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Our kitten is named Mouse because he is all gray and was hardly bigger than a mouse when we found him

I used to have a cat named K.C. for Kitty Cat.
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We have five rescued husky mixes.

Ruby is the name of a village in our state.

Sky, I was told was always looking up as a puppy.

Tupaw because he does this little trick with his two front paws.

Missy just came that way with no story.

Zoe is the same as Missy.
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We moved into a house that my brother, Marcus, moved out of and he left behind his dog. The dog barked a lot. He was Marcus' dog. Therefore, he is Barkus.
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: Cheeky Monkey RIP : from Mike Meyer's SLN skit, "are you lookin at my bum? are you a bum looker? you cheeky monkey!"

: Misfit RIP : he really was. Poor thing.

: Bambi: She is sweet with big doe eyes and long eyelashes and she hops llike a deer in the yard. Totally a Bambi.

: Disney: has a perfectly shaped Mickey Mouse icon on her back and it's huge. There is no missing it...it looks like we painted it there! And she's the Happiest Dog On Earth.

hamster, Nibbles: he nibbles everything, all the time. He's a biter.
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My first hamster was named Duck, because the first time I saw him walk, he waddled. And, that was that.

Our two dogs are Stretch and Sita. Stretch came with his name, and we like it. I wanted to name our second dog Sweep (as in Stretch and Sweep - to try to enduce labour), but she was already named Blackie when we got her. I couldn't stomach calling her Blackie, just because it's like calling a dog Fido. So, we used one of the nicknames she had in the yard - Sita. They get called Boo and Stretchy-Bear (Stretch); and Missy/Munchie and Sita-Bear (Sita).
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I'm not very creative.

Our first dog was a weiner dog, we named him Frankie.

The second was named Dobbie, he had a long nose like Dobbie did in the HP books.

DD1's first cat was named Smokey because he was grey, and the next one was named Cinnamon because she liked the name.
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Hannah :- This was her name when we got her from the shelter and we liked the name and it suited her.

Stumpy :- Her tail is about 2 inches long.

Oliver :- He was first Lilly when we thought he was a she and then when we discovered he was a he, Oliver suited him.

Zander :- I had Alexander picked out for a boys name had dd been a ds. Both dd and I liked the name but wanted something different than Alex or Alexander so we decided on Zander and spelled it with a Z and not an X.
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my pets all have rather involved names.

chachi -- full name is "chip liberace bump le deux brown". "chip" was what the breeder called him since he looked exactly like his daddy, a "chip off the old block". "liberace"...well, it's just the perfect standard poodle name, isn't it? "bump le deux" is not only fun to say, it honors my previous heart dog, bump the chihuahua. "chachi" is short for chip liberace.

harriet -- full name "diamond harriet cleopatra brown". "diamond" was the breeder's name. she was intended to be a show dog, a "diamond in the rough". "harriet" stuck because when she came to live with us she had the perfect little old lady hairdo AND we had just found out i was pg. harriet is dh's grandmother's name and he liked the idea of his nanny being around to help with the baby. "cleopatra" is the perfect female standard poodle name.

mr.grumbles -- full name "mr. elliot l.g. grumbles". this is a ginormous cat who never, ever, ever shuts up. he is the perfect crotchety old man cat. "l.g." stands for "little guy" which is what they called him at the humane society as a cruel joke. "elliot" just came from the "l" in "l.g." and dh wanted him to have a proper first name.
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I named my childhood cat Prince Frosty the Third. I think I was 6 or so. He was a grand old cat too.

I named my childhood dog Fescue (a type of grass) because I saw a sign on the side of the road that said it and I thought it sounded cool. I think I was 8ish.

Other cats/dogs names include Oliver, Nikolas, James, Lily, Bella, Apollo.

My favorite cat of all times was my Puck (also after Midsummer Night's Dream). Amazing cat. Loved him. He ran away when we moved and I'm still looking for him 3 years later.

Currently we have a Rocket Boy (otherwise known as R.B. or black cat or Boy cat), a Sadie (also known as Girl Cat), and Hobbes (or Orange Cat). Plus Fishie-ishie.
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I'll just stick to the current pets, there have been too many others to list.

Bailey, the dog, came with her name. She was 4 and knew it well, and we still keep in good contact with the family who gave her to us. I can't think of a better name for her, though I do sometimes shorten it to Bea.

Morgan, a cat, has her name because I love that name and DH won't let me use it for a kid.

Murphy, the other cat, because that was the name I thought of when I met him, and it suits him.

