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And so it begins...the MDC NaNoWriMo Thread!

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Is this alright? Seems like the other thread (who is doing nano?) was getting kind of long, and since we've officially started now, I thought a thread to keep us all together for support and encouragement might be a good idea. Hope no one minds!

I started last night and have 1500 some odd words. Haven't uploaded the total to the site yet. Will try to do it sometime today/tonight. I'm Kelly H. on nano for those interested (I haven't added any friends yet...how do I do that?).

Anyone started yet? How are you doing so far?

Yay for this...I'm really excited and when I started last night, I didn't want to stop. I plan to leave nano writing for when my girls are in bed, because I want to give it my full attention.
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I have started. Turns out the MC is sleeping with a co-worker's husband, which I didn't know until I started writing it, lol...
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LOL alaskaberry! I had an idea when I started, but no idea how I'd do it/how it would play out on paper. It's already got a mind of it's own!
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Here I am! I am just starting now, 177 words so far, I better get to work!
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Woops! I replied to the other thread without coming to the board first. Subbing I have ... 265 words. Not much yet, but I'm just getting started. The first year I did it I wrote SO MUCH on the first day, I was SO excited.

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I've only got 295 from last night!

wfuteach: i don't know how to search for buddies by username, but if you view your profile you will get a URL like this: http://www.nanowrimo.org/eng/user/168446

You can click on the add buddy icon to add someone. You just need their user number from that url. (That's mine by the way!)

Good luck everyone!
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started this morning.... only 397 words.... everytime i think i have time to write something comes up! i hope i don't fall behind...
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1457 and I'm taking a break to go grocery shopping. I'm excited, I'm excited!!!
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I haven't started yet, but I'm about to. I still don't know my MC's name! I guess I'll just have to start with one of my ideas, and if it doesn't feel right, change it mid stream. I also have only the barest outlines of a plot, and don't really know where to start, but here I go! Best of luck to all of you as you write today!
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Thanks for the thread, Kelly!

I´ve got 1,105 words so far today!! I´m excited, Yay!
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going to start in a bit.
(waiting for naptime!)
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I'm starting today, under the name earthmama369. I know, big surprise.

What structure is everyone using for their novel? I don't have a solid story idea, and what I'm feeling drawn toward is . . . experimental, I guess. A non-fiction freeflow of my rather vocal stream of consciousness. A number of people have told me that having a script to what's running inside my head would be fairly amusing, so I thought I'd give that a try. Given my life right now, it's probably going to lean toward "A Month of Motherhood."
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Originally Posted by earthmama369 View Post
What structure is everyone using for their novel? I don't have a solid story idea, and what I'm feeling drawn toward is . . . experimental, I guess.
For me, the favorite part of my childhood was age 10-12. What an adventurous time--that was a blast. I loved reading when I was that age, too. So, I am writing the kind of book I would have loved to read. I don't have the plot very well thought out AT ALL, just four basic characters and a couple of "what if" ideas that I am going to explore, and other than that, I feel like I am exploring those "what ifs" for the first time as I write-- I don't know quite what's going to happen next or how it will all end at all! I also still don't know quite what my impact character is really up to, he's just as mysterious to me as he is to the main character. But it's slowly comeing to me as I write . . . when I get stuck, I ask myself, "What would be be really interesting to have happen? What would I want to read about?" and when in doubt, I just plunge right along, figuring I'll edit and rewrite about a bazillion times later anyway.

So we'll see where this takes me!

I'm at 1726 so far, being very interrupted right now.
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I started! I've got 896 words so far. I plan to do more later today, after the boys are in bed for the night.

I'm Twocoolboys at Nano, just like here.

LionTigerBear - I'm also writing for that age group. My mc is an 11 year old boy.

I'm excited to finally be getting started!!!!
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I'm not sure how to describe my writing style for this one. My plan is for it to be a little jumpy, skipping around on a timeline, so to speak, around a focal midpoint (a yet to be determined focal midpoint).

I tried to explain my idea to someone today (an IRL friend who's also doing nano) and I swear it came out terribly. Pray it makes more sense on paper!
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My husband and I are both doing NaNo. We started at 12:01 this morning, totally giddy with excitement. My husband did over 1500 words!

I always have a hard time writing the first few paragraphs of anything I write, so I tend to start somewhere after the very beginning, leaving a big blank space at the top of the screen for "the beginning".

I started writing my NaNo novel this way, but then inspiration struck and I started typing in that big blank space. By the time I was too tired to keep writing, I had written the first page. The real first page! I was so pleased with myself that my puny word count didn't even phase me.

Happy writing, Mamas!
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I just decided yesterday to go ahead and do it! Only about 500 words so far, but it's a start. Not officially registered at nano but just doing it for the pleasure and experience. It's always been my dream to write a book and if I have time to edit it and think about how BADLY it's written I'll never write it. LOL
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Oh and I'm Pherenike on NaNo.
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Not that it matters since I can barely log onto the website AT ALL. : I've checked my email, deleted the junk emails, and checked my posts here in the time I have been waiting for the NaNo website to load. Still waiting . . .ugh, finally.
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