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They just come to me...and they stick. If it's the "right" name, the animal knows. I can't explain it any more than that.

My animals(that I remember): Chrysanthemum & Joey (budgies), Athena Jacqueline Zephyr (hamster, called Jackie), Chihiro (dog--after the little girl in Spirited Away), Noodle (fancy black goldfish--also epileptic, it was constantly having weird seizures!), Turtle (dog--already came with that name).
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We have a dog (border/shepherd mix) Yoda - if you could see his ears, especially when he's in trouble (or thinks he is) you'd understand.
Wiggy a big fluffy orange kitty had his name when we got him & it fits, Big Wig, Wig Pig, etc
Sarsparilla (his sister a calico) named by my daughter; we call her Sassi (and she is)

In my childhood, we had many, many -but the ones that stick out are "Dog" a norweigan elkhound. "Big" a very large (20lb+) black & white cat who's main companion was "Little" the runt of his litter with the exact markings as Big (not related t each other though)
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Our dog is Princess Pug. I usually say the whole thing when referring to her. I always wanted a dog named Princess, and she is a pug. She was Paris Hilton on The Simple Life for Halloween last night.

The Hamster is Chuckë, pronounced "Chucky." We spelled it with the "ë" because my DSD has a "ë" in her name.
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My dog's name is Brady and I came up with it because I wanted a "real" name (as opposed to Peaches or whatever) but I wanted it to be a little different compared to a name that you hear all the time on a person. So I went through soap operas until I found a name I liked.
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My DP was not too keen on getting our kitty but knew that I REALLY was intent on having him so he agreed.

In an attempt to help DP bond with kitty, I encouraged him to come up with the name.

He chose Porter...after his favorite type of beer

Incidentally, if Mr. Porter could talk. He'd most certainly say he was DP's cat. Not mine. They have bonded well!
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I'll just tell you about the current felion pride:

Mason: Named for the area where my mother's family homesteaded

Kissa (KEE-suh) : Finnish for "kitty," she's named after my Aunt Aune's cats--A taught me to love cats. She had a long string of brown tabbies, and all of them were named Kissa.

Sevyn: Our polydactyl mancat, he has seven toes on each front paw.

And the twins:

Tamarind: Named for his prickly disposition--the first time I picked him up, he hissed and took a swipe at my face. Just my kind of cat.

Lychee: Named for her sweet disposition--turtle picked her up first and Lychee pressed her little head into turtle's chest, sighed, and started purring.
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Originally Posted by frog View Post
Sevyn: Our polydactyl mancat, he has seven toes on each front paw.
Is he really sweet too? I have a friend that has two of these cats and they are the absolute sweetest cats EVER. Toed (pron. Toad) was her first baby. Lilly is the other.
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Originally Posted by Best Feeling View Post
Is he really sweet too?
He's a funny little mancat. He's a one-woman animal, and turtle's definitely his person. If she's not around, or if he thinks she's not watching, he'll cuddle up to me for pets. But he's not a lap cat and he makes a wild ruckus if you pick him up.
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We have two cats, Abby and Tiggi.

Abby is a nickname; her real name is Absolom, Absolom...the title of my favorite book by Faulkner.

Tiggi's real name is Antigone, the daughter of Oedipus. My dad is a psychiatrist, so it just seemed fitting. I wanted to nickname her Annie, so we could have Abby and Annie, but DH started calling her Tiggi and it just stuck.
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We just got a mother cat and one of her kittens. Ds, who is six, named the mother Momo and the kitten Gary. We know that he thought of Momo because of the monkey-creature in Avatar and Gary because of Spongebob's snail, but Momo and Gary suit them incredibly well.
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Winnie (dog)- They were calling her Whiner when we bought her. So we swithced to Winnie.

Pautzke (Dog)- Pautzke's fire balls is a kind of fsihing bait and my husband said that my dog should be fish bait and started calling her Pautzke. It just stuck.

Murphy (Dog) Murphy's Law

Muerte (Cat) After Muerte/Morty on the movie Undercover Blues.
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: Socks - she was already named from kittenhood and didn't want a name change.

: Gary - he was a stray who was living in our garage - Gary, see? Gary the garage cat
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: Our first dog came to us with the shelter name Champ, which he'd had for several months. We wanted to keep a similar sound and give him a new name at the same time, so we ended up with Chance. This worked because it was fall and the UT football quarterback at the time was Chance Mock. It also was suitable because we were his last chance at rescue before being put down (he had behavioral problems).

: Our second dog came with the name Leo, which suits him, so we kept it. If I had it to do over again, I'd likely rename him Dumbledore or Falkor, because he looks so much like both of them.