Jose (Cuervo) is the fish. He is named Jose, because when we got him we had Bailey (Irish Cream) and (Captain) Morgan.

Charlie is the horse. And his name is twofold. First, his real name is Entwistle Wy Bar, and that's a mouthful, so he was called Sorrelly when we got him. Which is descriptive of his coloring, but I got tired of explaining it to people who don't know the real name of horse coloring. Charlie was the closest easy name to Sorrelly. Plus, now he's my Charlie Horse.
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Molly : : Mr. Laurel's older dog was named Dylan, after the poet Dylan Thomas, so we were looking for another Irish name. I'm also a bit fan of Molly Weasley, but don't tell Mr. L that was one of my considerations.

Tristan : : Named after a character in James Herriot's books, a happy-go-lucky guy with a tendency for trouble.
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my dh jokes that he wants to call our next cat "The French", that way if a cat pukes on the floor you can say "who puked on the floor?" "oh, it was the French".

(no offense to any French people

our cats have tons of nicknames too. Andy Bear, snowpants, Hermie-one, beached seal...
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My 16 yo dd got her first puppy last November. She is a HUGE Johnny Depp fan, and in particular, a big Capt. Jack Sparrow fan. So she named him "Sparrow". And she says we cursed him! Because he really has that same kind of personality.
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DS had a guinea pig named Tonka, after the trucks, of course. That pig had the run of the house and would go for rides in the back of the Tonkas. He would lie on DS and snuggle up with him too.
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Ember the cat- She's a tortie, mostly black and orange. I took one look at her and just thought she looked like a glowing ember.

Diego the cat- I was absolutely stumped when we brought him home. He came from a family and they named him Booger for a spot by his nose. Not so into that. I was actually looking through baby name sites and here was this new little kitten shoving aside the bigger cat to get his way. I decided to do a reverse and choose by meaning... "supplanter" gave me Diego though Dh was taking art history at the time and insists it was for the Spanish painter Diego Valasques.

ETA: my uncle had a rotweiler (sp?) and wanted to register her with the AKC as Coco Lynn-Dave's Big Dog. They wouldn't let him. They said you can't have the type of animal in the name. So her official, pedigree, show-dog name: Coco Lynn- Dave's Big Kangaroo.
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I'm not too into unique names for pets. But my first pet I named Pepper, fairly unique, because he was black as pepper with a small sprinkling of white. It fit him.

Then we had a cat that I named Calico because she was a calico cat (told you I'm not too creative), and her babies we named Kika (just jumped out at me), Salt (because she was white) & Pepper (because he was black).

And finally a tiny puppy we got for my daughter we named Sunshine, because she was light colored and looked like the color of sunshine.
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I met a girl in college whose name was Briggs. I thought it was THE coolest name I had ever heard. I decided that I would name my first child Briggs. Then I met my DH whose last name rhymes with Briggs. I was bummed that I could never use the name Briggs on one of my children, hence it will become my dogs name.....when I get one.
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DH's brother named his dog Whisky.
Then I bought a dog I named Brandy.
Then I got another dog (RIP) we named Bailey.

Some kind of theme...
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I had a rat that I got for free, as they had an over-abundance of rats and I didn't want him to be snake food. I already had two adults, so he was the little guy, and I watched him continually out-smart the other two to get the entire run of the place within days. He was diabolical, and cow-spotty, so I named him Doctor Moo, like some kinda farmyard Bond villain. That was my most interestingly named pet, so far.

We're actually picking up our new kitteh from the humane society tomorrow, a 3 mo male seal-point snowshoe mix (looks like this), and I'm going to call him Mocha. And on Tuesday, I get our second kitteh who's just a plain ol' orangy-brown tabby, same age. For some unknown reason, I want to call him Dexter. Been watching too much Showtime, I guess.

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Oh, boy, you are all going to think I am totally insane.

I had been wanting a dog for a long time- had been living dogless for over a year and a half, which is a totally foreign state for me

I kept finding dogs that I wanted on Petfinder of course, but could not bring myself to ask my landlord (lease states no pets). Then I instituted a Petfinder ban on myself.

Well, my resolve weakened one night and I looked on Petfinder- and the first match for the criteria that I specified was a litter of puppies- an accidental breeding/rescue situation. The three breeds involved just happened to be the three breeds which I had been most wishing for.

My landlord was away and I actually went to look at the puppies and parents (a 4 hour drive away) before bringing it up with my landlord.

I then had a dream that if I would plan to name the puppy Ulysses, I would be allowed to have him.

So I did.

And I was :

So his name is Ulysses
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