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Queer TTC November 2007

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Welcome to November! How many BFPs can we add before December arrives?

Thanks to MujerMamaMismo for keeping last month's thread... hey I'm just copying all of this from your October lead post MMM

October Queer TTC can be found here

:A Rainbow of options!:

Waiting to O

Waiting to O on a day when swimmers can actually be shipped

Waiting to Know... Braving the 2WW

Waiting to Implant

Taking a Break
ktcl (and DP megincl)

Waiting to be Ready

Waiting to be healthy / WTF is going on with my Body?
whoop whoop we like it when this column is empty!

November BFP!!!

anonymous per request, eating chocolate eclairs
lmh222 (actually was a BFP in September, but hey! it's a queer BFP! Let's celebrate!)
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Cool! Add me to "taking a break."

I hope to change that soon enough.
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Originally Posted by FtMPapa View Post
Cool! Add me to "taking a break."

I hope to change that soon enough.
Welcome back, FtMPapa! We've missed you!

Alright folks, let's spread that baby dust around. I feel like this is going to be a good month...
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And thanks, Jen, for being the new threadkeeper! Many thanks to MujerMama for doing such a great job last month.

Jen, hope the insem goes well. My fingers are crossed for you!
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Originally Posted by AngelaM View Post
Welcome back, FtMPapa! We've missed you!

Alright folks, let's spread that baby dust around. I feel like this is going to be a good month...
Thanks - I've missed y'all too!

And, erm, if anyone knows any sperm in Western Mass, I'm ovulating right now. . . kidding, kidding, but I'm thinking about trying to get the ball rolling again in a month or so.

I'm still hoping to see you at that Thing on Saturday, but it's looking less and less likely, but I'm totally on board for The Other Thing in NoHo on Sunday.
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Hey there queer ttc'ers! I follow along as best I can, but I have to admit it's easier at the beginning of each month

Good luck and much baby dust to you all!!!
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Hi and Happy Halloween to everyone!

Please add us to waiting to know! We did our first IUI this morning and have our second tomorrow Thanks!!
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We are still new and not around much, but we are waiting to know. Today is 12 DPO and we got a BFN this morning, but hoping it was just too early!!

GOOD LUCK to everyone!
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Thanks for the new thread Jen! Fabulous job!

Welcome back FtMPapa!

Jen good luck on the insems

travelgirlz & Melissa coming your way!

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Hey all, and welcome back Papa!

Thanks for the new thread.

We'll be testing tomorrow. Katie is feeling skeptical. I don't know how to feel. She's on progesterone so temps aren't really a good indication. They are still nice and high.....ugh, the rollercoaster was so calm for so long. Now it's taking us for one heck of a ride.

will report back tomorrow....

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Hi all!

I've been scarce for a while - took a month off ttc and work has been crazy. But I'm back. Had a fabulous iui this afternoon and we feel really good about it Gobs and gobs of EWCM, a smiley face on the pee stick, a smooth iui, and just general good vibes

So please move me to waiting to know!
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Subbing In, and answering a question from the Oct thread:
Originally Posted by ktcl View Post

How long have you folks been on this rollercoaster of TTC? We started a year ago...yet have only tried 5 times given our bizarre donor situation. It just feels so long!
Dd #1 was quick (Dp is super-fertile) 1 IUI w/dud donor, 2IUI's w/super-fertile donor a total of three months until PG.

for me OYYYYY. 2+ years, 13 IUI's, 3 surgeries (Uterine Polyps 2X, ovarian cysts 1X),one shortlisted adoption that fell through, and now we are on IVF round #3 using my eggies- I am the nut who REALLY wants to have a turn at being pregnant:!
I ABSOLUTELY PLAN to be Pregnant THIS time, but if not:

We have one more shot at IVF-most likely using Dp's eggies of power w/me as carrier. and then if that doesn't work the INS has run out and we
re-eveluate having more than one. We were out of pocket for everything until the INS kicked in for surgeries and IVF.
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Hey, great to see so many faces!

