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Sarah, . I hope that time flies by, so you can hold your baby soon!

Rain, nope, the pants I have the biggest problem with are full belly-banded corduroy pants. They are one of the pairs I borrowed from a friend. They fit really well in the legs but maybe a little stretched out in the band/waist area. I am hoping that they will fit better in a month or so. For now, the suspenders are saving me from embarrassment.
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Just checking in. All is well here. I passed my GTT that I took last week. This babe is moving a lot now (or maybe she's just getting big enough that I can feel it more?!).

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving, i'm certainally looking forward to having a long 4 day weekend off of work!
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Quiet day today - everyone in the States much be getting ready for Thanksgiving.

For those still around, how are you doing? I think I've lost the battle with a cold I have been fighting but other than that I am well. The nasty cold sore IN MY NOSE is driving me nuts - a sure sign that I need to take it easy and take better care of myself right now. Even though things are rough financially I'm really glad I didn't have to leave the house today because I think If I had to go out to work (I did work all day but just from home) or run any errands at all the cold would probably be really kicking my ass. Last week was really busy for me what with my sister visiting and my Mum getting ready to leave for Florida until April (she left yesterday) so I was driving a lot and wasn't getting much rest and now I am paying the price - but I know the price could have been a lot steeper. I guess I'm feeling Thankful even though this isn't my holiday.
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Suspenders, huh? I might have to give it a try...I do a lot of rearranging. This morning I nearly had heart failure-- I got a pair of my non-maternity pants mixed up with my maternity pants. I started to get dressed and could barely pull them over my ass, much less button them. All I could think is that I had suddenly gotten too huge for even my early maternity purchases, and I started swearing and getting all teary in my closet. (ah, thanks hormones!). I finally pulled them off in utter defeat and started thinking about calling in sick/enormous to work until I saw the tag and realized my mistake. Now it's funny. I think I will get a brighter light in my closet and start going a little easier on myself.
Question for you pilates mamas-- did you do it before you got pregnant? Are there any good videos for pregnant novices?
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I've been getting frustrated with maternity pants too. They are just so inconsistent. So far I like the full belly panel best - at least the ones on the gap jeans I got - they fit the best. The rest of the pants that I have are also from the gap - but they all fit differently. The no panel ones are just weird - the waist is huge and I had to pull the elastic all the way through. And the roll panel doesn't stay up. I also have some that are demi panel, and they fit, but the elastic is already tight, so I don't think they'll last me much longer. :

Originally Posted by trizzle View Post
Question for you pilates mamas-- did you do it before you got pregnant? Are there any good videos for pregnant novices?
Good question. I was only doing workouts occasionally before I got pregnant - a few times a week and nothing too rigorous. Then I did half of that tape on Sunday; and I was so sore I was limping for two days after. Guess I have to start out very slow, and only do a few reps of each one, till I get back to a regular schedule.
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Just popping to say hi... we're having a quiet day, Paul's watching football and I just visited with my friend who brought us an entire thanksgiving dinner cooked by Safeway I have awesome friends.

No baby yet, no signs, though he is still moving steadily downwards. EDD is tomorrow... at this point tho, we've hit another snag... the aqua doula we rented from my midwife came without the faucet adapter (to attatch our garden hose to the sink to fill it up) and they're saying it was in the bag, and we're saying "what bag"... so we went to Home Depot last night at the last minute, but they didn't have the right kind. So we'll try a different Home Depot tomorrow, but I'm getting worried, how are we gonna fill this thing up?! So I told Oliver he has to wait til this weekend to come out. Honestly though, the sooner after that the better because I've reached a point where it's so uncomfortable to move around that I'm not even going swimming anymore because of how difficult it is to get in and out of the car. I don't know if I'm having more than the normal amount of hip/pelvic pain but last night at the grocery store I was on crutches. Augh. I want to get this baby out of me! Today's better though.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!
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hi everyone -
popping in to say hi...hope everyone is digesting well.

meli-mello: sorry about the NOSE! OUCH! That sounds uncomfortable for starters! And good for you for deciding to take the job you love (but pays less for now). Working from home takes discipline and balance, so I hope it works out for you!

Like Rain, I am not working my dream job...I do know what it would be, but we're still trying to figure out how to do it...I have hope, but for now, I'm an office guru-type (uh, admin!) and I try to at least have fun when the suits aren't watching!