: Our first cat was named Sam at the shelter, but he was young enough to change his name, so we changed it to Atticus. This was due to my desire for a beagle named Atticus Fitch (I have no idea why) and Mark's insistence that we would never have a beagle, so I'd better settle for naming a cat. It doesn't really suit him.

: Our third dog had the shelter name Zeus, which fit him not at all as he was skinny and mangy and pathetic. Because he's a Turkish breed (ASD), we wanted to give him a Turkish name, so I looked up a list of Turkish names. High on the list was Atakan, which means "ancestral blood." This seemed like a good name for an ancient breed of dog, so Atakan it was.

: Our second cat came to us named Esme. I am not sure where the name comes from.

: Our most recent addition was tough to name. I wanted a name that started with an "I," since we already had Atticus with an A and Esme with an E, but didn't want Izzy, since it was so close to Ezzy, which is what we call Esme. Mark pushed for Indigo, since she's blue-eyed, but we finally settled on Illy, after the Italian espresso company, since she's just about shot sized and also latte colored.

Future dogs are supposed to be named after soccer players, depending on what fits.
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Dd named our cats. She chose the names PJ, Painters, and Mrs. Dot. Dh wanted to call Painters Catticus Finch instead but didn't win.

Our dog is named Reggie after a character from Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels- a zombie named Reginald Shoe. Since our dog was on his last safe day at the shelter when we adopted him, I felt it was appropriate to name him after a character who runs a "Fresh Start Club" for the undead. The shelter had called him Oddball which didn't seem nice or appropriate to me.

Our fish is named Haku after the character from Spirited Away. It is a rope fish and when it swims it looks very like the dragon flying. This type of fish comes from a river so naming it after a river spirit seemed appropriate.
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Cara - our first rescued greyhound, she came with the name and it just fit so we kept it

Bryce - second greyhound, came with the name Whitney which did NOT fit her at all; Bryce is a celtic word meaning "swift"

Ebbet -another greyhound, named after my husband's favorite ballpark, Ebbets field, where the Brooklyn Dodgers used to play.

Ivy - she came with the name P.T. and we picked Ivy because we liked it

Kisses - another greyhound, she came with this name and although it is a name I never would have chosen, it has some significance because she was born near Valentine's day. Also, she was a pretty successful racer, so she had had the name for a while. I actually tried to change it several times, but Kisses just seemed to stick!

Luna - our most recent greyhound, and one of my most successful names She is all white except for a bit of brindle on her ears and some grey ticking. And she is as loony as they get! She came with the name Cake which was so bad that it had to be changed!

Patra -my first cat, short for Cleopatra

Olson - my beautiful orange cat (RIP), named after the Braves catcher in the '90's, Greg Olson

Griffith - black cat we got right after our trip to Wales

Dash -grey cat named after the Incredibles character

Grace -tabby cat named by my daughter
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Not to be a spoil sport, but isn't this in the wrong forum?

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Our dog Duece, dh named that because it was his second dog. Well that was the idea, but he wasn't really the second dog, but that's his name ended up being.

Our other dog, Sadie, we adopted and that was her name. The guy we got her from said he had named after some hooker he knew.

Our kitty Zoe, we got her and her brother and my oldest was huge into Rolie Polie Olie. So we named the boy Olie and the girl Zoe.
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We named our dog Atlas since we love greek mythology and it fits him - he walks around with the weight of the world on his shoulders since puppyhood.

The cat's name is Luci - short for Luci-fur (lucifer). It started out as plain Lucy but we quickly realized she is a devil cat so we changed it again.

Other pets I've had:
Chaz (female cat). she found us while hiking at a chasm and the name chasm progressed to chaz

Bingo and Daisy, childhood cats which my brother and I named.

Otis and Egor were hermit crabs - otis named after the elevator guy since he liked to climb

The first fishes name was walter, just because i liked it. The current fishes name is skeletor, because I've always wanted to name a pet that since I was a child.
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: Lady is the name of the cat our Lady came from. It was my grandmother's cat that I loved as a child.

: Buddy is from the same mother as our cat lady. We named him Buddy because we "thought" he would be a good Buddy for her. I am pretty she Lady would beg to differ

: Both of our dogs are from the same litter. They are both Miniature American Eskimos. We named the female Abby because it seemed like such a cute dainty name. Ripley got his name from "Ripley's Believe it or Not." We never thought we would have one dog, much less two at one time!
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"Gray kitty" and "white kitty" - one is gray, one is white.

"Libro" - short for "little brother." Sister "Lisis" - short for, well, you figure it out.

"Little Buddy" - It's just what I've always called him.
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