Mhiccup- Welcome back! Glad the IUI went well. We just switched donors from TSBC, and I'm excited about the new, super-high-sperm-count swimmers that will arrive next week.

Megin & Katie- Oh god, I can barely stand the suspense! I'll be checking in first thing tomorrow...

Mahrens77- Welcome! I hope that BFN turns into a BFP.

Travelgirlz- Fingers crossed for productive IUIs...

Mamimapster- That's a lot of waiting... Sending you lots of positive thoughts, and hopes that this is it for you guys.

FtMPapa- I'm sorry, do you really mean that you're planning to skip out on my 8:30 Saturday morning conference panel? As added incentive (as if the thought of hearing my paper in a not-well-enough-caffeinated daze wasn't adequate), I sense that half of queer academic New England is going to be here this weekend. So if it's some gay spermies you're looking for, this may be the place to be... But if not, I'll see you at the Parenting Meeting in Noho on Sunday.

Alright, I'm off to bed. Happy fertile baby dust to everyone out there!
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Thanks for all the well wishes!

If your name is in the wrong list, could you let me know? I have been catching up with a few things from the October thread.

night night!!
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Angela--I just read your last Oct posts!! I am soo excited about the "trade"!! I feel real positive about this for you

Burts--sorry to be the "no temp-tress" no one of these techniques work for everyone, but something and some wack variation will work for each of us--whatever keeps you sane is the way to go.

Jen, Mah, Travel, and Mami--::

Mhicc--Welcome back!! how is it on the "outside"?

Ftm---Welcome to the Neighborhood (yup small freakin' world--we are neighbors!!)

Meg&Katie--I'm on pins and needles--

as for me I'm sick and it sucks!! I have successful stunted it through immense amounts of herbs, immuno mushrooms and garlic--but I can't get it to leave!!! Its been a burning scratching in my throat and body aches for 2 full days now. This just doesn't seem like good conditions for fertilization!! I'm not even sure if I've O'ed yet??!!! My body has been so thrown of!! I'm sure I have today is CD 16 (I usually 14 or 15) but my CM has been inconclusive, and I never got a "clear" +OPK--mostly because my newage midwife neighbor told me that good hydration is the key to successful conception--Yeah but it waters down my OPK results. Anyway, we did 4 insems this month, but I have very low expectations--I fear that my body is trying so hard to fight this cold and it doesn't have time and or energy to make a baby too?
Here's to hoping I fully recover by Sunday--I don't want to miss meeting ya'll but I don't want too share my germs when I share my love.
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Megin - How'd the testing go?

Mhiccup - Welcome back and coming your way!

Mami- like Angela sending lots of positive vibes your way, sounds like it's been a tough ride. : this is the month!

KJM - Hope your feeling better soon but remember that KK also had a cold when she got her BFP!

As for me the B*itch showed up full force early this morning. Jen - please me me to "WAITING TO O"

Round 4, ding.
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Negative this morning.

Two more days of testing, and then if still negative, Katie goes off the progesterone. Then we're screwed for a while.

:but not giving up complete hope....
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I'm awaiting my first post-miscarriage period (it's been a month, so soon, hopefully), then I'll be trying again. :
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I'm still here, and still waiting to be ready. Well, we're more than ready (we've got the all-clear healthwise, we've abandonned caffeine and alcohol, we've got sperm, we've got the family on board...), it's our RE that we're waiting on. Our consult is scheduled for January 14th, and we can start IUIs the very first cycle after the appointment, which could be as soon as a week after! So, just being very impatient. I'm following all you gals who are actively trying though, and crossing my fingers for all of you!
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Burts-- sorry 'bout the bitch, but it sounds like you are well on your way to hormone balancing and RE support for future cycles.

KK--Did you have a cold during your BFP cycle? or was it the cycle before?
As soon as I told DP I was sick she said , "Yeah but KK was sick when she got pregnant!" I had NO idea DP actually listens to my MDC chatter

Megin & Katie--bummer girls, but remember as has been said many times before on this list--It ain't over until AF shows up. I'm sorry your KD lives so far away. Any possibility of a Dec visit? Does he have nay family here? Holidays are a good lure....
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