Congrats to the mamas that are on the edge of their seats! Julia, Cher

Have an "interview" with a homebirth midwife today!...have also set a 9-week appointment with another midwife who delivers in a "birthing suite" that is attached to, but separate from, a local hospital. The main difference: one takes insurance...I am anxious to know how much the homebirth would cost...this would be my preferred scenario, but if we can't actually pay for it, it doesn't matter. I was reading along about the insurance, etc. We currently have pretty decent insurance and thought I RARELY use it, I am, nonetheless, grateful to have it.

have a great day, ladies!
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Just popping in to say hello to you all! I miss you!

Julia, hope Oliver waits till you have the adapter, but I'm stalking you today anyway. (Cher, you're on my radar, too!)
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Well, I promise I posted a long post yesterday and today it's not here! Oh well - guess my computer lost it somehow...

I just wanted to say hi - Isabella will be 12 weeks on Monday. I can't believe how fast it's going by! You pregnant mommas have so much to look forward to. It was CRAZY at first, with DD being early, but now it is just so wonderful and so, so fun. She's carrying on full-on baby conversations with us and smiling and starting to laugh and reach for things.

It's also nice to NOT be pregnant - I love being able to reach my feet . I hear you guys on the maternity pants. I didn't even get to 36 weeks and I had none that fit at the end. I wore dresses a lot. I also had one pair of flip flops that fit over my swollen feet.

I will say to pack and get nursing stuff early. I had DD on the weekend I was planning to do all of that. The hospital was actually fine - I wore the gowns and my one pair of flip flops , but get a couple of at least sleep nursing bras - that was the hardest part.

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving!
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So, I'm leaking fluid... I think I'm in labor now. My water broke and I've been having these gushes since around 1:45 (literally the moment I got out of the pool today), and I called the midwife, her assistant, and my doula.

I had my massage at 3 and she worked on trigger points to get things going, even though I think I'm already having contractions anyhow but I'm not sure which sensation is which, if that makes sense. Is it the backache? Cuz it's not really rhythmic. Is it the belly cramping? I'm so confused! So for the moment my instructions are to try to get some sleep (yeah right) and wait for a pattern to develop. We have a call out to our friends to come get the dogs and Paul's trying to fill up the aqua doula by running a hose from the upstairs bathtub outside the house, down a story, and in through the living room window cuz we lost the danged faucet adapter. :

So wish me luck! I'll update when I can.
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Oh Julia! Good luck! Wishing you easy labour vibes and anything else I can wish for you! I'm sure you will be great and you and baby will be together soon. If nothing else you have a story to tell about trying to fill up the birth pool when the kid is old enough to see how funny it is (because even if it isn't now - it will be then!)

Will be thinking of and stalking you until the next update.
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So exciting! Oh my word! We had pool trouble too but it worked out. What a great story it will be. (Oh, I see Melanie already said that.) Doing it at home is awesome! I'm so excited for you!

Now. Rest!
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oh good luck julia!!! ELVs!
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Yay Julia! Good luck with the creative tub-filling method, your DH sounds really inventive! Yay Oliver! ELV's coming your way!
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Okay, ctx's are already five and a half minutes apart, and my midwife is in freakin NEW YORK. She left this morning! WTH? The assistant is closer, fortunately...

I never expected this to happen quite so quickly...

Thanks for the well wishes! I'll let you know...

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Julia's in labor!

ELV's to you! I hope your MW shows up in time. What was she thinking??
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Good luck Julia! I will be checking the thread often.
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Just because I am a big geek and/or might have a little too much time on my hands right now I updated the main page to say that Julia is in labour right now! This is all very exciting and I can't wait for the next update.

But really - why did her midwife go to New York today? That is crazy!
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Looks like I'm the last to log on and find out that Julia's (and Oliver's) time is coming! Julia - Try to stay focused on what your body needs...despite the MW's poor timing. I hope everyone is where they need to be at just the right time!

I had more maternity pants oops while working in the front yard today! DH loved the show, but this has got to end!

Trizzle - I did Pilates every other day before pregnancy...and then completely stopped when I got a BFP and terrible morning sickness. I haven't seen any great DVDs for novices, but Amazon might be a good place to look. A class might be more helpful.

Nony - Good luck with MW shopping. We are going w/one even though insurance might only cover $500 or less of the cost. Comfort is more important to me..

for Julia!!!

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Julia!!! Good luck!!

Melanie - have you tried taking Lycine for your cold sore? My sister swears it cuts the healing time in half.

out of battery!

Dee - thinking of you and Matilde! It does get so much easier.
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