's been sitting in the dryer since Sunday, and rewashed and folded the load that was sitting in the washer.

Threw in two more loads. The first was overlarge, so I had to send it threw another dry cycle. Ds wet the bed, so I have five loads just of bedding. Darn queen size duvets. :

Off to check the dryer.
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Good Job!

I try to do one load from washer to dryer to put away per day during the week.
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I conquered Mt. Laundry on Satudarday (I just had my normal two loads to do today!) but wanted to cheer you all on. YOU CAN DO IT!!!
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Only just seen this. It's 5.10 in the afternoon and I've done six loads today (the machine has been on constantly since 6 this morning. Last load is drying, and then all I have to do is to keep putting away.
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Originally Posted by MCsMom View Post
Good Job!

I try to do one load from washer to dryer to put away per day during the week.
Once I start, I can't stop. It's the getting started that does me in every time.

Just finished folding load 3, threw load 4 in the dryer and load 5 in the washer. Only 1 load left to wash. Yay!! These challenges are awesome.
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I am at work, getting ready to go home to do laundry.

On a really, really good Saturday I can get 7 loads done and the sheets (1 of the seven loads) back onto the bed.

I have since switched to the do laundry as many times during the week as people in your household, which is 3x per week for us. It is hard to do but it has definately reduced the mountain to a molehill come Saturday morning.

Putting clean laundry away is the hardest part for me.
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Haven't washed or dried anything today, but I need to sort and put away at least 3 loads, and when ds wakes up strip that bed because his dipe exploded this morning and he crawled across the entire bed before I heard him wake up.


The waterproof mattress pad will take 2 cycles to dry, so I will probably wash dipes after the bedding.

We're moving in 2 weeks too, so instead of putting some things (like summer) away, I'm putting it into garbage bags with labels for the new place.
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I've folded and put away two loads and, have another two loads in the washer and dryer right now, including diapers. Yay for getting caught up!
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didnt do squat today.... maybe tomorrow :
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It might not actually be possible, but I'm going to give it a try again today.
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I am totally taking on Mt. Laundry today!
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