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Originally Posted by merpk View Post
Not to be a spoil sport, but isn't this in the wrong forum?
Well, yeah it is but I didn't do it
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Originally Posted by frog View Post
Kissa (KEE-suh) : Finnish for "kitty," she's named after my Aunt Aune's cats--A taught me to love cats. She had a long string of brown tabbies, and all of them were named Kissa.
I grew up in Finland, and had a cat called Kisse. I thought it would be really original to just change the last letter.

His brother was called Mikke. Dunno why (I was 8 when I got them, I didn't need good reasons to call them things).

Then there was Kaisa (Finnish pet form of Katherine). The sweetest, most timid kitty ever. She was tiny, too.

Along with her I got Köpi. He was lazy and lovely. And he had a really pretty nose.

Those two weren't named by me, but by the old lady who had to rehome them. I had to leave them behind when I moved to the UK. My grandmother's cat had just died a few months earlier so she was quite happy with her new companions (and they loved her, they were always granny cats).

Now, we've got Peanut (who spends most of her days on lying on her back or drinking water straight from the tap) and Lilly (who sleeps all day just to reserve energy to run around yowling as soon as we go to bed). They're mature ladies and came with names as well. I've dubbed them Prozac and Zoloft because of their effect on my mood.
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I've had four major pets in my life, so I'll tell you about them.

First, there was my beautiful cat, my "first baby", Aralia. She was originally my uncle's, but he developed severe allergies and gave her to us when she was 15 years old. She only lived with us two years- she died right before my 18th brithday, but we were so close. She was named afer the Aurelia flower, because she was so ladylike.

Then, there was Boo Kitty. When we got her, her name was Boo, and we were considering changing it to something that sounded more like a real name, but then someone told us that "Boo" is the Chinese word for "no" and, since she was such a naughty kitty, we ended up just calling her "Boo Kitty". Poor cat. We ended up rehoming her because of social and behavioral issues that, after three years of working on, just wouldn't change. Long story short, a friend of a friend of a friend found her a home as a barn cat in the stables of a multimillionaire. We've kept in touch, me and the lady- Boo Kitty has taken over the place.

Then there was Shayna. She was my Hubby's dog, before I met her. He named her Shayna because it means "pretty face" and she was so pretty. She was my baby, also. She passed away almost two years ago. I still miss her every day.

My other "baby" is my Princess. I was working in a pet store whhere she was originally sold and I remember giving her her first bath, feeding her and how she used to climb up the bars on the pen and jump over to get to me. And how noisy and annoying she was trying to do so. She was such a pretty puppy and such a prima donna, that I told my boss that, although I really prefer more "name" sounding names for pets, if she was my puppy, I would have to name her Princess, because that's what she is. If I had only known! Four months later, they tried to bring her back to the pet store and wanted to get rid of her. (Apparently, they thought she'd housetrain herself!) My boss wouldn't take her back, so they started calling around to stick her in a shelter. I was on the phone with my Husband so fast, so see if we could take her! He said we could and so we called the people back telling them to bring her in, I'll take her. They brought Princess back and she, immediately upon seeing me, must've known I was her Mommy all along, because she pulled out of her leash and literally ran across the store and jumped into my arms. (This tiny then 7 pound puppy, if you can imagine, jumping up to my arm level- I'm 5'7".) And then I found out what they had named her- "Princess". I just had to keep her name!
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Our dog picked out her own name, StarDog.
We got her from the humane society and we were sitting in the bedroom calling names to her to see what fit. She didn't make a single peep to ANYTHING until my X said "come here Star!! come here stardog!!" Star barked and ran right to him, wagging her tail the whole time. Could have been a fluke...so we tried a few more names. Again, she didn't make a single peep until we tried Star again. Same response - and so it was forever to be her name...Star. StarDog. Stardogpuppyface. crabduckstardog.
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Cali - a calico (so original...)

Terri - short for "all-terrain" - he ran over everything as a kitten, no matter how big

Asia - just seemed to fit him

Millie - technically short for Millard (as in Fillmore), even though she's a girl; I was in grad school in history at the time

Little Lu - looked like her mom; "Lu" was a shortened form of elusive because we could never find Mom

Orlando - thought she was a boy, but wasn't; named for the Virginia Woolf novel
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China Cat ... well, if you're not a Deadhead, there's no use explaining it to you.

Rider ... because Rider usually followed China Cat.

Rain ... because the day my coworker found her and brought her into the office, looking to find a home for her, I called my then-roommate and asked permission to bring home another cat. Roommate said no. I was sad. Went back to conversation with coworker who said she named the kitten Rain because when she found her, she was stuck in a fence and coworker thought to herself, "I'd better get her fast because it's about to rain." So a little later I called then-roommate again to find out what we might do for dinner and happened to mention that the adorable kitten she wasn't letting me bring home was named Rain and was sitting in a box on coworker's desk ... and roommate said, "You must bring that kitten home today."

Me (kinda stunned at the change): "Why?"

Roommate: "Because you must exactly at this moment turn on the radio, fast ..." (to our favorite station)

Which I did. And the song "Box of Rain" was on the radio.

So I brought her home.

Then China died a few years later, and Rider and Rain were renamed Irving and Mitzi.

And about those names, well, don't ask.
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Jake came to us pre-named at the age of 6. He was an owner surrender from the pound. We later found out that his actual name had been Jack, but it felt too late to change it back at that point. It is not a name we would have ever chosen. ( I like less human names or human names that aren't so popular.) But, it fits. His aliases include fuzzbucket, fuzzyface, smooch, numnut, puppyboy, and pupmonster. He responds to all but seems to prefer pupmonster. I think it reminds him of his wild youthful days.
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We have a female : Her name is Tutu and she earned her name due to the fact that her behavior reminded me of a two year old going through the terrible two's.

It's funny how she found us. We'd been looking to adopt a cat around the time she showed up, but hadn't found that perfect fit for our family. Tutu showed up on our doorstep last february, she was around 3 months old and has been exactly what we were looking for in a pet
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I just named my new foster beagle Reese, after a certain post-Halloween candy addiction I'm having...
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All our babies are named after composers, as DH and I are both musicians.

Mindy - Felix Mendelssohn. She was supposedly a he, until she went to get neutered and came back spayed. We all had a good laugh over that.

Cacilie - Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel's middle name was Cacilie, and she's a stepsister to Mindy, so we thought it would be cute. Besides, Fanny SUCKS as a name for a cat.

Clara - Clara Schumann.

Vinny - Igor Stravinsky. Vinny is also female, and when we adopted her, we got the wrong papers with her and they said she was a male.

Bo - Leon Boellmann. My hubby is an organist and he wrote the Gothic Suite, one of his fav. pieces.

We're dorks, I know.
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Sara, that's awesome.

My exSIL used to play for Leonard Slatkin, and named one of her dogs after him.
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Originally Posted by frog View Post
Sara, that's awesome.

My exSIL used to play for Leonard Slatkin, and named one of her dogs after him.
That's awesome! I need to get my music textbooks out and find some really obscure names for any other pets. I wanted to name Vinny Scarlatti, but DH said enough with the baroque composers.
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I was thinking Smokey but she's brown . . . like dirt, so I chose Dusty with an i - because she's a she. lol
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We let ds (5) name our dog. He named it after Krypto (the superdog)
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